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on January 27, 2014
I have the Phantom 1 and love it but decided to get the Phantom2 with Zenmuse gimbal and wow - what took me so long! For one, the gimbal plugs right in with no soldering or any taking apart. Two, the wires to hook up an FPV set up are already run. It took me 10 minutes to have my FPV transmitter wired up and running. Three, huge battery that powers everything - the quad, the camera, and the FPV transmitter. AKA no velcro or rigged double-batteries strapped on. Very respectable flight times, even more stable than previous model (which was already pretty good), nice integration, silky smooth video (plus built in remote camera tilt), and DJI options for days. An extra battery is a little pricey but it just works too darn well to really complain.
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on April 30, 2014
I am currently in week 4 of waiting for DJI Support to look at my Quadcopter. Before the first time I went to fly, I went to update the firmware in the controller (which is recommended to do in the User manual). I had the controller hooked up to the computer via the USB cable, then the program froze and the controller shut off. It would not turn back on.

DJI Support was mediocre with response time, I could only get a response from their email support, and it took 1 full day to get an email back. However, after 2 weeks I emailed requesting an update, since I hadn't heard anything since I mailed both the quadcopter and the controller back. I received a response 3 days later and it told me that it would be an additional 3-5 weeks before they could even look at it. I called and finally got a hold of a person and they said they may be able to bump the repair and get it out sooner.

Im disappointed that something this simple has a repair time of 7 weeks. I should have just returned the unit and bought another one. I purchased this to take aerial footage of the record amount of ice on Lake Erie, but since this has happened all the ice has melted (Not that Im complaining about spring coming, its been a long needed warmth).

This review does not reflect on the seller that I bought it from, the seller was actually very good and speedy. This is mainly in respect to DJI Support.
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on January 20, 2014
I bought this from Kellards and it took over a week longer than it said it would to get here. But let me tell you, this thing is great! Very easy to fly, very stable, not that complicated. Just read the manual online. First buy a cheap quadcopter for 20-40 bucks to get used to the controls, also if you master one of those, you will be a master at this because it is much easier to fly, but it is also much easier to break. I attached my go pro hero 3 black and I've only had it for a few days but it can take some pretty sick videos. This copter is pretty fast and it is good even without the amazing gimbal. If you're gonna get a Phantom dont get the older one just cause its cheaper, go all out and get this one, because you will be glad you did. You get 25 mins of flying and it only takes a couple hours to charge. Overall it has been a great product so far. Can't wait to see what else it can do.
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on March 18, 2014
I am an independent film maker. This quadcopter makes shooting complicated tracking and boom shots a breeze with the motorized gimbal and go pro!
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on July 14, 2014
This is my second Phantom 2 and when I plugged in the battery the gimbal started to smoke. I disconnected the gimbal and retried the power on and the phantom itself didn't operate. This is a back up unit and it sat on my shelf for two months from purchase. When I called Amazon they told me to contact DJI and that they can't help me. I will call DJI tomorrow and lets see how they help me.. I don't have my hopes up.
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on March 30, 2014
Exceeded all my expectations. Shipping was much faster than expected. Product is well packaged, although very little printed documentation is included. Unless you are already familiar with the Phantom, the gimbal, and the transmitter you should definitely download the pdfs.

The Phantom is so stable and smooth, it is actually boring to fly after a while. So I would highly recommend either opting for the Vision model, or planning to mount your POV camera to this version, with or without gimbal. I already have a $400+ investment in GoPro camera and gear, so this is why I selected the standard Phantom2 + gimbal instead of the Vision.

I will make upgrades soon so I can get the true real-time flying experience. This will also help prevent me from flying into various objects like buildings and trees, which I have done a few times with no damage done. I have nicked up the blades a couple of times with rough landings, so the spare blades have come in handy.

The battery life has exceeded my expectations. Being relatively new to RC flying, having purchased a Blade Nano quad a year ago to practice with before sinking the big bucks, I was accustomed to it's tiny batteries dying after about 8 minutes (which is why I own 4 batteries and 2 USB chargers). The Phantom2- while I haven't timed the flights- seems to get at least 25-30 minutes even with the gimbal and GoPro drawing some power. I'm sure I'll eventually purchase a second battery, but for my ~$250 dollars a real-time flying experience is next on the list, followed by a nice custom case so I don't have to worry about damaging the quad when it isn't in flight.

Pros - silky smooth flights and video, holds position very well as advertised. Very fast, very good range IMO, having climbed it to an estimated 300 feet and maybe 300 yards away without losing control. Very well designed and rugged so far. I've made about 20 flights and a few crashes and rough landings (due to wind), but no damage other than some prop nicks.

Cons - gimbal was a little tough to mount (awkward), only scant instructions included in the form of quickstart guides.
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on July 8, 2016
Ive owned this for over 2 years. I have learned a few things, crashed a few times and crashed cause of counterfeit props... after all that, Ive broke one prop guard. The latest crash was a direct result of counterfeit blades... the blade failed at about 400 feet above my house... the drone ended up losing all control and ended up in a canyon besides my house. The FPV showed the drone hitting the ground at 15.6 m/s... Thats 35 MPH into the ground. I was expecting pieces.. but what I found was all 4 blades broken and cracked a prop guard. Picked it up, knocked the dust off and and with some new props (non counterfeit...) it flies like day one.
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on October 26, 2014
I recently got my DJI Phantom 2 with H3-3d Gimbal less than a month ago. I've flown it about ten times with no problems until yesterday. Prior lifting off I did everything as described on the package and even followed a youtube video made by DJI themselves. I calibrated the Phantom and set it on the ground until I saw flashing green lights. After seeing those lights, I waited three minutes for the GPS to accurately designate my position. Then I lifted strait up to about 200 feet and my Phantom started flying away! I tried to regain control of it with my controller but, it would not respond. Then I tried the "trusty" return to home button, to my devastation the Phantom kept flying away! May I also add that this is the only location that I've flown from so the Phantom should have returned home anyway. Now I'm out $1100 because of a manufacturing defect in my helicopter!
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on May 6, 2014
So these things are great! I would suggest you get a smaller one if you're a beginner. Watch videos online first to help show you how to fly it when you first start out. It doesn't come with a strap for the remtote to put around your neck, but if you get a lanyard you'll be fine.

The props aren't made of titanium so if you crash it they will probably break. So be ready to buy more. The package comes with a few extras of everything, but always do a pre-flight check just like you would an aircraft so that nothing is loose.
The Anti-Drop Gimbal Brackets are really small and you think they would be cheap to replace? ha! You're wrong! It's $42 for 6 online. (zipties work just as well, just don't tighten them all the way). So before you fly, tighten them!

Please be a respectful pilot and don't be stupid with these. The FAA is trying to restrict as much as possible and is making it hard to film at national parks and other places. So be smart and safe.
Happy flying!
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on March 3, 2014
At first i was skeptical of purchasing something this expensive online and bot seeing it in person first. But after receiving it in perfect condition and greatly packaged. I would definitely purchase from this company again.

Only downfall to the product is the only instructions in the box are the startup instructions and basic flying. All other manuals you have to manually download from the DJI website.

There are plenty of upside to this rc heli to many to list. Basically you can't fly without updating the heli and gimble but it's a risk so i don't recommend it. One last thing. Don't let this intimidate you if you have never flown a heli or even messed with rc. It's very easy to fly. It can definitely be fun for the novice flyer or even the most experienced.
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