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on February 20, 2014
After trying multiple aftermarket batteries in my Phantom, this stock DJI battery is easily the best one for the money. I have three of these and they have held up well over many charge/discharge cycles (and even a few crashes in the beginning). Some other manufacturers sell batteries with up to 20% more capacity, but the trade off is larger size (some barely fit inside the Phantom), weight (heaviest I have is 194g, compared to 170g for stock battery), and most of all price. Every other quality battery costs at least twice what these DJI batteries sell for. If having an extra minute or two of flight time matters to you, spend the money on the aftermarket units but beware of the trade-offs.
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on September 2, 2013
These are identical to the one that came with the Phantom. I bought three more before I realized there were better options. If you are using the standard (SLOW) charger that came with the Phantom and don't mind waiting so long for a charge then these are fine.

Otherwise I strongly recommend the Hyperion batteries (specifically made for the Phantom). Those will charge at a rate of 6C !!! and are also 2500mA (more capacity than this 2200mA battery). They can also be charged with your standard charger until you can get something better. I use a Dynamite Prophet charger and charge 4 of the Hyperions at once at 8 amps each! That means 4 2500mA batteries charged, balanced, and ready to fly in about 30 minutes. That charger is pretty pricey, about $265 but worth it if you use it a lot.

The Hyperion batteries are only about $35 each but I don't think Amazon sells them. Not sure. I got those at a local hobby store. I don't use these standard Phantom batteries any more. I just keep them as extras if I go on a trip.



Actually all the Hyperions I have bought are now puffed (some after only one or two uses). I am definitely not overcharging them, or over-draining them. Only thing I can figure is that I have stored them fully charged, which I know you are not supposed to do, but sometimes I charge all my batteries, go out on a trip and only end up using one or two batteries. I'm not going to discharge all the batteries when I get home. I just don't have time to deal with that. And all my original DJI batteries are stored exactly the same way (fully charged) and still function as new so I have gone back to those for now. Definitely looking (again) for something better but not so sensitive to being stored at exactly the right voltage.
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on February 5, 2016
I read the negative reviews but tried anyway, and of course I received a defective one. I didn't even bother exchanging it, just returned it. I'm giving it 2 stars because the one that came with my drone is great, but they definitely need to get better about quality control on the additional/extra batteries. I don't understand how these can be so hit-or-miss. This might be one of those instances where aftermarket manufacturers are actually better than the OEM item. Ordering these is a crapshoot!
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 15, 2016
Bought this battery to extend my flight times and it accomplished that goal. On average it would extend the flight times an extra minute or two over my original 2000 mah batteries depending on how I flew the 'drone'.
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on April 16, 2017
It works great except when stored in a hot climate. The Philippines is hot! The battery swells and will not fit in the DJI. So my suggestion would be to store it in a cool, dry place forever......
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on August 28, 2014
Read the one and two star reviews.
Items frequently come defective and won't charge, as mine did.
Lights "1S" and "Charge Status" blink continuously and pack never charges.
This appears to be a common problem with these units.
Returned to Amazon without a problem. The only reason for 2 stars is straightforward offer of refund/replacement from Amazon.
N.B. Emailed DJI initially about this issue with a DETAILED description (as above with model numbers and their own description of parts). Got broken english useless response asking about my geographic locale and who dealer was and if I had video(?!) of the problem. Never got resolution from DJI-- bodes poorly for any future issues.
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on March 7, 2014
There are cheaper batteries that will fit in your Phantom 1 and there are more expensive batteries. Neither option will increase your flight time significantly, I'm afraid. This is the stock battery and I have six of them now since my GoProfessional case is designed to hold just as many. I wanted all the exact same batteries in case I decide to charge them all at once on a parallel charging board. I figured it was better to do this with identical batteries (in addition to all batteries having the same capacity, number of cells and state of charge). They take about an hour to balance charge them from 20% capacity (the recommended maximum drain) to 100% at 2 amps. They seem very solidly constructed with heavy gauge main wires leading to an XT60 connector and of course, they fit perfectly in the Phantom's battery compartment. The balance lead is a little short but there's less to stuff inside the battery compartment so it's a toss-up. When they start losing their efficency, I may or may not replace them with something else but they're really pretty affordable compared to camera and phone batteries that cost twice as much and have a fraction of the power.
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on March 8, 2015
I bought two of these batteries and they were nicely packaged and looked like the real batteries that come from DJI when you buy the Phantom. However after charging them I only go about 4-5 minutes of flight time out of them. The battery that came with the DJI Phantom 1 has a flight time of about 7-9 minutes.

Also I noticed that if I charged the batteries and left them over night (off the charger) and then went to use them in the morning they would be completely dead. I did some tests and they appear to go from full charge to empty in about 8-10 hours (without use, just sitting off the charger).

I am not sure if it was just the batteries that I got, but they were in good physical/aesthetic condition. They also charge in the same amount of time that the OEM battery charges.
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on December 27, 2015
i am a little disappointed. i have had other DJI batteries and they worked fine for quite a while. when i received this it had ONE of the 3 cells that was not "balanced" correctly so i returned it. i believe if the battery is not working correctly when you receive it there is no way it will work in the future. i tested this with 3 different battery testers i have and all 3 of them read the same. i rated it 2 stars because a 1 star rating says "I hate it"..... i don't hate it. i just don't want to start out with a weak battery. my quadcopter needs all the power it can get and i am not willing to take a chance on less than 100%
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on December 6, 2013
DJI Phantom factory replacement battery is the exact same battery the Phantom comes with.. I give this battery a solid 4 stars. I get around 11-15 minutes of flying time, depending on if I'm using a gimbal or just a anti-jello mount. I own 6 of these, which gives me enough time to keep one charged at all times, which means continuous flying as long as the weather conditions are right. I'd recommend this battery to anyone looking for a replacement.
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