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These batteries provide plenty of flight time, but they age extremely rapidly, even under ideal treatment..

I never have kept my batteries charged, and have kept them at around 50% unless I was flying them the next day. I would commonly charge them the day off..

Even so, my experience is that they don't last long, and I have read they are good for maybe 50 uses from reputable sources. I have 31 flights on my one battery, and it is already down to 92%. You really should be REAL careful about flying a battery that has less than 90% capacity. Even 89% is a no no.

Don't believe me? Watch Micbergsma on youtubes video of his battery failure of a battery that has 33 flights on it, and 89%. It is up in the air for 25 seconds, and he gets the red flashing low battery warning, and auto land...

Brand new batteries don't get hot when you fly them. You can tell your battery is starting to age(in addition to locking at the status on the Phantom assistant software) by seeing if it gets hot when you fly the quad.

DJI is making money hand over fist on these! Think about it. If a new battery cost 129.00 and is good for MAYBE 50 flights, that is 2.58 per 12 minute flight! It would be cheaper to take a drive in the car, and burn the gas.....

I say 12 minutes, because that is the longest I fly my quad. I fly it until it reaches 50% charge.

I don't mind paying 129.00 per battery, but that price for a battery that only lasts maybe 50 flights is ridiculous!

PS. I have lots of experience with Lipos. I have two other quads, and 5 batteries. In addition to all my other electronics..
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on April 21, 2015
Got this battery and noticed it was a different version from the ones that came with my Phantom 2 V2 that i got directly from DJI. I don't know what the difference is. Used it for a couple months then did a cell check and it showed that one of the cells are bad!
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on July 9, 2015
Ridiculously bad product. Battery life states 90%+ and the batteries after owning them for 9 months is defective. After 1-2 minutes of flight I get the red blinking lights and auto descend and i can see the battery life percentage drop from 100% to 10% real time within seconds. I have 3 of these DJI batteries and all of them share the same defect. Of course customer service says they are only warrantied for 3 months which I believe was a 1 year warranty at the time of purchase but i presume they have received so many complaints they now drop it to 3 months. What a joke for $150 x 3. Now I have to buy all new batteries if I want to fly my $2000 investment and hope they last longer than a few months which I am confident they won't. DJI makes an awesome flying machine but then doesn't stand by their products that aren't quality. I literally have to eliminate the 3 batteries I have that I paid $450 9 months ago that I have flown no more than 15 times per battery. I can only hope their newer batteries and products are more quality but I would not expect the business to have better customer service.
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on February 15, 2016
I bought two of these batteries for my father's Phantom Vision 2 Plus, and they work absolutely amazing. Here's a few things you should know about these batteries before you buy them:

1.) The batteries have a smart sensor in them that tells the drone's AI to return to you when the battery gets below 25%.

2.) The average time of flight on a full charge is around 25-30 minutes.

3.) They take longer to charge than most lithium polymer batteries (on average, these can take up 4-5 hours to charge).

4..) The sensors in the battery, as well as the drone's AI, have firmware in them that has to be updated periodically through DJI's Phantom Assistant software. You also have to download a driver for Windows or Mac for the specific drone model you have so your PC will recognize it when the drone is plugged in. You can download this on the Phantom 2 Vision plus downloads page.
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on May 30, 2015
My drone as it came from the factory has flown over 100 flights with the stock battery without any issue until I noticed its battery beginning to puff up. I purchased and received an authentic OEM battery here and it charged normally and seemed to work fine on the first two flights. One the last 3 flights the drone has either initiated auto-landing within 30 seconds of takeoff or simply fell from the sky. Going back and forth on drone troubleshooting with DJI led to the battery being found as the culprit. Firmware was was verified to be current per DJI's support instructions but it led nowhere. The battery diagnostics listed the total capacity of the battery as 1,100mAh intead of 5,200 -- apparently one or more cells was dead after the first flight. Went back and forth with DJI support; they finally said that after 5 uses the battery was out of warranty and suggested I just buy another. Worst support I've ever seen from a tech company - I'm better off buying knock-off batteries from Ebay for 25% of the price. $110 down the drain.
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on May 13, 2015
I don't know what it is about some businesses selling cheap knock-offs, especially batteries, on Amazon, but these are not knock-offs. These are quality DJI batteries that work as well, if not better, than the originals that came with my Phantom 2. On a full charge, I can get anywhere from 20-25 minutes of flight time in before I need to land. They recharge just fine and read great when using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Assistant software. I highly recommend not going cheap and buying batteries others are having problems with and buy these to get the best performance from your Phantom!

I see some of the 1 star reviews and different seller names are given. The batteries I received came from CopterShop and are good batteries with no observed problems either charging or holding proper charges. I get as much, if not more, flight time as the original batteries that came with the Phantom 2 quadcopter when new. Also, DJI wanted $129/battery and I paid $228 for 2. Saved $30 by buying the 2-pack.
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on July 20, 2017
As others have stated in the reviews these batteries DO NOT WORK. There is a very minor difference in two areas. The model number on an original battery is 733496-5200mAh-11.1V and the new battery model # is PH2-5200mAh-11.1V. Also, the charge temperature on the OEM battery is a range of 0-60C and the new battery is 0-40C. The battery fits and looks real but, the cell inside the case is a bit smaller when you look very closely. I called DJI and they said to return it and just order a new one but, they do not sell them through their website direct.
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on April 16, 2016
These batteries are great when they work but their failure rate is pretty high. And when they fail you better be in a position to land quickly. Part of the failure rate is operator error; thought though you have to read through a lot of stuff to figure it out they are serious when they warn "not to store at full charge" But why would you think of this if you have spent your whole life using regular device batteries. Anyway I learned and expensive lesson by storing them charged all winter. They went from 90 percent to 10 percent charge after two minutes of flight. Another Pro-tip, if they are bulging, it is game over; don't risk your Phantom or GoPro trying to get one more flight out of them.
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on February 22, 2017
had to return it, it simply did not work. i tried to charge it several times but nothing. i have to say that it did arrive with zero charge and that is not a good thing on a lipo battery. i had to buy another's one from a different brand
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on September 23, 2015
Both of these batteries have swollen and are useless. The last time I flew with one of these batteries the meter went from 51% to my drone falling from the sky with 0% within a few seconds. I've always been meticulous with the charging and care of these, and hadn't gone through more than about 20 cycles with each. I'm not sure if mine came from a bad batch or if this is common, just sharing my experience.
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