Customer Reviews: DJI 100% Original Propellers for Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 (4 pack)
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on March 24, 2014
These are not DJI props. They look very much like them, but are not. My factory props were slightly damaged so I bought these. I changed over to these props after flying about 10 minutes of my factory DJI props on my Phantom 2 Vision. The quadcopter flew very erratic and was uncontrollable. It ended up upside crashing upside down. I immediately switched back to the DJI props and it flew fine.
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on April 26, 2014
Some of the sellers of this item have Genuine DJI props, and some have knock-off crap. Unfortunately Amazon has them all on the same page as if they're the same product. I bought from "Red Rock USA" and they are OEM DJI parts. Over twice as expensive, but worth it if you value your aircraft! Cheap, damaged, or even old props will cause flyaways and crashes. I found that out the hard way.
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on June 28, 2014
I can't see how this would possibly work, mixing up with other Phantom props. I won't even try it. MAYBE, if I am stranded on an island somewhere and was attempting a self-rescue mission and only had these four props left, I would switch them all out so there would be some amount of balance. But...

Anyway, it shipped from China. Cost ten bucks. Lesson learned.

And YES they don't have "DJI" printed on them, if that mattered at all. Obvious cheap knock-offs.

You spent a lot of money on that Phantom set-up. It's a great quad. Don't blow it.
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on September 2, 2014
DJI Phantoms are all designed and made in China just like most other brand named quadcopters that you see here or sold anywhere else, surprise? (btw, China make the best and the most toys...because that are all they make, all day, every days..!!! ) . Just because it is shipped from CA, it does not mean that it was made in CA. The reason why those knock-off propellers would not work on your Phantoms is because they are not made to "specs", they are very thin and flimsy (not because they are lighter as some comments) they would not able to produce the same thrust as the originals, which are more rigid, made to work with software, hardware and specs from DJI manufacturing. When your Phantom tilts either by you or by wind blown, the gyros would kick in, some prop would spin harder or less, to compensate and balance the craft... but the thrusts are not there or not within the parameters that were programmed into the software, the motors would rev up and/or down trying to "undo" what they just did.... thus, your copter would go crazy and out of controls. Your GPS to make it "go home" function would not work either at this time, due to the same problems. (if you can't control it then how do you expect the copter to controls itself???). My copter went crazy and went out of control, it flew side way, back and forth at FULL SPEED... then...flew away...regardless of how much I tried to steer it back, hopelessly!!!. Fortunately, I had my phone numbers written on the copter, and people were nice enough to call me to their house to pick it up...TWICE! yes, TWICE!!! NEVER AGAIN I PUT THESE BACK ON!
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on February 14, 2015
Well, you definitely get what you pay for. Besides taking forever to get here (the seller is located in Hong Kong but doesn't disclose that, they almost shook my Phantom 2 to pieces. Typically, my P2 is very stable. Today's flight was in very light wind and it didn't fly well at all.

Beware! These are cheap knock offs, not balanced, and they played hell with the P2. I should have known better. I had only one flight today, and have taken these props off and thrown them in the trash. Never again. I turned around and ordered a set of DJI props, which should work much better.
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on April 23, 2014
Got caught up in ordering best priced replacement blades for my DJI P2V. Placed order BEFORE reading reviews. Found most weren't what they represented - not genuine but 3rd party k/o's. Cancelled order immediately and raised a fuss with Amazon.
Found and communicated with RED ROCK USA directly (I have no association with them. Am a 72yo, retiree with a hobby & hopefully a little sense) and was assured theirs are "DJI" - period. Placed order and received them today. All stamping and labeling convince me they are the real deal. They were more money, but sometimes "cheap" isn't smart.
Can accept getting burned, buying cheap when that's all that is involved. But putting a cheap item on an expensive piece is something that I'm willing to risk and to me doesn't make common sense. - Where do I go to get the copter replaced if the "cheapies" cause a damaging crash? Just my view...
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on June 7, 2015
I have a hard time believing these are OEM. When I held there up to a lamp next to the original DJI phantom prompts, they were clearly much thinner. This has caused me to relegate these props to the "only use as last alternative and low altitude" status.
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on July 19, 2014
love it when it works. Had to return the first one because it kept going out of control. we haven't flown the 2nd one yet - still waiting for propeller guards - which should come as standard equipment - because it's a dangerous toy without them - cuts like a chain saw if it comes in contact with a person, which is a real possibility. I don't recommend using this without the prop guards!!!! Can't recommend that enough! Believe me - I have a scar to prove it!
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on May 25, 2014
I gave this a 5 start review because they just might be one of the best props on the market. I ordered them as an upgrade for my Phantom 1, but there cost is nearly the same price as the original DJI props.

They easily gave me an extra 2-3 min of flight time.
They go on with no modification
No real downside to this props.
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on January 31, 2015
Ad says 100% original. Not so sure about that. They look like the real deal but were no where near balanced. Made my phantom 2 "shimmy" and wobble a little. Still waiting on the balancing rod I had to order to fix this problem. However, these props and balance rod are cheaper than buying from dji website.
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