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on July 5, 2015
They serve their purpose and are very durable, but you won't use them much. I bought these to prevent rotor damage to my quadcopter (DJI Phantom 2) while learning to fly it. Well, learning to fly it was incredibly easy. After the first hour, I saw no use in keeping them on, however, I did for another couple of flights. Only complaint I have about the guards is that it significantly affects how you can transport it. If you own a molded plastic case, it won't fit. If you transport it in your car, you would need nearly double the space you would need without the rotors on. Just take them off to transport, you say? That's all you, buddy. That's 10 minutes I would rather spend flying the thing.

Now, if DJI would only make the drone as sturdy as these. My Phantom 2 had a microchip spontaneously melt upon start-up. It is currently at their facility being repaired. No, I never crashed it, nor tinkered with it - the microchip just caught fire and melted. LUCKILY, it was on the ground (during start-up) when it happened, so it still looks brand new. Just hope it doesn't happen again when I get it back. If it does, let's hope it happens while on the ground again.
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on May 24, 2015
When I first put the gaurds on I noticed right away that the propellers bumped up against them as they spun. I had to bend two of them in order for the propellers not to hit, which was fairly easy because the plastic is so thin. My second flight with the gaurds on, I bumped my Phantom 3 into a tree and broke two gaurds. Definitely my fault for hitting the tree, but I was very disappointed as to how easily these gaurds break. I guess that's why they are so cheap. I paid more money for a different brand. Wouldn't recommend these to anyone. They aren't worth paying and waiting for if they just keep breaking. Id image they would do little to protect your phantom.
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on September 23, 2014
I got these thinking they would protect my Phantom 2 from breaking when it crashed or when I hit something. The prop guards made the Phantom impossible to fly. I thought that I had brought a faulty Phantom. It was only after one of my friends suggested taking them off and trying it. It immeadiatly worked. Not sure if these are just the wrong company to buy from but if you really want a pair of these go to the DJI website as they may work better. And TRUST ME it is not fun to see your $1000 quadrotor fall out of the sky and break. It actually broke my GoPro as well when it fell. DO NOT BUY FOR ANY REASON.
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on April 5, 2014
I received my Phantom 2 less that a week ago. I've flown it on about 10 occasions since then and these prop guards have saved my Phantom's props countless times already. The most common safeguard they provide is when the Phantom 2 lands, it often tips partly over with its props still running. Without the prop guards, the prop blades would collide violently with the ground and likely be damaged. With the prop guards mounted, just the guards tap the ground and the props are untouched. I've also had a few more violent crashes and, again, the prop guards have perfectly protected the props. A gust of wind came up and I lost control of the Phantom 2 about 20 feet up. It fell HARD to the ground, yet there was no damage whatsoever to the props and the guards did not "snap" as I feared they might. (Yes, I should know better than to fly in the wind!) For a novice "pilot" like me, these are the best investment I could've made to safeguard the props from my newbie miscues. Highly recommended.
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on May 9, 2014
These prop guards saved my Phantom , I guess my depth perception , and not knowing the direction my copter was going , I managed to set 2 prop guards on the 35,000 volt lines about 600 ' away and survive without killing it , without the guards it would have come down . If you are an idiot like me and get to close to it running , you will appreciate them . Keep in mind it won't fit in their custom $200.00 case , but I'll bet you can find a bigger and maybe better one cheaper . I may be an idiot , but this is the coolest copter ( and this is number 9 for me ) , I've killed the previous 8 , that other than my high voltage wire balancing act have not crashed (yet) , I can even land it , and that is important .
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on April 27, 2017
I bought these and shortly after a great wind threw my Phantom 3 directly into the top of a tree. It got banged up on the way down, but these saved it from any substantial damage. I replaced my propellers and the drone flies good as New once again. I am fortunate to have had these because otherwise my drone would have more than likely had significant damage to the prop mounts.
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on March 2, 2015
First time user, I purchased these with the Quadcopter itself, along with some extra sets of blades. Initially I figured these would be a necessity for any flying until I gained some experience. Once they arrived I notice they seemed much lighter then they appeared in the picture; they were much more pliable then I anticipated. The material is similar to that of the actual rotor blades but thinner. Given my inexperience I didn't pay it much attention and just assumed they would hold up well to most minor contacts and impacts (yes I was being realistic as well and not expecting them to protect from moderate or extreme impacts). I was wrong.

Installed as instructed and took it out for a flight. Seemed to make the Phantom 2 "shaky". There was a slight breeze so I thought maybe it was the crosswinds, although I had it up earlier in the day in the same conditions and it seemed much more stable. Flew it around and it still seemed to drift and "shutter" side to side and up and down a bit more then earlier in the day but I don't have a lot of experience still at this point so I didn't exact think much of it at the time; figured it was just how it handled.

After about 10 minutes of flight, I decided to bring it in and work on a soft landing on a piece of cardboard I had put down. Everything was going relatively well until it finally touched down. It was a soft touch but the Phantom shifted a bit to the side right as the legs touched the ground and it started to tip over. I saw it going over as it seemed to pause and then balance a bit instead of plunging right over so I started walking closer hoping I could put my foot down against the guard itself to keep it from tipping. Didn't get there in time and it landed on the side. This is where the real disappointment came in. One of the two guards INSTANTLY fractured on the curved edge. Another guard cracked where the middle support connects to the arm of the quad-copter (near the screw holes). Of course both blades fractured as well and I had to hurry and shut the entire thing down. Luckily the rotors themselves did not appear to be damaged.

After shutting down the rotors and going inside to inspect the damage, I found that the two remaining guards, although intact, were pliable to the point that I feel any contact with them would cause the guards to push in towards the blades and cause certain damage/failure.

Granted this is my first quad-copter but this landing and impact were EXTREMELY mild in my opinion. Given what I've seen with this experience I highly doubt that these guards could protect the rotor blades against ANY type of soft contact with anything from a wall to a pole or even a small tree branch. Thankfully this happened early on and not high up in the air or very far away from where I was standing but I have completely lost confidence in this product. Maybe they will come out with a product that is more durable but until then I'm just going to order more sets of blades and keep my Phantom far away from other objects.
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on August 28, 2014
The seller was good. Item came on time and I had no problems with him. I didn't contact him so idk about customer service.

As for the product, I don't recomend it for people who can take off. If somehow you don't know how to press the throttle stick up a little bit... These are for you.

Problem is, during flight, it's a lot more unstable than it usually is. It's noticeably shakier and it is kinda nerv racking to fly. I gave them three and a half flights and decided I don't like them. The night after I removed them, I found online that they are known to create extra turbulences due to the change in aero-dynamics (because you are putting them under the props and it makes the air go down the props different... Research it to understand fully)

I am going to keep them, mostly because I'm too lazy to return a $20 item, but because... No really I'm just too lazy.

Again, if you are a complete beginner, you have never flown anytging in your life, yes it would probably benefit you for takeoff. But I'd say once you got your first few flights in and you're confident you can takeoff and land without tipping over, remove them. And NEVER NVER fly with prop guards in wind.
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on July 14, 2014
They work as you would expect but be sure to use the included thread to seal off the gap between the guards. That gap between the guards can just as easily get around someones neck/limb and cause more damage than without the guards in place. Under ideal flight conditions It's debatable how much the guards impair directional thrust, but the added weight; however small is still there.

WARNING: These prop guards use longer screws than the ones that came with your Phantom. Should you remove the guards, set the long screws in a separate area and be sure to use ONLY the short screws that came with your Phantom. Using the long screws without the guards will result in damage to the copper coils, resulting in the total loss of your engines.

Pros: If you are flying indoors or in areas with various obstacles exist, these will spare you the anxiety of losing all control/crashing from a minor bump. Tipped landings will take less of a toll on your motors and blades. The guards also give you a slightly better visibility at longer ranges.

Cons: In windy situations, the guards will create increased drag. Unless you plan on leaving these on, be very mindful of where you put your short screws. The long screws provided with the guards will destroy your engines.
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on December 29, 2014
Trust me on this one, many have said its a MUST, it is. I crashed several times already and my props ended up with some green tree markings and some scuff, but still are 100% fine. I purchased these red and green little caps to make them easily removable. THE guards screw into the caps (not the copter) and then the caps with guards attached snap into place on the phantom. One one terrible crash into a high tree the impact knocked the attachment piece/guard right off. I just snapped it back on and ready to go again. Also recommend either the plexiglass shield or carbon fiber shield that protects the camera and gimbal. I cracked one already, and seller sending another free. MY camera and gimbal never got the impact, the guard did. AND finally, use the bottom part (cut) off plastic hanger and tie wrap it to the skids, worked perfectly- wont ever tip over now when landing!!! Acts as bigger skids, poke it out in the front about two additional inches and leave the back stick out about 5 inches. Not in cameras view, worked great!
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