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on January 25, 2014
Situation: Large boxer in neighbors yard that barks at just about anything. It's been a problem for years. Nice neighbors, but they won't socialize their dog or try any training devices. I don't want to be at odds with them, nor do I want to put up with their dog disturbing my peace. I decided to give this ultrasonic birdhouse a try.

Order placed: After reading all the reviews that mentioned short battery life I decided to also order the EBL 2 bay smart charger that includes two 9 volt lithium rechargeable batteries (also sold on Amazon). I considered the 9 volt power adapter option but that would require running a power line across the backyard. My idea is to simply rotate the batteries from the birdhouse to the charger every week or as needed. Upon receiving everything I put the batteries on the charger. Neighbors dog was barking more than usual that night as the batteries were charging. Finally at 1 am they indicated full charge. I put one in the birdhouse and did the test mode. Seems to be working okay.

Placement: I picked a tree eight feet back from the fence and hung the birdhouse 8 feet off the ground. That allows the birdhouse speaker/emitter to clear the fence by a foot. I decided to set the sensor to medium (30 foot detection range) and adjust it later as needed. I went to bed and decided not to wear my earplugs that help me from being awoken by the barking. If the birdhouse didn't work I wanted to know.

The first day: I awoke to an undisturbed 8 hours of sleep and that was without earplugs. Hours passed and I still haven't heard any barking. What I did eventually hear was the neighbors kid playing basketball in the backyard. It occurred to me the sound of the ball bouncing on the concrete might set off the birdhouse so I went out to check it. The LED indicator is on the front where the emitter is so I had to get between the birdhouse and the fence to see it. I watched it and it didn't activate because of the basketball, but as I moved I stepped on some leaves which caught the attention of the neighbors dog. The dog got off three rapid barks from about 30 feet away. Suddenly the green LED on the birdhouse came on for a few seconds and that was it...no more barking! Normally this dog would keep at it for several more minutes. This time no followup barking whatsoever.

Conclusion: I definitely think this is working. This dog has a deep bark, which according to other reviews is ideal for triggering the sensors. The real test will be how well this works over time. I just hope the dog doesn't become accustomed to it and learns to ignore the ultrasonic sound. I'll have post a follow up review in a month or so.

EDIT: It's been about a month so here's my follow-up review. Still working great! It's even survived a few rain storms without any problem. I was concerned on the third and fourth day after setting it up as the dog seemed to be barking regardless. By day five he quieted down again. As this dog is no Jack Russell it may have taken a little more time to make the connection. I hear the occasional few round of barks at that's it. No continuous barking! There are occasionally times when someone is just too close to the fence and the barking may go on for about a minute. Those are the times that the dog is just too excited to stop barking for anything.

I'm doing two things against what the instructions say. I'm using rechargeable batteries and I'm hanging the birdhouse above 6 feet. The rechargeable lithium batteries last more than four days but less than six. As a result I switch them twice a week and that seems to be a good system.

I do have a few suggestions for the next generation of these ultrasonic birdhouses. The first would be solar recharging. Perhaps monocrystalline roof panels would be sufficient. If not perhaps a large plug-in panel would do the trick. I'd also like to see a rear LED activation indicator for those of us that point the birdhouse towards the neighbors yard. Maybe a front or rear LED selector switch is possible.
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on September 30, 2013
I have had other units that cost twice as much that didn't do anything. I ordered this one and when it arrived and I took it out of the box I thought it looked more like a toy bird house. The unit is very well built I will say. I installed the battery and waited for the neighbor dog to start barking. That took about 15 minutes. I set it behind the fence with the sonic speaker pointing though the space in the pickets. The dog stopped baking after 3 barks and took off to the far side of their yard and stayed there. Next morning it started again. I turn the unit back on and after one bark the dog stopped for the hole day. For the last 2 days there has been no barking at all and the unit is turned off. Seems like they understand now not to bark. My neighbor must think there is something wrong with their 2 dogs. Of course, they never tell the dogs to shut up, they just let them bark. No sure I understand. I couldn't believe that it worked that good. Thanks DogTek. Job well done.
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on November 25, 2013
Here's the key. I put 2 of these close to my neighbor's little yapper dog, who barks at me as soon as I set foot in my backyard, until I go back inside. I set them up in trees, and close to the dog. It was of course barking. The neighbors don't care. Very inconsiderate.
Neither of them would activate at all. They worked fine, and I actually tested them by barking at the device form the same range.
Here's the key..... The smaller dogs don't have a deep enough bark to have the sensors pick it up! I'm a DJ in my spare time, and have many sound activated devices. This works the same way. The vibrations of a bigger dog's bark sets it off easily.
I guess I'm doomed to live next door to a barking annoying yapper dog and my inconsiderate neighbors for life. It's a shame, because we are nice people, and we really wanted to get to know these people. We are good friends with all our other neighbors, and all of them feel the same way.
[...] I'm sure they would work great for a dog with a deeper bark.
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on September 28, 2014
Our dog is playful and loves to bark at the neighbors when they're outside. She gets excited and won't stop, though she usually listens to other commands so we bought this to try out. She quickly made the connection to barking and the sound, which she does not like. All we have to do when she is barking is tell her "no" then turn this on and right back off. She stops immediately. Even though it's just on for a second, it does the job. Saying "No" firmly just before has reinforced the command, and now when she is barking too much and we tell her "no" she immediately stops! She also knows this little birdhouse is the source, so if she's barking and we hold it up for her to see, she also stops. We tried a spray collar and that worked a couple of times, but then she didn't care too much about being sprayed and there's the constant refilling. This is easy and effective. It will depend on your animal, as some are more stubborn than others! This has great range and can reach to the back of our yard. As with any sonic device, there is collateral damage...our cats scatter as well when it's used. If you have a stubborn dog that won't stop barking or a neighbor dog that won't stop, this is a great solution. Just don't leave it on all the time or it will drive the animal crazy.
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on September 27, 2016
We had been dealing with our neighbor's barking and yapping dogs for months. They were left outside all day and night and would bark constantly. We would go outside and they would launch themselves at the fence and they would begin barking in the middle of the night and not stop until the morning. It was starting to drive us crazy because we weren't sleeping and the neighbor wasn't doing anything about it. When we purchased this the box was pretty beat up when we received it but the device was perfectly fine. The instructions were really clear and concise so we got it setup and hung up the same day. We hung it up facing the house where the dogs are constantly barking (we have multiple neighbors with barking dogs) and turned it on. Initially the dogs still barked the day we hung it up but they don't bark anymore. Occasionally we will hear a bark but not the way it used to be. They also don't attack the fence and the yappy dogs have stopped as well. We love how well it has worked, that it is waterproof and looks like a birdhouse. It's been a lifesaver and has allowed us to actually fall asleep. I have recommended this to a couple of friends and colleagues who had the same dog noise problem.
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on March 2, 2017
See Spot run! My neighbors little yippy dogs no longer pester me while I am in MY yard with their constant noise. Now they run back inside THEIR owners house and bark through the window. At which my neighbor finally tells them to "SHUT UP!" Its about time... I gave the house on the other side of my neighbor one of these units also. She gets more of a kick out of it than I do. Works as advertised. I will definitely be buying more in the future.
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on February 19, 2016
Worked for awhile and next door neighbor's dog not continually barking. Then, put in fresh batteries because it stopped working. Nothing. Dog is now barking like before. Fresh batteries in, nothing appears wrong with unit and it tests out. But dog is no longer deterred. I think dogs get used to the sound it emits (heard only by dogs and not humans) and then it is no longer effective. I would not recommend because dogs (at least the chronic barking one next door to me) seem to get used to it. I tried another similar device that was more expensive and - nothing. Hint: This type of stuff works for a very short time on a dog then the dog gets used to it. Also, these are not as water resistant as is claimed. After a hard rain ours has water in it and of course, that impeded it working. I don't think much of these types of products.
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on April 1, 2015
Judging from the other reviews, I'm guessing this is a hit-or-miss item depending on the type of dogs you're trying to train. In my case, I was trying to stop a neighbor's two dogs from barking constantly. There is only a chain-link fence and a few small shrubs separating our two yards, so the DOGTEK device didn't have any thick fences or walls to go through. Over the course of two weeks, this device did nothing to stop the two dogs from barking. Even when I tried different spots in the yard or even held it right up to the chain-link fence so it was only about 20 feet from the dogs, they barely seemed to notice it. The larger of the two, a medium-sized mutt, would look curiously at the device for a moment but then keep barking. The smaller dog, some type of terrier, didn't respond to the device at all.
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on March 27, 2016
This worked great for a week or two and now it's largely ineffective. I was so impressed with the first week performance I bought a second one. In my case I was try to prevent fence fighting between my dog and the 2 neighbor dogs. The 3 dogs are roughly 25-70 lbs. Initially my dog appeared to be immune to the sound but the neighbor dogs stopped barking immediately and whimpered away which caused my dog to stop barking as well. I had the unit sitting on the ground about 5-10 feet away but through a wood fence for the neighbor dogs. This type of issue luckily isn't all that common for me, typically only once every few days and typically requires someone to manually interrupt the dogs. I talked to the company and they suggested the dogs had been desensitized and to not use it for a few weeks. I tried that but it didn't seem to help. I think the problem is either that the dogs can't hear it or it doesn't affect them when actually barking. I tested this by bringing it inside and putting it at my front door. My dog will bark anytime someone rings the door bell. The next time this happened the birdhouse came on as expect but it was in the middle of the barking but had no effect. Later that night I found that cleaning some pots and pans were triggering the birdhouse and my dog was doing everything he could to get let outside through the back door. For a week afterward he wanted out each time pots and pans were being cleaned even though the birdhouse was off. I suspect if it were possible to delay the sonic output or lengthen it that I could get this to work for my dog as he typically barks for about 2 seconds, waits a second or two before another round of barking. The sonic output only lasts about a second so it's off during the in between times. By the way I was concerned I would have to replace the batteries every few weeks but the original AA's I put in the first unit are still going 2 months later. That probably says more about how infrequently the unit actually gets activated.
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on September 16, 2016
I really can not believe that this thing worked. I feel like I have improved the quality of life for my entire neighborhood for $30.

I live next door to a family that has two hounds that boredom barked for hours a day. It is otherwise a quiet neighborhood and so this really ruined our serenity. I did not want to confront them over it... we are new to the neighborhood I don't want to come in initiating conflict. If they did not care enough to stop it for their other long term neighbors, they were not likely to stop it for me.

We have been using this little miracle for a week. The first time they "released the hounds", the dogs began their barking routine and then suddenly cut it short... test barked again... cut it short.... another test... silence. A frickin miracle!!! They went from afternoons of relentless bark-bark-bark-bark-bark to the occasional bark to signal that they want to go inside. They still bark when someone comes near the yard - but I don't have an issue with that ... they are protecting their home. It was the boredom barking that killed me. Problem solved.

I plan on trying it with rechargeable batteries because I have read that the battery drain is pretty fast - bit I dont care... totally worth it.

Fingers crossed that this has a long term effect and is not something they get used to and ignore down the road.
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