Customer Reviews: DSL Invisi-Shield
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on April 28, 2007
I got these screen protectors when I got my DS Lite. I wanted to keep my screens looking new, and this product was great for me. First, make sure your screen is clean before you start! I peeled the backing without touching the sticky part. I lined up one edge, then started laying it down from one side. The protector just seemed to cling right to the screen, I had very little smoothing with the card to do. This went well for both screens. A year later, they are still in good shape, though I may replace the one on the touch screen. My sister got a different brand for her son and had to replace it in a month. I know other reviewers had problems, but I found them to be better than most!


After having these protectors on my DS for nearly two years, they have held up great. I have also applied the same to two other DS's and they both went as easily...once you line up the protector, it practically attaches itself. I wish I could get these protectors for everything needing screen safety!
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Nintendo DS Lite Invisi Shields

I've had great luck with Pelican accessories, and these screen protectors are no exception. There's one for each screen and with proper installation these will last you a long time.

For starters you must clean your screen with a lint-free cloth BEFORE you install these guys. If not you'll get dirt trapped beneath the shields. You also want to make sure your screens are dry if you had to clean them with a Windex or something similar.

The touch screen shield has more stickyness and is harder to install. Just start at one corner and use a flat plastic to smooth out the bubbles.

The top screen is a little thicker with a border. I've had that one move on me, but I stabalized it with some adhesive on the edges.

Avoid screen protectors made by Switch&Carry (BD&A) as those are problematic. Overall, I can't say anything but positives about Pelican. Just take your time to install these properly.

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on February 22, 2007
First of all I have to say I don't know why some people are confused about how many screen protectors come in this package. It comes with two. Not two of each, two total-- one for the top, one for the bottom. You also get a cleaning cloth and a "Soft Card" which I assume is to get the air bubbles out, but it doesn't say. Works well for that anyway.

I was a little curious as to why it did not come with instructions, but I guess the process is easy enough to figure out.

I used the cleaning cloth to get the DS screens clean. I peeled the backing off the top protector and laid it on the screen going from one side to the other, smoothing the air out as I laid the film down. I used the "soft card" to push the air out from the edges of the screen. I was satisfied with how it looked.

Then I did the same for the touch screen. Despite thinking I had laid the protector on perfectly straight, one of the corners did not fit exactly. I pried the screen up with my fingernail and peeled it off. This was my BIG MISTAKE. Pulling the film off resulted in so much static that very small fibers were attracted to and stuck to the film. Unfortunately since the backing is covered in adhesive (as opposed to being a static cling), it was impossible to remove the very fine particles that were now stuck to the protector. I did not notice this, however, until I laid the protector back down on the DS. Where ever a piece of fuzz was, an air bubble had formed around it and I was unable to push the air out.

The bubbles were VERY noticeable on the dark screen of the DS when it was not turned on. When playing a game however, the bubbles were hardly if not at all noticeable.

The next day I decided to pull the bottom protector off and rinse it under the sink. I used a dab of soap and rubbed very lightly. I expected the adhesive might get ruined in the process but it doesn't appear to have been. I was able to wash the majority of the big fuzzies off. Reapplying the film showed improvement, but there are still one or two small bubbles. I can live with it though.

In conclusion ...

- make sure you wash your hands and clean the screen very well before applying these things. You might consider using a higher quality cleaning cloth that absolutely will not shed.

- once it's down, DO NOT pull the protector up again (with the intention or reapplying it).

- applying the screen slowly and firmly, going in one direction will eliminate most air bubbles.

Three stars out of five. An OK product. I have had no sensitivity problems, and I just hope it does its job!
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on March 5, 2007
If you care for your DS, use only Nintendo licensed products (such as from Hori)!

You're in for a surprise when you want to remove this from your touch screen. I was freaked out to no end that this thing had taken up permanent residence on my DS. I am posting this review to provide instructions on how to get it OFF of the touch screen:

1) Rip off a piece of very sticky tape (I used duct tape) which is longer than the width of your touch screen (maybe 1/2 inch on each side).

2) Since the screen protector is smaller than the touch screen, there should be a small gap either above or below it. Place the tape precisely along the edge of the screen protector, with excess hanging on each side. Don't let it touch the actual screen, but get it as close to the edge of the protector as possible.

3) Gently apply pressure to the tape with your finger so it sticks well.

4) Pull back on the overhanging edges of the tape, peeling the protector off like a sticker. Since an entire edge of the protector is being tugged on by the tape, there should be enough grip to get it off. This worked for me on the first try.

Unless you've got a huge air bubble at the corner to work with, scratching the edge with your fingernail WILL NOT WORK and may even damage your touch screen. Putting tape on just one corner WILL NOT WORK.
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on April 24, 2007
Ok, 1 star for fun, since this is NOT a game. I picked this up the same day I got my ds lite, figuring that I might as well protect my investment. Since the ds was brand new, I didn't have to worry about cleaning the screens first. Anyways, this comes with a top and bottom screen protector. Each protector peels off the backing easily, and they are marked so that you don't put the wrong one on the wrong screen. So long as you don't touch the sticky part (it's clear, your fingers, however clean, are oily and will leave finger prints on the sticky part), and you line up the edges correctly, you shouldn't have any problems.

Don't attempt to apply the screen protectors if:
you are in a moving car
you are in the middle of a sand storm
you are in the middle of an earthquake
you are an idiot

otherwise, protect your ds screens from scratches and have fun playing
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on February 1, 2007
Having applied 4 of these for different people there is a little bit of a trick to it. First off clean the screen, be ready to peal the shield from it's backing, line up at one side and USE the little stiff paper card that comes with it. I pressed it slowly and with gentle firmness starting at the side where I lined it up at, slowly moving across the screen while still hanging on to the loose end.

Yes they are sticky, and I have a cat and my nehpew a dog and cat, No problems with bubbles or hair stuck to it.
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on June 30, 2007
I really don't know what other people are talking about, this shield is great! The instructions weren't that hard to understand. I was mostly afraid of not being able to see after I put the screens on, but it really works well! Great product, great purchase.
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on August 23, 2007
I ultimately got this protector over the others on Amazon because it claimed that the touch screen would still work (which wasn't the case with the first screen protector I had purchased). Since there were mixed reviews for this, I was ready for a long battle when I went to install the screens. I was pleasantly surprised when the protectors went right on the screen without any air bubbles. I don't think the touch screen is as sensitive as before, but it still works.
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on September 10, 2006
In order to put these shields onto the DS Lite, you must be in a dust and hair free zone. Any debris will cause a bubble to appear between the shield and the screen. I will definitely be returning this item. Not sure what else I could get, but still looking for a better product.
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on December 5, 2007
The shields are nice and tough, but installation can drive you crazy. You must figure out which shield goes on which screen, which sides must contact the screens, and apply the screens with outward pressure (to prevent bubbling). None of this would be a big deal, but the Invisi Shields' sticky sides are FUZZ MAGNETS. You can't touch them to identify the adhesive sides, or you'll get fuzz on them. You can't set them down, or you'll get fuzz on them. You can rinse the fuzz off, but you can't wipe them dry or you'll rub on new fuzz -- and you can't set them down to air dry, because they'll get streaks. My best fortune was with alcohol, but that wasn't good enough to make me unaware that I have shields on the screens.

Basically you've got one shot. Make sure you're in a dust-free zone, clean your DS, wash your hands, then carefully apply the shields without letting them touch anything -- and don't forget about pressing outward so you don't get any bubbles!

When you get the Invisi Shields on right, you're set, cause they're not going anywhere. If you get it on your first try, either you're lucky or really prepared. Of course, you might not care if it's on straight or if you've got fuzz or bubbles underneath; if this is you, it must be great...
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