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on November 26, 2012
My son got his DSi XL when he was 4 so i wanted to find a case that he could grip and that, even more importantly, would really protect the game system. This is the one we chose and we've been really happy with it.

It's made from Nerf material that is bonded onto a hard plastic to form the case. The case is two pieces - one half for the top part of the DS and one half for the bottom part. They attack at the hinge. To put on the case, you put on one half, then the other, and they sort of clip together. It's very sturdy and very protective. We've had this case on the DSi XL for two years now and the system has never been broken,

My ONLY issue is that the case doesn't last. After about 6-10 months of use it starts falling apart. The Nerf foam will start separating from the plastic portion of the case and a corner of it breaks off. Or the plastic case itself cracks, which leads to some of the Nerf foam coming off. The minute there is a weakness, I know my son picks at it and makes it worse. (What defines use? My son takes it with him to school every day so that he can have it at his aftercare program. They get 30 minutes to play once all homework is done and they've played outside. The kids then help each other beat levels and pass their systems and games back and forth. So it gets transported and used pretty much daily. We also let him take it on long car rides and on other outings with long waits/no kids to play with.) .

Does that issue stop me from buying this case again? Nope. It's just too good. My son came home from daycare the other day with his case taped up so I got right on Amazon and ordered a new one. We're now on our third case and I will keep buying them. They are cheaper than a new DSi XL :) .

One last observation - I have noticed when I take the case off that his system looks a bit roughed/scuffed. I believe that it's from dirt/dust that gets stuck between the case and the DSi XL. So if you look at his system without the case, it will look a bit scuffed up. This is purely cosmetic and in no way affects my rating. BUT I am going to try putting a very thin rugpad between the case and his new 3DS XL he is going to get over the holidays as a gift and see if the same thing happens since I'm assuming the design points of the 3DS and the 3DS Nerf case are similar.

(Please note: this case doesn't fit on the 3DS XL - you would need to buy the 3DS XL version of this case )
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on July 13, 2012
This protective case for Nintendo DSiXL is absolutely great! Our three kids each have a DSi and they also each have a Nerf Armor case. We had bought 2 of these cases in a store but needed one more and we found it on Amazon. These are great cases because they are so thick. They truly protect the DSi's and give them that extra advantage should they accidentally fall.
I love the fact that they have holes in the armor so you can see the color of the DSi. This way my kids are able to tell whose is whose. The one thing that might be considered a bit of a disadvantage is that the armor is made of a thick foam. Our eldest son has a tendency to pick the foam because it feels so nice and squishy! We had to warn him not to pick the foam because he could end up pulling it all apart! I am glad to report that thus far his case is all in tact!
This is a great, great buy on Amazon because these cases can go for 20-30 dollars. They can really be expensive if they aren't on sale or if you don't get them on Amazon.
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on April 25, 2011
Nerf armor for a handheld gaming system is one of the better ideas I've seen in awhile! In theory, it's perfect. In actuality, here are the pros and cons:

1. I can drop my DSiXL on the hardwood or tile and it bounces.
2. My 2 year old can hit my DSiXL with a hammer and the hammer bounces.
3. My 1 year old can throw my DSiXL as hard as he can at the wall, and it bounces.
4. It has a nifty little compartment in the bottom to hold the giant stylus.

1. It's not ergonomically designed AT ALL. Not so comfy in the hands.
2. There's no latch to hold it closed! With just the right drop, throw, or hit with a hammer, it comes open.

Overall, worth the purchase. Hopefully we'll see a redesign in the future that addresses the few problems.
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on March 4, 2014
If you've broken the hinge on your DS, just snap it into one of these! One side of mine is completely disconnected, but now it is like it was never broken. It also prevents the DS from being opened flat which will at least wear out the hinge. of a non-damaged unit.
Cons: Makes your DS twice as thick as it was,
The case does not click shut.
Pros: Makes your DS twice as thick as it was, You might like this.
Protects from outer scratches, and not too violent drops.
You can still access all plugs, buttons, pen, etc.
Built in holder for pen sized stylus.
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on October 11, 2012
Both my kids, 7 and 5, have DSI XL's and I have Nerf Armor for both of them. Yes, the armor is bulky, but provides great protection for the price.

Also has a place to store the larger stylus.

I did have to buy a second one for my oldest because the soft part started pulling off the plastic. I was about to fix it with some super glue, and dropped it (without the DSi in it) and the plastic near the pivot broke making it useless. I knocked off a star for the soft part separating from the plastic. If I could, I'd give it 4.5 stars. Still highly recommended for young children with a DS.
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on August 5, 2012
This is a great case for the DS. It is pretty bulky and makes the DSixl really large. I've never had a problem with my 6 year old's DS case, however my 4 year old has had this for only a month and it's already breaking apart. A few pieces have come off and I think we'll need to buy a new one soon. My boys are always dropping their ds's and this does a great job of protecting them. Nerf makes the best case out there. This one is good because you do not have to take it off to play, while there's another Nerf case that you do. This is the only case we will buy for our DS's.
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on December 28, 2012
I will first off say that i have had a different NERF armor for my sons old DS and its a lifesaver. I wouldn't recommend any parent not buy one of these.

I, however, made the mistake of buying the WRONG one. This one is for the DS XL (as a mom i just assumed XL was all the same). This does NOT FIT my son 3DS XL..... Apparently 3D IS THE KEY! Do not buy this one assuming its the same thing as the 3DS XL Case. But again. I would highly recommend this to any parent investing $200 into a small childs entertainment.
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on January 7, 2013
My 7 yr old twins got new DSiXLs just before Christmas. They saved their own $ & worked hard to buy them so it was very important to me to help them protect their 'investments.' These Nerf Armor cases are phenomenal in protecting them from the drops, bumps, & oops that are bound to happen with kids. My only disappointment is that within a few days of owning/using them, a small chunk of the armor ripped off near the hinge area. It's the weakest place structurally & is understandable but I assumed it would take more use before coming apart!
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on October 1, 2011
I picked this up for my 7 yo son knowing he was going to drop his DS a few times. The fit was perfect and it holds tight to the DS unit without glues or adhesives. Does not restrict unit functionality, access to ports or opening and closing. All this at the slight but worthy cost of thickness. Trying to squeeze the DS into a small carry-on luggage bag along with everything else is not as easy as it once was. Still...worth it, especially when the inevitable drop happened. The DS was protected, but the cover did pop off a bit. If the drop resulted in a tumble then the cover may have come off entirely. A drop of silicone caulk on both sides of the cover fixed this but resulted in a 4 star rating instead of five.
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on December 26, 2012
I buy Nerf cases for all of my portable games. I have one for my PS Vita and 3DS XL. You maintain full functionality of the system, and it makes it easier to hold for large and small hands alike. The cases are made by PDP, an awesome third party maker, and use the Nerf name under license. I would like to see more protection for the top corners, but with the hinge design, that would be difficult. I feel confident this case will protect a DS under any accidental gravity exposures it may be subjected to.
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