Customer Reviews: Da Baddest Bitch
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on August 21, 2000
Although sometimes vile and incredibly offensive to women everywhere, Trina's single, "Da Baddest..." was a surprisingly good track. I found myself tapping my toes while laughing hysterically to her frank and explicit approach to her escapades. Not for the weak at heart.
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on July 23, 2000
Yo! This Cd by Trina is off Glass for sure. I mean when she first came out with Trick Daddy in "Nann Nigga" I thought she needed a little work on her style. But when I bought her cd, I couldn't let go of it. I bought it 2 months ago, and I am still jammin to it. This Miami female knows exactly what she saying in her lyrics and take no mess from anyone. I like tracks 2,4,5,7,10,11,12,13,14,& 17. She is fine as ever and she can really flow. All I can say to the people who haven't gotten this cd yet,Ya'll don't know what you are missin. She also is pretty good because her lyrics remind me of some of the other female rappers such as Foxy Brown,Lil'Kim,Sole',Eve,Da Brat, and Strings
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on October 25, 2000
Trina, I am in love with your flow and style. Sorry Kim, Trina has dethroned you as the Rap Diva. Trina is not to be messed with she lets us have it from the first track to the last. The Big Lick is my favorite Cut. She takes girl power to a new level. She is the first woman who I think can hold her own with the realest baddest B--Ms. Millie Jackson. Trina should be heading for Superstardom because she is just simply the best female rapper. No other female with the exception of Mia X comes close to keeping it really real.
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on March 27, 2015
Out of all her albums (production and rapping wise), I choose Da Baddest B***h. Then, Still Da Baddest and The Diamond Princess. Her other albums are okay, but I couldn't really get into them as much her first one. I definitely think her first one was the most fun and humorous album to listen to especially when listening to tracks like I Don't Need U. As vulgar, vain, and shallow the lyrics are, it's hard not to resist to the beats of the music. If it's okay for a male rapper, to be vulgar, shallow, and a misogynist, then a female rapper has just about EVERY right to be 2x as that! Every song except for I'll Always and Mama got me jamming to the beat. I see some reviewers on here complain how the music is really bad, but compared this album to the majority of rap songs I hear out today...especially *cough cough* Lil Wayne, they make this album sound like a masterpiece! Her rapping style reminds me very much of Khia and maybe Da Brat. She may not be on the same level as Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Missy music wise, but she's not really bad as people make her out to be. She is a pretty good rapper. Bad would fit people like Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy whom I find to be extremely annoying.

Top 5:
1. Da Baddest B***h
2. Ain't S**t
3. Ball With Me
4. If U With Me
5. Off The Chain Wit It

honorable mentions:
I Need
Pull Over
I Don't Need U
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on February 6, 2007
I remember when I first heard heard Trina I couldnt help but wonder what was people's fascination with her? So what she makes raunchy records, the girl couldnt rap her way out of a flavored condom plus she sounds like a hood version of Edith from All In The Family. From where I from Trina is the most overrated female ever. This album is concrete proof of that statement. The first single The Baddest B**** is so cheesy it makes you wonder how this song became a hit. Pull Over , Off The Chain Wit it, Off Glass and I Dont Need You are extra cheesy to the point you might get constipated from the first listen. Other disposables: The Big Lick(Blah), Aint S***(a female version Of Dr. Dre's B***es Aint S***. How original), I'll Always(super stale plus she should be sued for screwing up Ronald Isley's Voyage To Atlantis), Watch Yo Back and the rest of this album.
Bottom Line: Trina's Da Baddest B**** is the worst female rap album next to the Notorious K.I.M. and Thug Misses. The beats suck, her lyrics sound like they were conceived in the mind of a tweenager and her voice is as painful as scratching a chalkboard with your fingernails. Lyrics like /Sisqo made that song/ when he seen me in a thong th th th thong show you that she puts the corn in corny! Da Baddest B**** more like Da Saddest B****!
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on July 24, 2001
Trina shines on her debut. After only a couple collaborations on Trick Daddy albums, her album was released riding high on her first single, Da Baddest B***h. After hearing this song, I was convinced that her voice and delivery was unique, but the subject wasn't. But, after hearing "Pull Over", I decided that I would give the album a try. I made no mistake. From the intro, Trina shows all of us how she is the baddest by going sexual and violent (hence the very appropriate Parental Advisory) and bragging about it. Near the end, there are a few un-noticeable soft songs, but the album finishes w. the excellent bonus "Pull Over". Her delivery is probably the best in recent times and the content outdoes Lil' Kim's albums put together. Make no mistake, Trina is Da Baddest B***h.
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on March 15, 2001
I love Trina! This CD is great. It isn't appropriate for kids, but most rap isn't! If you're looking for a CD this is it. All of the songs have gotten me to sing along, or at least try to. My personal favorites are "I don't need ya" and "Da Baddest Bitch." Even though all of her songs talk about sex, they all are very catchy! I listen to every song on her CD. The only problem with some of them, is that they are too short. If you are into this type of music, don't pass this CD up!
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on March 12, 2001
trina and her featured friends are clueless, tasteless, humorless, artless, tuneless, mindless and hopeless...
absolutely wretched, with nary a shred of artistic merit, musical invention or even camp novelty value...the day the "ghetto-skanks" flaunting their limitless avarice and faux-empowered, nymphomaniacal psychosis are wiped clean from the music scene is a day we can all sigh with relief...
you could throw a grain of sand and hit an album more worthy of your money...
trina is the poster girl for the end of civilization...avoid this at all costs for the betterment of society and yourself.
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on March 23, 2000
The album was what I expected it to be. The beats really get you in the mood to party. The whole album she spoke the truth, just told like it should be told. I give her much props for telling how we,so called women sometimes act when it comes to a man.
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on May 30, 2000
Man, I've heard better beats coming from my plumbing pipes at three in the morning than this low-budget underproduced piece of trash. And what the heck is up with these so-hardcore lyrics here? You're the "baddest b*tch"? That's really nice, a real nice thing to aim for. NEXT!
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