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on October 23, 2010
Update 2 Jan 2012 : Having used the set for about 40-50 home games, it is still in good condition. Both sets of playing cards had one card each go bad (tore, or developed a telling mark) - so I have discarded these. The case still seems sturdy. A random note for the chip riffle-shuffle enthusiast - The white chips shuffle the best, the others are a little sticky, and won't shuffle that good.

*** Original review follows ***

Just received my poker chip set. Although I haven't played with the chips yet, overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of the set on primary inspection. Here's a list of things that stood out. The chips feel nice, sturdy and "weighty". Picking up or sliding a stack of 10 of these chips gives you a good weighty feeling, something that low quality plastic poker chips lack. The colour of the chips is consistent, and I did not notice any gross manufacturing imperfections, except for the occasional "flash". Owing to their weight (11.5 g) and their good coefficient of friction, they stay put and don't slide when on top of each other, something you don't want when you are building tall stacks. 40-chip-high stacks seemed pretty stable and didn't wobble much. This implies that the surfaces of the chips don't have imperfections and that each chip is pretty flat, so stacking them doesn't result in building a 'slanting' stack. The colour distribution of chips is white and red : 150 each, blue : 100, green and black : 50 each. Since I haven't played a lot with these, can't comment about the distribution, but looks about right.

Other stuff that comes with the set : Playing cards - are OK - I personally prefer 100% plastic cards. These seem to be paper with plastic lamination, so they are not as bendy as plastic ones. I guess they are OK. The dealer and other buttons are good quality (esp the dealer button), although I don't care much for the buttons and the poker dice included.

The case : I liked the form factor of the case! Traditional suitcases tend to have a more 4:3 aspect ratio, but this one would tend towards "widescreen" aspect ratio. In my opinion, this gives it a sleek look. The quality and the finish of the case is good. (Case feels smooth when you glide your hand). The case and its handle look sturdy, though that remains to be seen after some use. The racks and velvet inside the case are of satisfcatory quality. The racks, are firm (no "soft spots"). The lid of the case has a thick sheet of foam that would make sure that the chips don't move around too much during transport. The case can be locked, although I don't care much for that aspect. There are two identical flimsy keys that can lock 2 locations on the lid.

Packaging : The whole thing arrived in a big "Amazon" box. The amazon box was easy to open, and contained another smaller cardboard box. There was the usual brown "dampening"(?) paper in the big box surrounding the smaller box. The smaller box was what actually contained the suitcase. On the opening the smaller box, the suitcase was firmly packed in between two styrofoam sheets, (similar to the packing you see when you buy a laptop or tv, except that the styrofoam surrounded the case completely.) I liked this aspect of the packing, because it ensured that the case would not be damaged during transport. Lot of other reviews of other chip sets complain of the occasional dinged case, leaving it to luck to receive an un-damaged case. In this case however, there is no chance that the case would get damaged during shipping.

Hope this review helps others!

Summary : A tad pricier than other popular sets on Amazon, but the quality of the case and chips justify the premium.
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on December 18, 2012
I went with this product because first and foremost I wanted a set that was definitely clay. The difference in sound and texture is something I didn't want to second guess myself on had i purchased a different set made out of plastic or with metal inserts. This set really delivers, the chips sound and feel great - just like the ones at casinos.

Some things I have noticed:

1. Some of the reviews on here comment about the case -- I bought mine Dec 2012 and the case is very nice. It wasn't cheaply made and isn't flimsy at all. It holds the heavy weight of the chips just fine. Looks great.

2. The inside of the case is the same story, the tray that holds the chips is extremely sturdy. Contrary to other reviews, the chips fit great inside of my case. There is probably room for 2-3 more chips in each row.

3. Some of the chips have negligible dings in the paint on the wheat but the chips form / function are flawless aside from that.

4. The chip distribution which was included in my set is exactly as pictured. (150 white, 150 red, 100 blue, 50 green, 50 black)

I think that it would make it easier on Amazon shoppers if they would just show a 5 star review for this product and remove some old reviews because the current product that they are shipping is perfect.
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on April 18, 2013
So I read the reviews of this product and per usual, they were pretty mixed.

The good;
1) The problem with mis-sized chips must have been solved or at least I received a good batch because all of my chips were very uniform.
2) They do feel and sound like higher quality chips then you'd normally find as a household set.

The bad;
1) A few of the chips did have blotches of color where it did not belong, but out of 500 I found only 3 which had noticeable markings.
2) The case is horrible. It's not easy to latch and I strongly doubt it long-term durability. The dice don't fit in the center so every time you open the case you have to put them back. Also each line is able to fit more than 50, so inevitably you have uneven stacks in the case.
3) The cards are worthless, but you're not buying this set for the cards
4) The dealer buttons are also pretty worthless, but again you really cares.
5) The blue chips and the black chips are not as distinct as in the picture. It's actually pretty hard depending on the lighting to differentiate between the two.

It sounds like the cons outweigh the pros, but the chips are actually pretty nice and worth the price. I'll probably be buying a nicer case and a few extra chips to create a more even distribution system.
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on June 3, 2012
I ordered the Crown Wheatear chips for the occasional poker night. A few of my friends noticed enough to comment on the difference of these chips as compared to the cheaper metal insert chips. Is it worth it? I believe so but my friends weren't fondling the chips as much as I hoped they'd want to. I like handling them because they make a really nice sound when they fall together or when you drop a stack of them. The chips are far from perfect, but still a great value.

- Great assortment of colors: 150 white, 150 red, 100 blue, 50 green, and 50 black
- Design is simple and not tied to any particular game or denominations.
- Chips have a strange clay like odor to them.
- Chips stack flat and even a stack of 50 is pretty stable.
- Chips are not slippery; they are smooth but don't slide around inadvertently. You can press two together and holding only the bottom one tilt until the chip is almost vertical before the top chip slides/falls off.
- Reasonably study, none have broken or chipped yet even though they've been dropped on tile floor several times.
- You can easily order matching replacement chips in 50 increments.
- You can shuffle them.
- Case is cheap but does the job perfectly.
- Complete with dealer and blind buttons.

- In my set the greens were slightly taller than the other colors. If you stack 50 greens next to 50 whites the green stack is a half chip higher. Not a big deal just worth noting.
- Minor imperfections on the chips, including some sharper flanges on the edge from the molding process, a small area where the injection hole was, occasional clouding on the color areas, and rare injection overflow from the color composite to the white. For the sharper flanges I just rubbed them off with a hobby knife.
- The weight feels perfect but out of curiosity I weighed the chips and found the blue and red chips to be 10 grams, the white and green were 10.5 grams, and the black chips were 11 grams. Of course, casino chips weigh in around 9.5 to 10.5 grams so the weight is just fine just not the advertised 11.5 grams.
- Black and blue chips are hard to distinguish from the sides.
- Supplied cards are not good (Motor brand). Replace with Bicycle or Copag cards.
- Comes with poker dice. Who uses poker dice?
- Case locks/keys are hard to use. Why do you need to lock your poker chips up anyway?

Overall a great value particularly if you want clay composite chips without metal inserts.
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on May 19, 2011
My boyfriend and friends have recently became avid poker players. After playing with pennies as chips for a few weeks, my boyfriend decided to purchase an actual set of chips. We looked around various stores for chips but could not find any professional chips that looked nice. After searching around the internet for a while, he fell in love with this set on another site. Unfortunately the site wanted about twenty dollars for shipping. Before giving up altogether, I decided to check out Amazon to see if I could find anything similar for a better price. Amazingly, this set was the first product to come up in a search and it was the EXACT product he fell in love on another site. Not only was the shipping free (because I am part of Amazon Prime) but the product itself was priced about ten dollars cheaper then the other site. The chips arrived two days later and he is more than impressed with the quality. He loves the weight on the chips and the colors are beautiful. The overlay on the clay scuffs easily but can be quickly rubbed back out. He also loves the dealer button, the big blind/little blind buttons, and even the kill button. This is a huge upgrade to playing with pennies and we are all more than satisfied with this purchase!
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on January 6, 2012
These were going to be a mid level raffle prize for a corporate event, so I wanted a middle of the road poker chip set to appeal to just regular people - I wasn't shopping for poker pros or anything like that. When this arrived the outside of the box looked nice, but when we opened the box up, the fake felt panels had come detached from the inside of the box, and the cardboard backing in all of its messy glued glory is the first thing we could see. When I took out a package of the chips they were light plastic, and really low quality. I knew I wasn't going to be getting casino quality clay chips, but I think the kids poker chips at target for $10 were probably the same (if not better) quality as these. I sent them back and got something else instead. The only good thing I can say is the return was really easy, and I had my money back the same day that UPS picked up the box.
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on November 30, 2011
My teenage son has requested a set of "real" poker chips for Christmas (bought him a poker set years ago, but it was plastic chips.)
After looking through alot of styles and weights, I decided on these (after getting my son's "ok" on the chip's design - he didnt want chips with numbers and he wanted clay...)

The set arrived very quickly and was boxed well. I opened it up to check the case/chips for damage and was very happy with the look of it all. The chips are cellophane-wrapped and to my un-trained poker eye they look very professional.

It's very heavy - but he's an older teen - he'll be fine.

I thought the price was decent, got free shipping and hoping my son is just as pleased when he opens it in a few weeks.

I'm giving a 4-star review - this being a gift, I can't fully unwrap the chips and tote around the case myself to fully comment on the total quality.
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on September 12, 2012
First, I must say that I have ordered this item as a gift for Christmas (Yes, I know I'm shopping early). I was so excited to open the box and see the product. The poker set was very well packaged. The case appears to be sturdy and was exactly as described. However, when I opened the box, I found that the red chips in particular looked worn on the sides. The color is faded around the edges, which was entirely unexpected. The other chips look very nice though. I have only assessed the set as best I can without breaking the plastic wrap around the chips, but I am satisfied with everything except what I mentioned above. If I could exchange the red chips for new ones, this would be a 5/5 set!
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on August 6, 2014
This is a generous 4 star rating. I was initially disappointed in the set because it did not come with the quantities I was expecting. I wanted 150 of two different colors, 100 of one, and 50 of two. Instead it came with 150 red, 100 white, 100 blue, 100 green, and 50 black. These quantities, while not ideal for me, will work well enough that it's not worth returning the set. Because you don't know the quantities you'll get I took a star off its rating.

Otherwise, it's a decent enough set for a weekly poker night.
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on May 6, 2014
Chips are nice and heavy and are good construction, case is nice and the cards inside are ok for a few uses. Chips have some very slight variances in them so they are I would say just 1 step below pro looking chips, but for the cost they are a great deal.

Case locks are a little flimsy (not that I will use them) dice are a bit cheap. Would have been nice to have them include a pair (or 6) nice casino sized dice instead of the cheap little ones they did, so for that -1 star, but over all a great looking set of inexpensive chips.
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