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Dad Is Fat
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$8.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 3, 2017
Funny.....and I like his sense of humor a lot. But its a little TOO "New York-Centric/NYC life/high rise apartment living" to be relate-able to people all across the country. A lot of his stand-up is universal stuff that most American parents can relate to. This....not as much.

Also, he blatantly recycles many of his famous stand-up bits in sections of this book. Some bits several years old.

Overall, a pleasant and entertaining read....just left me slightly disappointed.
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on January 18, 2016
Since I became a mother I got interested in books about people's experiences as parents, and soon found out they're all the same. Well, Dad is fat is a different one, with clever insights that are dead on. It starts to decline towards the end, as if Jim is justifying to the world his decision of having five children, and it ends up becoming a "diary", but I enjoyed the first half, let's say, so much that I felt the five stars are well deserved.
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on February 9, 2017
This is gaffigan gold here. It makes parenting feel more enjoyable when the going gets tough. His perspective and sense of humor are so clear and hilarious. I can hear his voice as I read it. A must for parents who feel tired and stressed out.
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on March 11, 2017
on of my favorite comedians! Very funny, well worth the cost! Delivered on time, well packaged. THANKS
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on October 13, 2014
Very funny! I didn't know Gaffigan and I still have no idea what "the hot pockets guy" means but this guy's sense of self-deprecation and his humorous outlook on his self-induced misery is really laugh-out-loud funny. It's all self-induced too, each new addition to the family an "Oops! moment"... and the most heart-warming part is when he lets us know it's HIS life, HIM the one inconvenienced, so we can stop passing judgement already. This guy apparently makes enough $$$ to handle it, sort of, and it's obvious he does love his kids. He never forgets his wife either and another reviewer claimed it reads like a "love letter", but I say it's a very carefully thought out tactic to kiss ass to keep getting away with not doing chores.
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on September 2, 2014
I don't have kids. I know nothing about being a parent, but I know I love Jim Gaffigan.

If you haven't ever seen Jim Gaffigan at a show or on TV then you are missing some serious, gut wrenching laughter to be had. This book is no exception. It was filled with hilarious stories and observations about being a parent.

The book was much more serious then I expected and pretty much solely about being a parent. I expected a few dad centered stories but mostly a book filled with his stand-up bits. What I got instead was a much more profound book. Jim Gaffigan speaks from his heart about why he loves his family and how much they mean to him.

Before you read this book you will love Jim Gaffigan's jokes, but after reading this book you will love Jim Gaffigan as a person.
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on November 15, 2013
This book made me laugh out loud so many times on the train, I'm sure people thought I was nuts. I love Jim Gaffigan because he can be funny without being raunchy, insulting, or obnoxious. He talks a lot about raising kids in this book, and I found it hysterical even though I don't have kids. It's very easy to relate to what he writes about and he's always funny. The book talks about things like how difficult it is to take 5 kids to the park when you live in NYC, how ridiculous and scary some fairy tale books are, how it's impossible to feed 5 kids all healthy foods, how different it is to raise kids today compared to when he was growing up, the embarrassing things his kids say in public, etc. He does it all with a refreshing humor that will make you laugh out loud. Recommended for anyone with a good sense of humor who wants a fast, entertaining read.
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on May 7, 2013
This book is smart, insightful, sweet, and so SO funny!! I mean stomach hurting, crying because I'm laughing so hard funny. And not just in some chapters, constantly throughout the whole thing. If you're a fan of Gaffigan's you'll recognize some of his jokes in here, but not an annoying, overwhelming amount. I am a big fan of his and I have 4 small children, so I think I'm basically the absolute perfect audience for this book. It was so funny because it was true and so incredibly relatable for me. Does that mean if you don't have a lot of children or any children that you won't enjoy it? Definitely not, if you enjoy Jim's style I think you'll find this amusing too. I highly recommend it! In fact I've been recommending it to everyone I know since I started reading it earlier today. Yes, I read the whole thing in less than a whole day. With four kids. (Don't worry, the children were cared for...the laundry may have been neglected, but....) ;-) So yeah, I'd say it's a pretty engaging, enjoyable read. :)
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on June 16, 2013
As a mom of three kids 5 and under, I absolutely loved this book! I laughed from start to finish, and could relate to nearly everything...but thank heaven we don't live in NYC in a 5-story walk up, or I'd be dead. I don't know how the Gaffigan's do it. I have recommended this book to all my friends that have little kids and still have a sense of humor about it. I also recommended it to my brother as a brand-new dad with a non-sleeping newborn, he's up all night anyway, may as well get a few laughs out of it.

A very quick read, especially as the individual essays are short enough to get through one or two between interruptions. If you've seen Jim Gaffigan's stand up specials, you'll recognize some of the material, but not too much, so it is still worth buying. My only (minor) complaint is that as self-deprecating as Jim Gaffigan is, he is equally if not more praising of his wife, so while I enjoyed relating to his humanity and imperfections in the face of an overwhelming family life, I felt that he counteracted that by painting his wife as an uber-saint. He certainly didn't have to rag on her or anything, but at times it did feel kind of like a fan letter to her perfection, and as someone who loves Jim Gaffigan because he's so relatable, I found his characterization of her extremely un-relateable to this frazzled mother. That was a minor complaint, however, and as his wife edited his book, I can't really blame him for keeping himself out of trouble on that front. Smart man.
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on October 6, 2013
I immensely enjoyed reading this book. It was as enjoyable as eating a delicious sugar-filled delicacy, each chapter like a new cream-filled pastry to inhale leaving me only craving for more. Why am I comparing a book to dessert? Why did this book make me feel so hungry for pizza? I don't know the answers to such important questions or why I can't stop thinking about my bed all the time now. I do know that Jim Gaffigan is an incredibly talented human being and, from what I can tell, a much better father than he'll have you believe.
I opened this book hoping to laugh, and I did. I only wish I'd worn diapers and that I didn't read it while trying to put the baby to sleep so I didn't startle him with my outbursts of insane laughter.
However, there is something else I wasn't expecting in Jim's entertaining memoir - profound thoughts that cut to the heart of parenthood and reveal a hint of the soft tissue inside. Jim is a genius and his book is as inspiring and encouraging for parents as it is entertaining, maybe even more so...
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