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on September 23, 2011
I bought the Dahon Speed Uno for my commute into New York. I take a 30 minute bus ride into the city. Prior to getting the Dahon, I'd chug along with the crowds and would take the subway 20 blocks north. This added an extra 30 minutes to my commute! The ride on the bike is 10 minutes! Ok...on to the bike:

First of all, what I love:
-It folds and unfolds so easily. Practice though, I did pinch myself early on. The seat clamp needs some fine tuning sometimes. Once while riding the seat twisted to the right. I stopped the bike and tightened it with no problems.

It packs up compact enough to bring on a non-crowded bus. It could easily fit on the floor in front of a seat. Since my bus is packed every morning, I place it in the under luggage area.

-The large tires soften the road/pot holes of NYC. Go on YouTube and search for this bike, you'll see a review from NYCEWheels.

-The fact that there are no break or gear cables is great.
-I am 6'2 so I am at the upper limits of the bike. It fits great and I can get some pretty good speed. On the flats, I'm sometimes spinning really fast to beat the cabs.

What could be better (but by no means hate):
-It's a bit heavy to carry long distances. I remedy by leaning to one side as I carry it and resting the seat on my hip. For the price, though, it is such a great little bike. The weight helps keep me stable when I ride, I'm sure.

-The seat post or handle bars didn't fit any of my Planet Bike lights mounts. I had to invent some things to get my lights.

Overall, I am in total love with this bike. It's fun to ride, convenient, and tough. Can't wait for the NYC snow!

UPDATE: (after owning for a few months). I'm still loving my little "burrito." Couple of updates:
1. I discovered the perfect way to carry it. There's a great little nook on the frame if you carry it with the seat facing forward and on your left side. Totally balanced weight. Perfect.
2. Changed the seat. It had a big "comfort padded" seat that was actually uncomfortable for me. Switched to a thin, race-like saddle from an old bike. Love it..
3. The handlebar grips kept migrating and spinning on their own. It was pretty annoying. I put some electrical tape on the handlebar to prevent them from slipping in. (They still spin around, so I'm constantly putting them back in the proper direction)
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on June 23, 2014
I ordered this as a birthday present for my girlfriend approximately 9 months ago. She enjoyed it and we use it from time to time to go on short bike rides. The bike probably has less than 100 miles on it. A few weeks ago the crank set grooves, where the pedal is screwed into, started to strip. I contacted Dahon customer service as the bike claims to have an excellent warranty package (part of the reason I went with Dahon). My email was finally answered a week later with a few questions. BTW All of the questions were answered on my first email. After the back and forth, the resolution was that since I installed the right pedal, the issue with the crankset was an "improper installation". I guess I screwed it in wrong..???? Therefore, the new part is not covered in warranty and I will be out another $200 to fix the issue. I am very disappointed to say the least and will not be purchasing another Dahon in the future.
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on March 3, 2017
This is a great folding bike, exactly what I was looking for. It is simple. No cables, no derailleur to easily get in the way or get bent when folding and storing the bike. The single speed is perfect for flat or modest hills. The chain has a nice plastic cover on it all the way around. The bike is light and easy to carry, fold, put in trunk, etc. For those with classic rear drive Tesla Model S (which has a larger front trunk), this bike very easily fits in the frunk. As others have noted, the paint is easily scratched. My only other negative comment is that the bike delivered to me in Feb 2017 was built in mid 2015. Previous reviewers sometimes complain of not getting the magnetic connector that holds the folded bike together, but mine came with that (nice) magnetic connector. I think it might be because different model years are being delivered. Amazon has to get on top of this lack of transparency when ordering on which model year product is being advertised/sold. The model year should always be prominently displayed when ordering any products that are on annual revision cycles.
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on April 30, 2017
Pricey bike, but nice!

UPDATE: I keep this bike in the trunk of my Honda Accord during the vast majority of my commute downtown to work and back in Indy. The last 1/2 mile of the commute was pounding pavement on foot; it saves me $65/month in parking, but increasingly it was killing my problematic feet. This bike is absolutely perfect for my circumstances!!!! I now fly in that last 1/2 mile in an enjoyable manner. Plus, I can go out on lunch for errands, shopping, etc., that I could not do on foot prior. I picked this specific folding bike for several reasons: it is very simple, lightweight, features and high quality. While I could have bought some other single speed for about half, I am so glad got this one!! I am thrilled with this bike.
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on October 20, 2013
I was originally waffling between the Speed D7 and the Speed Uno and decided to go with the Uno. I like it's simple single speed, coaster brake design. Plus I think it looks cooler than the D7 and Fashion is always a good decision maker.

After riding about 500 miles or so these are my confused thoughts.

Pro's :

I had decided that later I could put an internal hub on it or something with multiple gears, but the stock single speed ratio perfect for me.. Hill climbing isn't too hard and I'm still able to get plenty of speed. I would think for most people, riding on flat streets with occasional hills should be no problem.

A coaster brake over rim brakes is fine for me. Less junk to adjust, but it did take some time to get used to them. It's loads of fun skidding sideways like when I was a kid, just not when you're trying to avoid getting run over.

Although I haven't used the folding aspect much, it's easy and quick to fold. I've folded it to carry through stores or sometimes to leave it up front where it's out of the way and nobody freaks out about a bike in their place. I also took it on the local light rail, but even when folded, it's too wide to sit on the floor in front of your legs while you're seated. Fortunately that train doesn't really go anywhere interesting, so no worries...

It's upright riding position is comfortable whether leaning low on the handlebars or sitting fully upright (which looks cool. Again, Fashion). It's also easy to stand up on the pedals when pumping up a hill or accelerating quickly.

The Speed Uno is very light @ 24 pounds. It's easy to carry folded or unfolded and a light bike is easier for hill climbing, accelerating and less fatiguing to ride.

It's a do-it-all kind of bike. Whether a quick jaunt down to the store, or a 30 mile meandering ride through the city, the Speed Uno is strong enough to handle it all well (except for a few minor quirks covered later).

It looks cool. I'm surprised a how many people comment on it. Somebody took a picture of me from their car today. Weird...

Other reviewers have decried the seat and the tires, but I personally like them. The seat's comfy and the tires roll easy. I recently had my first flat, but I attributed that to universally crappy stock tubes.

Con's :

The stock handlebar grips blow. They feel like hard plastic and get slippery when you sweat. They were installed by demons and it took a hacksaw to get them off. I put Velo Ergo Gel D 3 Bicycle Bar End/Bolt on Grip Combo (Black/ Gray). I like them very much.

It's definitely not a Mountain Bike. It doesn't even like grass. Stick to the roads.

Other reviewers have pointed out the the main frame latch can come loose. This is true. There's a bolt that maintains tension to keep the latch closed, but it's vibrates loose when you ride. After every long ride I've found it loose and the latch jiggling. There's a little safety cover that keeps the latch from opening in the event that happens, but it's a little plastic thing that doesn't inspire much confidence. I put Threadlocker on the bolt, but it still vibrated loose. It's easy to tighten by finger (unless you where dumb enough to put Threadlocker on it >,>) so check the tightness of that bolt before every ride!

Not really a "con" since it obviously doesn't come with fenders, but your first encounter with a mud puddle should be sufficient encouragement to get fenders. I got mine from Dahon's accessory site, but they didn't send the cool Dahon fenders with big mudflaps, but the much less cool Tern fenders with lame mudflaps. At least it came with all the hardware needed to install.

Conclusion :

I really like this bike and I'm glad I got it. It's just so easy and fun to get out and ride on. I hardly use it's folding ability, but it's compactness, comfort, durability and performance make it a bike worth riding. I demote 1 star for the latch problem.
review image
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This bike is awesome once you realize it's purpose. You're not going to ride down a gnarly mountain bike trail or blaze a road coarse with this bike. It's a great little errand runner, mixed-transportation (bus, subway, etc) commuter bike, and a portable travel bike.

It's less stable than a full-size bike and you need to mind your speed because the coaster brake is solid, but I still find the bike excellent for trips all around Portland. I'm over 6 feet tall and can easily jack the seat up to accommodate my long legs.

I had a Dahon Boardwalk before this, but the Uno blows it away for my purposes. I didn't want a bunch of gearing and cables. I wanted a light-weight bike that could fold into a large duffel bag and fly with me on trips or stash in the trunk of my car.

Do I wish the bike was less expensive? Of course. But do I regret the purchase? Absolutely not. In fact, I'm thinking about buying a second just to stash in the apartment for when I have friends in from out of town. The bike pays for itself after not needing a few cab rides.
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on January 12, 2015
Just received this bike from Amazon and had a blast riding it around Miami Beach over the weekend. This is going to save me a ton of time for riding from the bayside to the beach at a moment's notice.

This was the right solution for me given space considerations (apartment and car trunk) and the fact that I'm very concerned about bike theft so I can keep the bike next with me or lock it up folded.

I'm 6'2", 180 lbs and I ride comfortably on it. The wheels are smaller than a regular bicycle and the overal feel is quite different.

I did my research before I bought and tested a similar folding bike at a bike shop so I really knew what I was getting into. It should be ridden relatively gently because of the implicit danger of a coaster break. So for longer-distance, diverse terrain rides, stick with a mountain bike. For a relatively flat commute or leisurely ride, this is a perfect solution.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 21, 2015
I bought this bike for my husband. He uses it to ride to and from the train, communing to work. Once he gets to the train, he folds it up and takes it to the train – the train has the requirement for carry-on to be less than 32-inch on each side, so he can get on any rail wagon in the train, with bike folded up.

This bike made it possible for him to use train to commute to work and it’s very convenient for him and so far, the bike has been very reliable and he loves it. He is able to fold/unfold this bike when he’s taking the elevator (2-floor) up or down. Once he gets to work, he’s able to place the folded bike under his desk.

The bike is very easy to ride on flat surface, but not really practical for distance longer than 2 mile, as there is only one speed on the bike. There have been 2 train accidents where he stepped out of the train and rode the bike home – it was longer than 2 miles, and he got very exhausted when he got home… Other than that, it’s a very good product for train commuters!
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on March 9, 2014
I am 6'3" so I did a lot of research before buying a little folding bike. This one said in it's specs that it could handle someone of my size, which is true, but barely. The handlebar doesn't adjust, so you end up leaning forward when you put the seat up high, but only slightly. It feels very different than a full sized bike, but after you get used to it, it is fun to ride. My commute is about 4 miles with a couple small hills. The single gear lets me power over them easily. The long straight stretches are more of an issue since the speed tops out around 10mph and I would go faster if possible. I have to carry it up and down a couple flights of steps at both ends so the light weight is really nice. Be aware that once you get it, you are on your own. I can't find any place to reasonably get parts and there is no service after the sale. The only problem I've had so far is with the "magnetic catch" which has been replaced with a plastic part that was cracked already when I opened the box. I am just living with it because I really like the bike and my only option would be to return the whole thing. Even knowing this, I would still buy it again. It looks cool and gets me home every night.

Update: I've been commuting with the Speed Uno for a few months now. It handled the rain and the snow like a champ. I had a spoke break a few weeks ago and got it replaced at no small expense, but figured it was a one time thing. Now two spokes are broken and I'm thinking I may have to buy a new, heavier duty back wheel. The bike is rated for 230 pounds, and I weigh in at that exactly. So, just something to keep in mind if you are a large guy like me. Maybe find a bike that is more beefy or you may end up spending much more than you expect.
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on March 24, 2017
After two weeks using this bike, i finally have something to say: This bike is amazing! Its strong, sturdy and lightweight. You can notice the frame is good quality right away. The folding mechanism is easy and reliable. Fast to fold/unfold, easy to store and fun to ride. At first i thought the single speed gear was a problem, but after giving it a try i found it isn't. You'll be able to climb small hills and maintain a pace in a flat surface without a problem. I'm never going back to regular/standard size bikes. Been able to fold my bike and step in any building, train, bus or just trow it in your trunk and have the bike with you all time is a mayor plus. CAREFUL: Everyone's going to ask you about it. :) This folding bike is a conversation starter for sure.
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