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on March 11, 2016
I remember in 1980 and probably before, Dallas coming on every Friday night. I was too young to get into the story line - but I knew the characters, I was curious about who shot JR and I would sometimes catch myself humming the theme as I played during the day.
After I was older and married I started watching them in Repeats on CMT I believe it was.
This was a series that I loved and was addicted to. One I would watch over.
It had been a few years since i watched them, so I decided to buy my own set. While I would have loved to have purchase the complete set, I decided to start buying 2 a month until I had the complete set.
While I won't say anything in this review that might be a spoiler to someone, I can say this is a must see tv series.
The first couple seasons are great, but everything is just falling into place in those. They are showing you the story lines and the personalities. This season I believe is going to get you hooked, if you aren't already.
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on September 20, 2013
Betty Lou - Alan's girlfriend was played by the lady who played TERRY on Falcon Crest
Phillip - the lawyer from Falcon Crest - was a business colleague of JRs

I initially watched Dallas on a black and white tv so I was shocked to see all the flowers, panelling, and shag carpets from the 1970's and 1980's during the episodes. I mean the DECOR of the homes was horrible. In addition, these people are RICH yet they have very small closets and I saw Ms. Ellie's clothes hanging on cheap wire hangers.

I loved the jeans though; I am looking for Gloria Vandervilts online as we speak. I received the jeans and in person 1970's jeans don't look that good. LOL!

As for the episodes, SueEllen is dating Dusty Farlow. Pam has decided not to have a child out of fear the child will develop neurofibromytosis. I looked up this disease and it seems unlikely that Pam would have passed this on to a child. Also, Pam and Cliff survived so they could have tried to have a child. Furthermore, a surrogate could have been used. I am not sure why the writers made such a big deal about pregnancy for women in the 1980's and 1990s on soap operas. On Falcon Crest, they also took away Melissa's ability to have a child after she lost a child.

Cliff was controlling the OLM for a while which was driving the Ewings out of business. JR then funded Cliff's campaign for Congress and then Cliff quit the OLM and Ewing Oil was back in business again. Jock, however, had to be tried for a 28 year old murder.

JR is dating SueEllen's sister, Kristen. Kristen thinks JR will leave SueEllen for her one day.

Ellie has breast cancer and loses a breast. Jock has an ex-wife that is in a sanatorium. ""Are you going to leave me like you did AMANDA?"

My opinion: This was a good season, but the shooting was definitely overly hyped. I find the show entertaining though.

NOTE: I bought my set BRAND NEW from Amazon. Several of the discs were scratched and would not play. I don't know who packaged these DVDs at the factory, but they clearly watched the DVDs before they packaged them.

Note 2: Amazon sent me a replacement set and these two sided DVDs get stuck in the player. Netflix has them one sided (I think) so I likely will not buy anymore sets since they are double sided and cause issues for the DVD player.
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on March 17, 2017
Love watching Dallas never gets old, we plan to buy the whole series over a period of time for our DVD collection.Disk played well, just like watching for the first time.
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on September 6, 2012
The season itself is great and I was overall very pleased with my purchase. Just so that anyone interested is aware, Episode 18: Jenna's Return has an extremely long introduction (black screen). I originally thought that the episode would not work; however, I accidentally discovered that it was just a long intro. Every episode I had watched up until that point played fine. When we got to it, we thought that it did not work. After a few calls to tech support, they informed me that it was a "bandwidth" issue on my side. That seemed ridiculous since every other single episode played fine. Anyway, I happened to just let it "play" and after about 45-60 seconds, it just started playing and worked fine. There are a few minor audio issues here and there throughout some of the episodes, but nothing that I can't tolerate. It is overall good quality for something that was originally produced in the 1979-1980 range. If not for those minor flaws, I would rate it five star, but that was enough for me to drop it one rating. It is still well worth the money and a great way to spend time watching ol' J.R. wheel and deal! Enjoy!
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on August 19, 2005
Finally, Dallas Season 3 has arrived on DVD and it is a pleasure to own. This is the season where everything started to fall in to place ... and you can definitely feel the shift in pace from the pilot and first season DVD. Dont get me wrong, the first DVD is still a treat to watch, but it is patchy in parts, whereas this new season brings high quality episodes again and again. Larry Hagman is simply brilliant as his role of JR continues to evolve just as the other characters do. We also see the pain that plagues Bobby and Pam as they come to the realisation they will never have children. And who can forget the late Barbara Bel Geddes as the ever loving Ms Elley? Barbara brought 100% class to this show.

As another reviewer stated, this season wasn't really the season that the world anticipated ... it was actually the next season because people were desperate to learn the killer's identity. Still, this season has plenty of action in the build up to JR being shot - everyone hated him and you were left wondering who could have done it. This season was the very first soap to introduce a cliffhanger which captured the world. But interesting to note, the JR cliffhanger was not the originally intended cliffhanger for this season. Extra episodes were produced because of the show's incredible popularity, so there was a last minute decision not to go with the original cliffhanger of Jock being put on trial for murder (about four episodes before JR got shot).

DVD FEATURES: The episodes have had some clean-up done, but alot of dirt and softness in still evident - but considering the age it has to be expected. There are two episodes with commentary from Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. The documentary "Who Shot JR Phenomenon" is a fantastic 20 minute presentation starring Patrick, Larry, Linda and Charlene reliving the magic and mayham of this cliffhanger, and how it affected their lives. Pure gold.

COMMENT ABOUT WARNER BROS: It is unfortunate that Warner Bros are so slow to release Dallas seasons on DVD. It has taken them a year to release this latest season, and according to reports, this is what will happen with the next installment (August 2006). Technology is rapidly moving, and I think Warner Bros should reconsider. DVD technology will be replaced before we know it. With 9 seasons all up, it would be great to release them all now (please!) thank you.
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on October 29, 2009
I'm new to "Dallas" only having seen brief random snippets here and there up to now when it was syndicated on broadcast TV years ago and I was channel surfing. I am now watching the DVDs from the very beginning. So far, I believe this Season (called "Season 3" but really this is Season 2 since "Season 1" on DVD was in fact the miniseries) is a step down in quality. Now video quality has definitely gone up compared to the prior season box set (colors are snappier and the video a bit sharper), instead I'm talking about a bit of a decline in the show as a whole. Some people have applauded the cast changes made in this season, but I prefer the original versions of Kristen, Digger Barns and Gary Ewing. The plots (writeres) now have the cast members also liking to talk to themselves in this season. I don't think the shark has been jumped yet, but there is a bit of a letdown in my opinion, thus the 4 stars instead of 5 stars.

I got a brand new set of discs and yet disc 1 on both sides has several places where the show would stop entirely, yet the discs are physically pristine. I checked on a brand new DVD player to determine this isn't a problem that can (almost always) happen with older players. I also noticed this issue to a much lesser extent on a small part of one episode in Season 1/2. Be warned, hopefully you won't have a problem.
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on December 4, 2013
I'm not a "Dallas" fan and I never was. I bought this DVD for my elderly, disabled mother and I watch them with her when we have lunch together. She really likes the old Dallas TV show and these DVDs play great. They're packaged well, have episode descriptions, good color and sound, and very readable subtitles in English that we appreciate because the big TV set we watch is an old RCA analog and doesn't have close-captioning. So far, I've purchased Seasons 3, 4 and 5 of Dallas from Amazon, in DVD, and they're just as great. I recommend this DVD collection for fans of the old Dallas TV show.
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on September 29, 2005
Dallas Season 3 has no shortage of backstabbing deals, illicit love affairs and melodrama. This was the season that cemented Dallas's spot in the ratings an caused countless millions to ask the question, "Who shot JR?" I enjoyed every episode of it from the first to the last. Some of the storylines were simply delicious and I spent many a night glued to my DVD player eagerly waiting to see what happens next. I think the best thing about these box sets is that we get it all; the entire season in one big viewing marathon and we don't have to wait till next week to see what happens . JR of course is the driving force and most of the storylines centre around him. I think the business subplots are the best and clearly show how far JR is willing to go to meet his ends. I have to say however unlike it's counterpart "Dynasty" in "Dallas" there are not that many strong women. I found most of the main female characters simply too weak. Sue Ellen tops the list with her constant victim mentality and "I can't live without a man" excuses. She truly comes across as completely pathetic. Her alcoholism just adds to her wretched

persona. At times you simply want to scream out, "Get a life woman!" Her coldness towards her son in the beginning of the season was almost too painful to watch and just shows how messed up this woman truly is. Next is Pam who maybe a working girl but ultimately results to tears and tantrums when things don't go her way. The storyline about the rare genetic disease that might kill her baby if she had one was okay but too drawn out. I simply could not believe she simply could not tell Bobby about it from the start. Miss Ellie comes across as more stronger then the previous two and she had one of the best storylines in this season. Unlike Pam or Sue Ellen she at least isn't afraid to lock horns with her Ewing man. Lucy at times seems nothing more then a sperm receptacle. I mean really; couldn't they have written some interesting sub plot for her? She simply jumps from one boyfriend to another and at the end remains single. She even doesn't know how to pick men all that well either. Her parents returning again was okay but it quickly grew boring. What exactly is wrong with Gary Ewing anyway? I think they should have made him gay in my opinion just like Stephen was in Dynasty. Can you imagine JR having to deal with a gay brother? He would have fed him to the sharks in no time. I have to say I found Allan Beame JR's underling quite interesting and for some reason quite sexy. I kept hoping that he had some dark secret to hide but it turned out to be just Betty Lu. Then there is Kristin; the conniving sex kitten who teams up with JR and even tries to best him at times. She was clearly one of the best female characters in the season. Ray the foreman really didn't have much to say or do in this season say for an affair with Donna Culver which truly evoked the viewer to suspend disbelief. I mean apart from a good roll in the hay what else could he offer such an accomplished woman? Finally as for Pam's brother; I never liked his character. He is just too creepy and weird and not at all attractive. What did Sue Ellen ever see in him? Overall, this was an exciting season with a grand finale at the end. Highly recommended and please bring out season 4 soon!
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on October 15, 2017
Great . Love Dallas. No problems with streaming.
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on September 15, 2017
Great product, great service. Fast shipping. Would buy again. Thank you.
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