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on May 20, 2013
When I got my washing machine, it flooded my kitchen. I called Danby, and they had no service people in my area. My only option was to pay for the repair myself, or box it back up and mail it back to amazon. I ended up spending the night on google, and discovered what makes washing machines stop filling (there is a tube that the air goes into to flick a switch). The switch was sticky, and after blowing into it once, it has worked wonderfully for months now.

The clothes come out very clean compared to my old portable washing machine (it did not have the pole in the middle). They also spin out much dryer. Since I use a compact 110v dryer, that is a huge deal for me. I would definitely recommend this to friends, however, be aware that the warranty may be completely useless to you if you don't live in the right area.​

Edit 10/17/2014:

Since I was responding to a comment, I thought I'd update how this machine is doing. It still works great and I have had no real issues. I did have trouble with the water flow slowing down. Removing the hose in the back and cleaning the little filter in the machine side of it with a toothbrush fixed that just fine. I've done it 3 times since owning the machine.
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on July 14, 2016
Just set it up last night, and I pre-purchased Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Base with Casters Mobile Case/dolly/roller. The wheels that came with the machine were not what I expected. A friend and I setup the dolly to fit the bottom of the machine, we both lifted it up and set it on the dolly. The wheels all have a butterfly lock device and when the machine is in use I locked the wheels, it does not move at all. I am very impressed with it, The machine rolls away with ease into a corner and out of the way. I know this is long winded but I thought it might help in advance if you choose to buy one. BTW do NOT use the HOT water inlet in the back of the machine leave the dust cover on it. This is If you are going to hook up to a sink. If you have washer hook ups in your place than use both inlets. The machine defaults to cold water during the rinse cycle so if you have the hose hooked up to the HOT water inlet in the back and not the cold, you will not get any water going into it.Just use the cold water inlet and just turn on your hot and cold water at the sink. Also, be sure to keep your drain hose up high. I was draining mine into the tub and the water just kept emptying out into the tub, once I raised it up about the same level as the lid, it worked just fine. You may need to use your imagination on how to anchor the drain hose so it will not fly out of your sink or tub. I have the sliding glass doors instead of a shower curtain so the doors hold the drain hose in place...LOL. Machine is very quite and cleans very well. The spin cycle is the best. fast and silent. FEDEX was my delivery people and they called me to setup a deliver date and time when the machine got in close to my Town. They were spot on time, NO damage as well and packaging was outstanding.
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on October 12, 2013
The machine is as good as a full-size washing machine, and the spin dry is the best in its class (over 800 rpm). Has a full menu of washing options, a Pause button, automatic Off when you lift the lid, and more.

FANTASTIC for an apartment that has no dedicated washer hookups: run it on regular household current (if you need an extension cord, use a heavy appliance extension cord that's grounded with that third prong). You hook it up to your kitchen faucet, and it drains right into the sink -- and in our sink the water never got more than 2 inches deep when it was draining, so no overflow worries.

Holds 10 pounds of laundry (get clothes in a bag and hop on your scale, then subtract your weight). You can fill the drum, just don't cram clothes in there.

Two warnings: check the machine before you accept delivery. The machines are great, but the shipping can damage them. Second: I had to replace the faucet adapter: took it to a plumbing supply store. The one it came with was supposed to be a standard 3/4" part, but it was too loose to stay on the faucet.

One suggestion: if you don't have smooth floors, buy a pair of appliance castors: adjustable metal ones with 40 wheels. Works great on old floorboards. Or use the Magic Sliders. The little wheels it comes with would be okay on smooth flooring (linoleum, slate, etc.)
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on September 4, 2013
Nothing really to say about it, it sits in my spare 1/2 bath (kinda makes it unusable otherwise, but 'ehh', I don't have to go do laundry at a laundry mat) and just does what I need.

I have a spin dryer that spins the cloths at 3,000 RPM and when the water comes out of that, I noticed a bit of suds left over (that is probably not unique to this washer, I just haven't needed to use that spin dryer with any other washer's results) so what I do is set it to rinse/spin cycle after a load, and it gets all the soap out. (kinda wish you could set that as an option, but that isn't worthy of taking a star off)

does a great job washing the cloths, the central agitator is really key, the new washers without them just don't do as good a job in my opinion.

I spent a month or so researching the washer/spin dryer/portable dryer combo I bought at the same time, and all three of them have been amazing, this washer is a great help to me not having to spend 20$ each week on laundry, plus the TIME it saves me being able to start the washer whenever I want.

PROTIP: If you can drain the water out at a level below the washer (into a floor drain, etc) it would work even better, as is... the water has to be pushed back upwards to go down my bathroom sink. this causes the water to stay in the drain tube between washes, and for it to make the tube wiggle back and forth when the water is being pushed upwards(which can cause it to 'thump' against things, until you position it so it doesn't)

CONS: only the drain tube thing if you plan on moving the washer between, uses, so then you have to remember there will be water in there, but for me I just leave it in the spare bathroom.
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on July 21, 2016
 I've just bougt this machine through Amazon. The quality is very poor. As you can see on the photos the upper part is easily could be partially disconnected from the main body. There is a detail that just freely hangs on its wires down to the floor if one can look under the machine. There are some defects on the plastic parts. The included wrench doesn't work with connecting nut. It's wider. And above all things IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! The pump works but nothing else. No wash, no rinse, no spin. Just soak. The lights show an error and they are accompanied by a plangent sound. How it possible? The non-working NEW machine! This is really waste of money! Sent it back.

Upd 2 week later...
I received a replacement. Since I started using it I noticed that every time it works, absolutely all of my cloths are covered with lint. It means that soft fibres from fabrics such as wool or cotton accumulate in small light clumps, don't go away with drainage and cover all the cloths like "snow". It really bothers me because I cannot wear such cloths. This unit really badly damages things. I tried to apply additional rinse cycles but nothing changes.
So you may imagine my feelings when I found out that my 2nd unit also didn't work properly. Although before purchasing I read some reviews and decided to buy exactly this washing machine. Who knew that would happen..
Moreover, there is a really bad customer support. I tried to contact via email and they replied only after 5 or more days of waiting, said "You should clean your lint filter". But I'm able to read the user's guide and I cleaned it EVERY time I made laundry. I got them back on it. And then again, nothing in response.
I'm absolutely sure this was my last Danby purchase.
Poor quality. Poor service.

upd 1 month later. I added new pictures. And again, NO respond to my mails.. I'n gonna return this piece of crap.

upd. 1month + 1week. Danby replied to my e-mails after all. Thay sad the unit worked properly. Unbelievably.. Terrible service and terrible unit.

upd. 5 months later. Finally I got rid of this piece of crap and bought a new portable washer - from the other brand. After the first wash in the new washer I took a picture of a lint filter and amount of lint that has been caught into it (the last picture in the list). The difference with the poor Danby washer is unbelievable. It caught all the lint that Danby had missed. It means that Danby has a very unsuccessful design. And its support really misleads saying that their filter works well. A well-constructed filter must work like on the last picture.
My suggestion: avoid this washer.
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on January 14, 2013
Purchased this little baby from Amazon for my daughter to use in her apartment and the only hitch was that the unit arrived with shipping damage. Amazon promptly sent a replacement and it has worked flawlessly ever since.
1) Quiet and well-built
2) has an agitator, just like a full-sized model
3) made in North America (Canada) - not China.
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on August 20, 2015
Go we are solar now. This washing machine has replaced a 10 amp washer. Though the loads have to be quite small, we LOVE IT. We only use cold water and the work clothes from welding shop get clean which includes a little Shout spray prior to washing.
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on October 1, 2016
It took almost a month to receive the unit after two shipping delays. Then upon arrival it showed up with a pushed in corner. I assume it was dropped in transit. On the upside once I finally received it and put it to use it does function well. The cycles are quiet and relatively quick. I also like that I can hook it up to my standard hot/cold water lines for my old unit.
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on November 18, 2015
so far i like this washer . very nice. i wish the drain hose was longer .
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on March 10, 2014
I love this washer except for one thing. It agitates only one direction and wraps the clothes around the agitator. I have to untangle them when its ready to spin. Anyone else have this problem?
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