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on July 5, 2016
The book is amazing, but hardcover "library binding" is a truly deceptive term. The book is absolutely TINY, and I was very disappointed in the size of it. I immediately setup processing for a return. Great book, horribly format. You're better off getting the ebook or spending the extra money at a Barnes and Nobles and receiving a normal sized hardcore with book sleeve.
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on December 29, 2012
It's just got clear in this book that the author just lost his way or its pushing away the end of the novel, so he can sell more and more..... After finishing "A Feast for Crows" I thought it was going to be impossible for George R.R. Martin repeat his mistakes and deliver something so of the track again, but I was completely wrong about it.
A Dance of Dragons just showed me that things can always get worst. The story go nowhere until the final pages. It was just a relief when I finished the book, knowing that I didn't have to go anymore through stories that doesn't add anything to the plot (if there are still a plot after all...).
From page one I was missing the cleverness and the fast developing of the plot - what made "A Clash of Kings" one of my favorite books to date - but I was naive enough to persist through the book, hoping that somewhere the story will start kick-in... a sad disappointment.
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on December 30, 2013
Game of Thrones is one of the rare instances where the movie/TV show is MUCH better than the book. The HBO series trims out all the bloated, boring, aimless overly detailed fat from book. The show is awesome. Skip the books - especially this 5th one. Dance with Dragons is so painful and boring, it is just not worth it when you will be able to watch the show instead.
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on March 27, 2012
George R.R. Martin goes for another pay check with this interminable narrative. Nothing has really happened in this series since book two. There are so many characters, many of which are not seen often, that the whole mess is confusing and boring. Where are the white walkers? What ever happened to the rest of the Stark clan? Where is the black dragon? On and on. I am trying to finish this book in the hope that something interesting happens. The book does a decent job describing this world but the fun in the first book has long since gone away. I will not read a book six.
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on February 7, 2013
It's amazing how much was written without actually progressing anything to a satisfactory plot point.

I'll admit that at first the series was intriguing and novel in approach, but it's now gone to a point of bloated ridiculous. Too many characters, too much focus on things I couldn't give two sneezes about, all the while seeming to completely blitz over the characters (and plots) I liked accepting of course that the author didn't kill them first.

In truth I've spent more time thinking about how I'd have liked the series to this point to be written than finding merit in how it was actually written and prayed for the first time in my known life that the Television adaptation of this now monstrosity severely edits it into something manageable and far more enjoyable for it.

I honestly don't think I'll buy the next book, as much as on a point of principle for how annoyed I am with how this book was written.
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on March 31, 2014
Loved the first book in the series. Second book was entertaining but starting to wander. Third book finished because you just knew this had to be going somewhere. Fourth book was rediculout. Got Book Five (this one) because having invested so much energy into the series just hated to admit defeat. Alas. This whole series should be compressed into at most 2 volumes. Everything after the first 2 is just an exercise in Martin seeing how many silly unrelated plot twists can be squeezed onto the printed page to fill up space to sell more books.

It's disapointing because some/lots/all of the stuff left hanging from the frist 2 books could be nicely brought together to make a nice epic. But no.

Read the first 2 books and pretend it's the end. Oh, and you can't start anywhere but the beginning.
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on May 13, 2012
This review addresses only the quality of the audiobook, not the book itself.

Many audiobook fans vehemently hate the audiobook of "A Feast for Crows," the first in the series not read by Roy Dotrice. I thought it was fine, personally. With the release of "A Dance with Dragons" on audiobook, Dotrice re-recorded "A Feast for Crows." Don't bother with either. Dotrice didn't listen to his recordings of the first three books, and his accent shifts noticeably in this CD set for Daenerys and Tyrion. Daenerys now sounds like a Welsh washerwoman. It's terrible. I couldn't get through a full listen because I was so irritated by her new voice. I'd recommend not bothering to purchase this set, particularly given how expensive it is. Random House needs to re-record the Daenerys sections, at a minimum. A better option would be a recording that featured women reading the female viewpoints. But Dotrice's lack of professionalism in maintaining consistency between books is appalling, and completely ruins this audiobook.
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on August 19, 2012
As much as I loved A Game of Thrones, liked A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords, I disliked this book Also hated A Feast for Crows. Self-indulgent, wandering purple prose going nowhere, a total waste of time. If you're hoping for some resolution for the characters you've grown to love and hate, forget it. They are all just left in limbo. Martin should have stopped while he was ahead because this definitely left a bad taste, a feeling he just spewed it out to make some more money.
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on October 30, 2011
I think after ten years Martin could and should have moved the plot along. After 5 years I couldn't remember some of the story details prior to book 4 and then memory faded after another 5 years getting to Dance with Dragons. So I listened to audio versions of books 1-3 as a refresher prior to book 4 and then again prior to to the release of Dragons plus reviewed book 4. I had high hopes for this book but about half-way through I realized the book wasn't going to go anywhere, so I skimmed to the end to see if I was right and sure enough it didn't. I couldn't believe it. This is all we get after 10 years? I'm glad I didn't waste any more time on this book. I mean there's a little plot development, but if it was a chess game, none of the major pieces really changed position or took a significant position. I'm pretty much done with the series at this point. Maybe ten years from now I may remember "hey I wonder what ever happened with Ice and Fire" and check reviews or buy a used book, but I won't be anxiously waiting for or purchasing the next installment. I've been fooled twice now with book 4 and 5 so shame on Martin. The first 3 books are very good. Book 4 and 5 really should have been compressed into the first half of what book four should have been. There's an incredible amount of detail that slows the book down and doesn't add much to the plot. I bought the Kindle version which was a high quality electronic version of the book and very good as far as the delivery format.
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on September 17, 2011
I was late coming to this series and have read all five books one after another. Books 1,2 and 3 were brilliant and held so much promise. Book 4 seemed to wander around as if the author was struggling to find a coherent story to tell. Book 5 is no more than a continuance of that lack of cohesion, although the level of brutality is incomprehensively raised to a new and excessive level, and the reach-backs to explain things stated as fact in Book 4 were annoying and unnecessary. All in all, the series has lost all of its steam. It seems Martin has no idea where to take all of this next or how to end it. If there is a Book 6, I'll probably read it, though I expect no more than more disjointed and pointless minor episodes that have little or no connective tissue between them. Put simply, Martin can, and probably should, just put a fork in it, it's done.

As to the HBO series, there is a Season 2 on the way, and maybe a Season 3, but I doubt it will go much beyond that. There is no cohesive story that could be dramatized in Books 4 and 5. Maybe if Martin moves quickly and manages to complete a Book 6 that actually brings an end to the ramblings, some producer might see some value in combining Books 4,5 and 6 into one final season, but I doubt it.
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