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As a dance challenged, lazy, out of shape gamer-girl whose nights often include pizza and movies (yeah I know there's more of you out there!) I bought this DDR wii game to help me get active. I highly recommend it to inexperienced dancers because each song has various difficulty levels (four actually, but I've yet to get passed 1- beginner and 2- basic.) It will keep you challenged and give you room to improve, making this game a good investment for the game play time.

There is a good single player work out mode where you can select how many calories you'd like to burn during your session. This is basically setting a duration goal, I usually hit "100 calories" and it makes game play a bit over 30 minutes (depending on the intensity level of songs you play) before it tells you you've reached your goal. You can keep playing of course, but this is a good way to set a nightly workout goal without having to look at a clock.

While I see a lot of these reviews are from dancers or kids that move like lightning, for the rest of us more "average" people this game is going to be a challenge... BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!! You are likely to hate this game for the first hour, but once you get the hang of it you'll be hooked.

To give it a fair chance there are a couple things you should know. One is the ***"HAND MARKER"*** option, which means using the wii remote/chuck in addition to moving your feet on the pad. If you've never played DDR before I HIGHLY recommend you turn this option off (just scroll up to the "options" button when you're on the songs dispay menu right before starting a stage.) This will allow you a chance to get a feel for the foot controls before adding the extra confusion of hand movements.

While you're on the menus you need to keep your feet at the center of the pad to avoid crazy menu glitches, just use the wii remote to select buttons. Otherwise you get endless scrolling from the game thinking you're trying to use your feet to select options.

However, once you start a game... NEVER keep your feet in the center! That was my biggest mistake when starting. You end up doing so much more work. Little did I know that there is NO PENALTY for keeping your feet on the arrows (or even stepping more than you need to, if it helps you keep the beat.) You only get a bad score when you MISS the arrow.

The game arrows are nicely programmed to help you move onto the next arrow spot in a natural sort of movement. For instance, you get a left arrow, keep your foot there because most likely you're about to hit that same spot again or move that foot to the back arrow. In general it feels more natural if you try to use your left foot for left and back markers, and use your right foot to hit right and forward markers. Start with the "Lessons from a DJ" song, it's basically a slower paced instructional intro song.

Even if you're not a fan of the music, it will probably grow on you or fade into the background as you focus on getting the hang of the beat. The graphics are pretty silly, but odds are you'll be looking at the arrows so much you won't notice that either. Overall, I'd say this game is a winner for beginners with patience and willingness to practice.

The game pad is easy to use and very responsive. The mat can be folded along it's creases (two folds between the arrow squares) which fits nicely underneath a computer desk. I use mine on the carpet and have had no problems. It moves slightly after a song or two, but you can just nudge it back into alignment with your TV those few inches.
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on May 14, 2008
I have considered getting DDR before but I feared playing it one time and never using it again. When I watched people playing it at the arcade I got the wrong impression. There is a beginner mode for people who are not as fit or athletic. I have played DDR every day for the last 3 weeks. I made a goal for myself to play for 30 minutes a day. I have made my goal. Time flies. Usually, I play in the evening and time gets away from me and I play for an hour to an hour and 30 minutes. I have been going to bed later but the trade off is that I sleep better (or so I tell myself so I can keep playing). I have lost a little weight without dieting. Yeah me!

It is easy to use and get started. I was up and dancing in no time.

The good: there are enough songs that I haven't gotten bored in my 25 hours of play. I love being graded and trying to improve my score--I think that is the addictive part actually. I also sweat and feel that I am getting a decent workout. It isn't as intense as my normal workouts but I do the workout consistently and longer than my other workouts. I really do have fun. After attempting many times to exercise consistently I am thrilled to find something that has made making my goal obtainable. I have a plethora of DVD's that I have been trying to make a part of my routine, but in actuality I have been inconsistent, because I really don't enjoy them enough. The weight isn't going to fall off but it is going to come off and it will come off faster with healthy eating.

Could be improved: I really wish there wasn't a break after every song, especially during workout mode. What would be ideal is being able to set up a program of songs for my desired workout. I also would have loved a lesson especially when I started. I kept putting my feet back on the middle and finally figured out that I don't have to after watching youtube. I am sure there are other lessons for me to learn that would improve my level of intensity and give me a better workout.

And the slow songs make me crazy!! I have a harder time with the slow songs than the faster songs. My first goal was to get a passing grade on all of the songs. Next I wanted to get a C on all of the songs. Right now I am working on getting all B's. I get so frustrated with the slow songs and have a harder time improving my scores on the songs that have a BPM of 120 or under. Does anyone like doing DDR to that Heaven and Earth song??

All in all I am very happy with DDR and wish I would have bought it sooner.
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on March 8, 2008
I knew this would be a hit with my kids, but it's way beyond my expectations. We've had it a week and my daughter has not stopped dancing. Seriously, she dances for hours a day. Last summer (different school year where I live) she was running around playing soccer/football with her friends. This year, my 12 year old has sat on the couch - too cool I guess. I certainly don't worry about her activity level after getting this game.

Another comparison, my son was desperate for Mario Galaxy. He had FINISHED the whole game in 2 days. Dance Dance has so many levels and options, I don't think they'll ever finish it.

The songs are great - all excellent and personal favorites. Even overweight Mom (me) and Daddy-who-doesn't-dance got on and had a go on beginner's level. I plan to try the 'work out' feature when the kids start school again, to save me from the inevitable mocking.

EXCELLENT GAME. Excellent value for money.
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on April 27, 2008
I am new to the Dance Dance Revolution games. We purchased a Wii and I was looking for fun games I would enjoy to play with. I purchased this game, primarily on the strength of reviews I read on

As others have mentioned, there are a few items I feel could have been made better:

* Workout mode - It is really the same as the other modes, the only difference is that it calculates calories. I wish it gave an option of setting continuous music with no interruptions for an amount of time set by the users. Granted, we can set a time, but it interrupts by calculating calories between each song.

* Options - I had to go online to figure out how to turn off hand markers and gimmicks. I kept looking for these options from the main menu and had go online to find out there are in the "options" that are among the list of songs. The manual did not state this.

With my gripes out of the way, overall, I truly LOVE this game. Right away I had fun playing, even though I was off beat and failed the dance combos on the songs. The more I practice, the better I am getting and it is always nice to finish a song with a good grade and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I enjoy playing individual, but must agree with others that playing with others is more fun. I get a kick out of "battling" my husband, and playing "friendship" mode with my young son.

I would definitely recommend this game. My family has found that we can play this game for hours, it is just that captivating!
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on March 25, 2008
I got this as a way to get an aerobic workout that would be fun. When the product first came, I was quite lost as there are not many directions in the box. I went online and tried to find information there. What I found was helpful, but I'm still stumbling around a bit. I went directly to the workout section and there is no tutorial in that. A couple of weeks later I tried a different section and found a tutorial song. By that time, I didn't need that, but I would use it for any friend that wants to try it.

My only beef with it is it seems to get stuck and I can't control what selections I'm making. It just cycles through everything in a given menu over and over and goes so fast you really don't have much chance of stopping it where you want it. The only way I have found to stop it is to back out of it and try starting it again. I think that is a defect on the DVD rather than the Wii machine as it doesn't happen with anything else I have.

I use the mat with socks on and don't have any trouble with slipping. It does drift a bit on the carpeting and then I'm not stepping where I think I am, but otherwise it is alot of fun. I don't think I will ever get above the basic level, but I can get some exercise and have some fun. That's why I got it.
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on March 26, 2008
This game is amazing and it past my expectations. This game has brought life back into the video game world for me, im usually the one sittting on the couch watching my kids play. But since I purchased DDR Hottest Party the party has been in my house and im the host. This game is in high demand and almost impossible to find. I had to purchase mine online because I could not find it in stores and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I cant compare this DDR game to the others because this is the only version of DDR that I have ever played but the songs are awsome "call me" is my favorite. I love that it has four different levels so kids as young as 5 yrs old can play. My daughter is 6 and her favorite song is "A Little too late". I also like that it has different modes so you can do single play, battle mode (you need 2 mats) or friendship mode, there is even a workout mode.I love that its a active game keeps you off the couch. I also purchased another dance mat to compete with others in my househould and that just brought the residents from the complex over so theres a DDR party at my house everyday. This game is totally worth the money. I would recommend this game to annyone
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on June 5, 2010
I purchased this game as a means of having exercise when it rains or snows. I enjoy this game so much, I play on days when I have already worked out outdoors. I had a bit of trouble initially with the Wii Dance mat, but after pulling it out, smoothing it out, and breaking it in... all the little quirks were gone and it works perfectly fine. My only wish was that you could download more songs from the Wii store. There is an excellent variety of music, but sometimes everything being remixed into club dance or techno annoys me. What makes the game fun for me is mostly the challenges of the nearly impossible upkeep with the hand, feet, and eye coordination. Awesome for anyone who likes various music, challenges, and gettin' down. I don't recommend this game for everyone. I suggest going to an arcade to trying DDR before deciding to purchase or else if your not into dancing or that kind of music it will be a drag.
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on December 21, 2007
My family enjoys this DDR game. We have played it a number of times. I found out I stink. I am better than my wife. My son is surpassing both of us. I can't wait to have my friends dance around like idiots for New Years Eve.

It was hard to find a WII DDR. I could find some Gamecube DDR games, but this is the only decent one I found for the wii.

The pad moves around like everyone I have ever seen. It should hold up well with play. I had a hard time getting an extra game pads. I ended buying another through Amazon Market Place.

The song list is a little light, but what are my other options?

The hand part is different. I feel like I am getting a better work-out.

I use the workout setting when I can't get out of the house for exercise and it does a nice job.
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on March 13, 2013
I bought this for my Wii, and I used to LOVE playing the Playstation 2 DDRs. I do NOT like the weird arrows, double stomps, partner arrows. You often miss scores if you don't want to use the nunchucks (which I don't, the original had no HANDS!!!) I also couldn't figure out how to put me on advanced mode and a guest on beginner for the same song. The modes are all strange, and its all newish pop music, not the awesome techno/eurobeat that I love this game for. I so wish they had the older DDRmax2 for the Wii......
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on January 15, 2009
Our daughters have had a ball with this Christmas present. The 12 yr old and her friends really enjoy it and it challenges them - she thinks the grading is really tough. But even in just a few weeks she has moved up from D's to A's on some of the songs. Her friends all choose to play this when they come over.

The 6 yr old who desperately tries to keep up with her older sister always gets D's - because the game is made for 10+ yrs old and her legs cannot even reach all the sensors. It doesn't deter her though - she loves the music and will stand next to her sister and mimic the moves without being on the pad. They have so much fun dancing every night. (Although it does freak them out when their dad and I start singing the words to all these songs from the 70's/80's.... It also is kind of weird that our 3 yr old is walking around singing Disco Inferno!) Great purchase for our family.
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