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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Dance in the Vampire Bund, Vol. 1
Format: Paperback|Change
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on December 25, 2013
Nozomu Tamaki has certainly found his franchise manga with Dance in the Vampire Bund. First, we have the 14 volume part 1 of the main story arc. In addition, there is a side story, Dive in the Vampire Bund (now at 2 volumes). With The Memories of Sledgehammer, Tamaki has created another side story focusing on the relationship between Seiji Hama, the assassin turned ally of Princes Mina, and government liaison Josephine Reiko Gotoh. It is also an essential bridge between parts 1 and 2 of the main story. This volume opens about three months after Princes Mina has retaken the Bund and is in the midst of rebuild her kingdom. She plays only a minor part in this volume. Hama narrates the review of what has happened in the past three months in the first chapter. The main story arc focuses on how Hama first met Gotoh and attempts by a religious splinter group to kidnap her. Akira, Mina’s werewolf bodyguard, is there to help Hama protect Gotoh, but the main plot focuses on the difficulties between Seiji and Reiko. There is plenty of flashback history of how Hama came to be working as a mercenary and a hint in the origins of his shapeshifting abilities. Gotoh future looks bright in politics, but that means that Hama cannot be by her side, as least that is the impression that I get with this volume. Tamaki adds new dimensions to this wonderful manga series and Memories of Sledgehammer is a welcome addition. Highly recommended.
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on October 6, 2017
I love the world-building and the story in this! Mina is the lord of the vampires. She pays off Japan's debt in order to get an island just off of Japan made for her and all the vampires. People (humans, a vampire..) want her dead, but if she dies ALL vampires will die with her, so naturally most vampires want her to survive. The earth-clan has always protected Mina and her line. Akira, a werewolf boy, is finally old enough to protect Mina.

I loved the characters. Mina has more depth to her than first meets than eye and I can't wait to learn more about her! Akira is also an interesting character. The plot is more complex than I was expecting and i'm so glad to see it! It's fast-paced and I love the art style. I definitely have questions and need to get more in the series!
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on August 28, 2009
These days you can't seem to throw a proverbial stick into the air without it coming down on another book, movie, or game concerning vampires. What's funny about all of that is that I actually used to love vampire movies and so much. The marketplace is so saturated with vampires that I've just gotten sick of them. Not to mention that much of the current content is generally nothing more than on-screen/page brooding and teen angst.

This doesn't apply to Dance in the Vampire Bund. Finally, there is another story about vampires worth reading. The main characters know what and who they are and don't get all bent out of shape about it. No one wishes they could cry about various life (or un-life if you prefer) issues.

So far (and I'm only on book three), it seems like there is a distinct sense of honor, and values amongst the characters. There is also loads of political intrigue (both on the human and vampire sides), and some very smart plot devices.

While the characters are able to act outside the stigma of `what they are', they never forget `who they are'. As an example, the Queen of the vampires is perfectly capable of carrying on a completely civil conversation with anyone...but when it becomes necessary to make ruthless and difficult decisions, she is totally at ease doing so. It's very entertaining and much more lifelike to me.

The artwork is...different. It's not bad by any means, but also not what I'd call beautiful either. And while I wouldn't call it beautiful, I think it does a fabulous job of telling the story. It's different enough that it almost lends the reader its different view of the world it details.

The character development has, thus far, been coming fast and often. I am already interested in both of the main characters in the book, and even one or two of the secondary/background characters.

The story is what really has a hook in me though. The first two books not only introduced characters and spent a little time building them, it actually bothered to introduce the foundation of the manga's story and move it forward a little. All the while it was also able to put a real stopping place at the end of both books. Not that there weren't unresolved issues, but both books resolved some things before the last page turned.

All in all, Dance in the Vampire Bund is a great read and something I hope I can stay excited about for a very long time.
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I really thought I was tired of the non-stop flood vampire books, movies, Manga and Anime. So mush of it is totally rehashed tripe and a waste of paper, pixels and media. At least the Bund has some original characters - and ones that the reader actually likes. I saw the Anime first, and prefer the Manga version by far. Yes, the Loli overtones are a little un-nerving, but that's a major plot element, and is used as such. It keeps Akira of balance, and Mina Tepes the upper hand in dealing with her allies and enemies.

I give it four instead of five stars because some of the plot elements are unoriginal.
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on February 27, 2011
Dance in the Vampire Bund is not one of the most original vampire tale out in the market (hell we've gotten a heck lot of vampire novel glut lately with Twilight and all that) however, Dance in the Vampire Bund rises above all with likeable and memorable characters as well as interesting storylines. It does not glorify vampirism but instead seeks to show the darkest gory aspects of it. Intrigue, politics (human and vampire), sex, violence, mayhem whatever you wish to see in a vampire tale it is here. Many of the stories and characters have tragic past and tragic ending even if their motives and ambition are not exactly black and white but present itself in shades of grey. Intwined within the tale is a budding romance between a "young" vampire queen and her royal bodyguard a werewolf boy which is a huge taboo as vampires and werewolves were thought to be natural enemies (not to mention the social class difference). Mina is the last "true blood" female of her kind since the death of her mother. A "true blood" vampire is a naturally born vampire in that they are not merely "turned" but is born a vampire and controls the whole of the vampire aristocracy (apparently their type of government didn't change much for the past couple hundred years). But vampires have adopted to modern technology and is capable of using modern tools such as computers and weapons (such as guns, rocket bombs and chemical warefare). Of course, not everyone will be happy with their cute lovable lolita vampire queen. There are insurgents and rebels that seek to ursurp her control and throne at every turn. There are also human sympathizers and vampire haters. Then there are the three vampire noble lords who want nothing more than to take control of the young queen thru marriage. This pretty much keeps Mina's protectors busy thwarting one scheme after another and the stakes are often high. Then there are of course the tender moments that might bring a tear into your eyes as Mina seeks to create a paradise in order to protect those who needed it and to keep some of her rampaging subjects under control. It's tough job being a queen.
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on July 1, 2017
A must have for anyone who is a dedicated collector of the adventures of Mina and the Vampire Bund. This set solves many of the riddles presented in the Dance in the Vampire Bund the Crimson order.
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on April 11, 2010
Well, I will have to say that while I love manga, I have never gotten into the vampire stories. Dances has sure got me hooked. This series reads well, the art work is crisp and well done, and the story sucks you in, so to speak. Tamaki develops strong main characters that drives the story well and that seem to grow during the series. I would have to go along with some of the other reviews that there is a bit of a strong lolicon theme running through this series and a bit more fan service than I would like to see (not my cup of tea). Like most fan service, it takes away from good stories and I would call this a good story that is rich with intrigue and the has a very fresh take on vampires.

This is a manga made for a seinen demographic. In other words, if it was not made clear by the other reviews, this is a manga not for kids IMO. They give it a rating of "older teen 16+". I would go as far as as saying that it may not be right for kids in high school, but maybe I am too much a prude.

As an aside, the manga is much better than the anime version in my opinion.
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on January 30, 2013
This is a very good manga series. If you like vampires and werewolves then this will be a good series for you. There is an anime that goes along with the series that is pretty nice also. It is worth looking into.
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on December 29, 2014
My Son Loves Reading this books!!!
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on December 28, 2014
thank you
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