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on April 27, 2011
This book goes beyond words on a page, meaning, it'll actively relate to what you are going through in life. Every time I open the book and read a few pages, they speak directly to the situations at hand. I was able to send pages of the book to help several people in my life~ Those people thanked me profusely as the pages impart a wisdom that is beyond your normal grounded literature. This book is not up for controversial debate, and it doesn't judge other belief systems, it simply wants to aid you on your quest in life through the eyes of an amazing woman, author: jamie sams.

I recommend this book only for people seeking enlightenment, spiritual transformation, evolution and ascension. Maybe if everyone read this book, felt the words and projected into higher awareness, we'd be more conscious of the great spirit that connects everything!

I really love this book~
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on December 15, 2012
This book expanded my spirituality to a new level and new understanding. I am not Native American and Ms. Sams speaks in language that I can understand as a white person seeking to understand the Native American spirituality that I've so deeply connected with. I understand the criticism of others who state that her writings are not "authentic", but to me, that's just a form of spiritual snobbery. Sometimes the "authentic" writings are written in lingo that I just can't grasp, like when I try reading "authentic" writings about Buddhism.

The fact of the matter is that this book is written in a way that I can truly understand, grasp, and APPLY in my daily life. As a spiritual seeker who is also quickly passing through middle age toward the end of my life span, I dearly want to find a way of life that will make me a better person - someone who is a bright spot in the lives of others, and someone who leaves a kind and compassionate "footprint" on the face of the Earth that I will soon be leaving. This book has helped me to make great strides on my journey.

"Authentic" or not, the message has touched me deeply and helped me to continue on my path. Isn't that what most spiritual seekers are looking for, the MESSAGE more so than the messenger?
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on May 22, 2012
I am writing this review to say "thank you" to Jamie for writing such an imporant book. I don't think that a book this important comes to everyone, but if it finds its way to you, you are very fortunate. Read it.

I have read all the rest, Wayne Dyer, Depak, etc. etc. etc. None of this modern stuff has ever appealed to me, but Jamie's book was very different. What she had to say resonated with me in a way that no other book has. It is a very rare occastion when I read a book twice; I will read this one countless times. Everyone who reads this book will be transformed in some way.

I am a devout Roman Catholic and found immeasureable value in this book. Any person of faith can benefit from Jamie's teachings. Jamie, there is no way to thank you enough for this important book.


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on May 9, 2015
Great book! Worth the read! If you are interested in Native American shamanism, this is for you. The author is very eloquent in her writings. I had to stop many, many times and take it all in. Very eye opening and speaks to the truth that you already know but maybe did not know how to put into words. She does it for you.
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on October 22, 2010
This book was given to me as a gift from my sister. I have Cherokee family members; I wanted to study and understand the spiritual side of myself. Jamie Sams has written this book with the purist of intentions. It was very helpful to me and I have used a lot of the practices that are talked about in this book. I have a long way to go, but the guidance is wonderful!
Reading this book has given me insight to things that most people take for granted.
** I have now read this book two time and refer back too it when I feel "unbalanced"!
This is one of the best books I have ever read!!
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on April 18, 2015
Truly Magical and Introspective! This book is like a personal therapist. Jamie Sams adresses different issues in spiritual development and she guides the reader through the different stages of spiritual enlightenment. I really enjoyed reading it, and now that I have finished reading it, I go back to different sections of the book and use it as a resource guide.
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on March 2, 2017
If you have questions about your spiritual path this is a great book. It is based on Ingenious Native American knowledge but I found it to overlap into all other spirituality studies. Clearly written, very clear meaning, and very surprising. You won't be disappointed in Jamie Sams book.
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on May 20, 2013
From beginning to end, this book is the BEST book I've ever read, that will help me thru my daily challenges. I highly recommend it to everyone, whether they feel like a perfectionist or not, as we all need help in this Earth walk. I only wish I could meet Jamie Sams and personally express to her how much this book has helped me thru a rough patch in my life and I intend to share this book with friends who I know are also harboring emotional pain.
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on June 12, 2001
I purchased this book some time back and read only the first few chapters before I put it down and went on to something else. Shortly thereafter, I loaned the book to a friend. I realized after reading a few chapters the book was going to be very deep, and really thought the person I loaned it to wouldn't enjoy it at all. I was wrong. She returned the book and told me she loved it. This inspired me to sit down with the book again and stay with it until I had finished it. I probably wouldn't advise anyone to read this book unless they did read it through. The writing is good, but very deep and required your concentration into what the author was telling you. I'm a collector of Will Rogers books and after reading this, I could almost understand why Will Rogers was the kind of person he portrayed. Being of Cherokee decent myself, this brought my interest to this type of book. I've been studying the history of the Cherokee tribe and I do believe reading Jamie Sams book has helped me a great deal. This is not an ordinary book for someone just looking for a good read, but it is an excellent book on exactly what Ms. Sams has written about, Dancing the Dream....the seven sacred paths of human transformation. I recommend this to anyone searching Native American culture. But more than that, I think the Cherokee people had much to tell us, and still do, if only we would read what they write and open our minds to what they say. Jamie Sams has made a great contribution to our generation in the writing of this book.
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on November 24, 2000
This book is OK at telling you what American Indian Spirituality is, but does not give you information you can actualy use.
Read any of the following books for that information. I have listed them in the order I recommend them.
"Foolscrow: Wisdom and Power" Thomas E Mails
"Native Wisdom" Ed McGaa
"Mother Earth Spiritualiy" Ed McGaa
If you have questions or comments; E-mail me. Two Bears
Wah doh Ogedoda (We give thanks Great Spirit)
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