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I loved Gabe and his reactions to Maddie, "Gabe watched as Madison stepped inside the house, her hips swinging provocatively. He fisted his hands, determined to not act out his primal desire to reach out and smack her a**." Although sometimes the boy tends to put his foot in his mouth, "it comes out edible. So try not to complain too much while I'm stuck babysitting you," he replied, further annoyed by her skepticism. Her eyes widened and he saw a flash of hurt in them. S***. That had been below the belt." When the boy has gotten laid he's a playful sort and I liked that, "his hand stroked over her a** in a gentle caress, then dipped lower between her legs to play with her. His chest bounced under her again as he laughed. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I am up." I really loved this book it shows that Shelli can not only write paranormal but contemporary as well.
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on August 11, 2014
Ok I got this book on free kindle, passed it up because it really had some bad reviews, I have to say "What the heck people "? This book was fantastic, I could not put it down , absolutely loved the story line and the characters. Original, suspenseful and super sexy romance. I adored the fact that Maddie wasn't a pushover she was strong and independent and knew what she wanted, loved it. I highly recommend this book, it will not disappoint period. So if you want mild and vanilla romance then no it has some steam to it, but it is done very tastefully. So check it out this book would deserve a 10 star rating from me. Highly recommended. Great job to the Author I have about 4 more books from her on my kindle right now and am looking forward to reading them as well.
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on September 18, 2015
Some people just can't read a story and enjoy it. That is from some of the reviews I have read. So here is mine.

I am an avid reader and writer, so I know what goes into deciding on a storyline and plots with plot twists. This story starts out at Madison's brother's coming home party. She had just recently gotten out of a long-term relationship, that everyone keeps asking her about. She escapes to the patio to only run into her brother's best friend, Gabe. She sees how he has changed over the years since she last sees him and decides he will be her rebound lay until she finds a new love interest.
Gabe sees Maddie as his best friends little sister, but in the same sense he sees her as a woman. Maddie comes on strong as she is a woman who knows what she wants and needs to find a way to get it. Gabe wasn't going to show up at Maddie's new coffee shop she was opening, but choose to anyway. He was later briefed on a thief that was hitting coffee shops, which initiates him and Eric, Maddie's brother, to check on her the following night when he was to see Maddie, but Eric had shown up at his place instead.
This is when the thief broke into Maddie's coffee shop and robbed her. Eric asked Gabe to protect.

Now this is when things turn from Maddie looking seemingly independent and on her own, looking as if she needs some big, strong protector. And at first she wants to be protected. Then things take a turn for the worse for Maddie and Gabe isn't there when she needs to be protected, she realizes she can protect herself just as easily.

I think regardless of what the storyline is - a rich girl who has access to mommy and daddy's money - to help start her business, along with along with a loan and rental agreements. Aside from the fact that she went to school and got her MBA and decided while in France she wanted to open a coffee shop up back home without even knowing how to make a good coffee - hello, that's what employees are for - this story, in my opinion, was very good. I mean, dang, I love a good romance.

The author did well and I really want to read the next one in the Seattle Steamed series.
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on February 11, 2014
I've read this book twice now, I've liked it that much, although I've never taken it too seriously. Gabe is the best friend of Madison's brother. They haven't seen each other in a long time and they instantly fall in lust with each other. Gabe refuses to act on his feelings because of his respect for Madison's brother. Madison refuses to take no for an answer and sets out to pursue Gabe.

When Madison's coffee shop is robbed and her life is threatened, Gabe makes it his job to be her bodyguard and eventually gives in to his desires. That's when things really start to heat up. The sexual tension between the two of them was hot. The suspense/action was decent and the climax at the end was good. This was a fun, light read for me.
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on October 27, 2012
Madison is seriously the least appealing heroine in recent memory. She's spoiled and clueless and tacky (look out for the thong thing). Gabe is appealing enough, but his backstory is so hackneyed (street kid makes good after terrible tragedy that cripples him with guilt) that you just cringe. But what really bugs me about this book (okay, there isn't just one thing, but for starters) is that I have absolutely NO reason to believe that these people have anything more serious between them than good sex. I'm not against sex by any means, but a good romance is built around persuading your readers that one or other of your characters isn't going to wander off with the next appealing prospect who comes by, and I have no reason to think these two will stick together. And even less reason to care whether they do.
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on January 27, 2015
This would have been a 4.5 star read but since it has some formatting problems on the set up each scene changing, lost in translation problem, and to make matters even aggravating the ending sucked... I turned the page thinking "hey, where is the ending???"
There is so much that this author could of done but lacked with this book...

The storyline & concept of the idea BRAVO...
but revisions are need to make it BETTER!!!
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on December 11, 2011
OK, I NEVER write reviews, but after suffering through half this book I just have to express myself. I feel like the heroine must be based on someone the author hated, and she's written this book to get back at her. Really--that's all I can figure.

Every time I think I might have found something redeeming about the heroine, this author cuts the leg out from under her. Bad things we know about her: her parents have bought her everything she ever wanted, and she's still relying on their money to (badly) start a new business, which her brother thinks she wants to do b/c "she saw mom do it"; she keeps her house so messy the hero tells her "no one would choose to live like this"; she dresses like a tramp (At one point, we hear her thinking with satisfaction about how her thong will show when she bends over. Really, honey?); she absolutely cannot take a hint--she keeps throwing herself at the hero with pathetically corny "moves" that suggest she has no respect either for herself or for his intelligence. I love an assertive heroine, but she comes across like a desperate woman in a bar at closing time, not like a woman who knows what she wants. Does she do this b/c she's realized Gabe is the one for her and she cannot live without him? No. She does this b/c it's been four months since she "did the nasty" with the boyfriend who just broke up with her (smart man!) and she wants to rebound with someone who won't want to get involved with her. And for some reason left completely unexplained, that just has to be Gabe, whom she hasn't seen in 6 years and with whom she has almost zero conversation that doesn't boil down to 'do me, stud.'
Oh, I forgot--we do know a couple of good things about Madison: she has an MBA (which she must have bought online, since she thinks starting an espresso shop when she has never made a cup of coffee, hiring a single employee and asking her to work 12 hour shifts, and relying completely for her industry advice on a college student she lured away from Starbucks is a can't-miss formula. Her cop boyfriend and her brother instantly see the flaws in this, by the way: maybe they have MBAs, too). Oh, and also she has luscious curves, which apparently make up for everything else. Why is a nice guy like Gabe wasting his time with her? For that matter, why am I? I got this book for free, and I still feel cheated.
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on January 26, 2015
It's always a hard choice for the guys when they fall for their best friends little sister. Gave is no exception. Madison is off limits to him but that doesn't stop her from putting the moves on him. Throw in a serial robber turned killer that can be identified only by Madison and you've got Gabe the bodyguard. What could possibly go wrong?
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on August 15, 2014
This is a nice romantic story. Have was intense, reeked of male sexuality and mach timeliness. Maddie was sort of a mishmash of airhead and modern woman entrepreneur. The sexual chemistry between them was extremely strong, almost overpowering the love building for them. A few holes or ruts detracts the flow of the story, but a fairly good read.
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on March 1, 2013
When I saw all the positive vs negative reviews I had to read this novel and decide for myself.

Overall, there are too many things that just don't fit in this novel. A few things that smack you in the face are:

1st if you are from Seattle or know anything about Seattle, you know that Queen Anne Hill is where a lot of wealthy, and often well bred moneyed people to jump into the beginning with the main character flaunting her thong to a friend of her brothers just doesn't fit. It could have worked had there been more character development. Had she given more attention to the main characters previous relationship it might have worked--it seemed the author gave no thought to anything. She just wanted to jump into raunchy sex without any reason.

What also hits you in the face is when they go swimming in May...NO ONE in Seattle or anywhere else in WA goes swimming in May...even a lake doesn't warm up enough to be halfway tolerable until late August. The water is 40-50 could not stay in the lake 15 seconds, let alone long enough to have sex.

The multiple explicit sex scenes are just not necessary if you have a decent plot, and character development, but this book gets no positive marks in that regard. It is superficial at best. At worst, it is nothing but trash. It is nothing more than a poorly written "chick lit" book.

The fact that all this happens in a few weeks is also unbelievable...had the author taken time to build a plot, and do some character development, it would have taken a lot more than 4 weeks (or at least more than 200 pages). Additionally almost everyone who has ever seen the police in action know they don't solve anything in 4 weeks...let alone a serial burgler who hasn't been caught "yet". Enter Maddie and her brothers friend Gabe.

If this author wants to be taken seriously, she needs to work on character development, have a plot that's not been told a thousand times over, and put some meat into the was so predictable and shallow it was boring.

Don't waste your time unless you just want a book that you don't have to concentrate on (such as at the beach or on a plane)...there are a few typo's, nothing serious, but that is because this book is written on about the level of a high school or junior high school student. If it had not been free, I would have been upset...but even for free, it is just not worth the time.

This book could have been written in a week (or perhaps less)...there is no thought given to what makes sense, what makes a good plot or what makes characters interesting. I would not waste my time on it.

There is a lot that could have been done to make this an interesting book, even though the plot was SO hackneyed--but it was not. If this author is serious about becoming a good author, she needs to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.

The ONLY reason I gave it a 2 instead of a one, is that is was relatively free of typos and grammatical errors.

There are too many GOOD self published books out there to waste your time on this mindless drivel.
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