5.31 h 43 min2003X-RayPG-13
A lawyer blinded by radioactive waste fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero, using his other senses, which have been enhanced.
Mark Steven Johnson
Ben AffleckJennifer GarnerJoe Pantoliano
English [CC]
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EnglishEnglish [Audio Description]
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Jon FavreauMichael Clarke DuncanColin FarrellDavid Keith
Avi AradBill CarraroKathleen M. CourtneyBecki Cross TrujilloBruce DevanKevin FeigeGary FosterStan LeeArnon Milchan
20th Century Fox
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4.4 out of 5 stars

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SBReviewed in the United States on December 21, 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
This Director's Cut gives Daredevil his due
Verified purchase
Daredevil Director's Cut is a much-improved version of the movie that was released in theaters. Being R-rated it added more time, violence and bone crunching moments in the major fight scenes. The film's overall tone was more consistently dark and gritty but still having a heart. You see more character interactions. This cut also adds a major subplot that not only fleshes out Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson characters as lawyers but fills in major plot holes the original movie had. This made the Final Act with Daredevil and Wilson Fisk more satisfying and meaningful.
The movie still has its issues. The playground fight scene is over the top and hard to watch. When young Matt Murdock discovers his powers he acts more like Spiderman than Daredevil when jumping around in midair. The obvious signs of young Matt Murdock becoming the Daredevil were a bit "on the nose" at times. And Yeah Colin Farrell's Bullseye is a bit exaggerated, but I kind of liked it (Is that weird?)
Overall the added 30 minutes of this movie made this "diamond in the rough" very enjoyable and fun. Is it on the same level as Iron Man or Batman Begins? No, but it's better that all of The Amazing Spiderman (1&2) and Fantastic Four movies. The more I watch this version of the movie, the more I appreciate how great it is. Had this version of the movie been released in theaters more people would have liked it. But it seems time has made this Directors Cut an instant Cult Film. So pass the Cool-aid around because I'm a fan. Cheers!

Theatrical Cut= 6/10
Directors Cut= 8/10
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joel wingReviewed in the United States on October 8, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Not as bad as some critics say but still has some big problems
Verified purchase
Daredevil was one of the pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe films. It featured Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock who would become Daredevil, Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Michael Clarke Duncan as the New York crime boss Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, and Colin Farrell as the villain Bullseye who is hired by Kingpin to get rid of Daredevil. The story is about Murdock’s relationship with Elektra which brings him into conflict with Kingpin and Bullseye.

The movie tries to give the story a little Film Noir feel to it. Murdock does a voice over about his crime fighting. There’s plenty of night scenes playing upon the darkness and shadows that were popular in Noir. One time Murdock wonders whether he’s making any difference which is a classic Noir trope of the main character up against the world.

The main problem with the film is that Affleck is just not a convincing superhero. There’s a sequence where he first meets Elektra and they have a battle of skills in a playground and while she has a nice flow to her motions Affleck does not. Of course most of his action scenes are full of special affects as well.

The director also did a bad job with Bullseye. For instance he kills Elektra’s dad with one of Daredevil’s sticks which has a blunt tip. How do you kill a man with a stick that doesn’t have a point to it????

Overall, the movie wasn’t as bad as some said, but it still had some big flaws.
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fourminutestimeReviewed in the United States on November 19, 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
director's cut is much better. it fixes the story and it makes it better
Verified purchase
I liked this movie a lot when it came out. but i know it had a lot of problems. I was happy to see Daredevil on the big screen and i was happy to see him in the daredevil suit. i loved the actors they hired and i loved the action scenes. I thought bullseye was cool and i liked him a lot. Elektra was pretty and i liked her. Kingpin was great too. i really loved the daredevil suit and the scenes of him fighting were really great
I know a lot of people had problems with this movie when it came out and a lot of people did not like it, but the director's cut of the movie was much better than the movie that came to theaters.
the directors cut adds a lot to the lawyer plot and explains the case that Daredevil is working on. the directors cut adds scenes of Elektra and adds to her character. even Bullseye has added scenes and some comedic scenes that were cut in the theatrical version. This director's cut is much more complete and makes the movie better.
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Ron BurgundyReviewed in the United States on April 28, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
They dont make them like they used to
Verified purchase
I dont care how unpopular ben affleck is with the paparazzi these days. The man makes a good superhero character plain and simple, and Daredevil is no exception. Great acting, cinematography, lighting, cgi, character cast; the movie has a soul, unlike so many so-called movies out today. Politics has ruined Hollywood. If you go to youtube looking for recommendations you will find a bunch of political snowflakes and cancel culturists reviewing, or should i say condemning this movie for reasons that have nothing to do with what makes a movie good or bad🙄. I paid 15 dollars to pay for the digital version of this movie and IMO it was worth far more than i paid for it.
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ZorgenReviewed in the United States on March 1, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Ben Affleck at his best!
Verified purchase
I own this movie and I've watched it no less than 10 times, I love it. The movie has an excellent cast that fill their parts beautifully. It kept my interest throughout the entire feature, lots of action, great script and the characters were excellently acted. The soundtrack fit well and I even bought it to play in my car. I have to admit I'm a big Ben Affleck fan, he's an excellent actor, never overacting, he is fun to watch and I've watched everything he's been in and enjoyed them all. This is a must see action packed movie. I'll be watching it again in a month or so. Great movie!!
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Matthew D'SouzaReviewed in the United States on April 8, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Fun Camp Humor and Compelling Neo-Noir Style Make Daredevil Unfairly Reviewed Upon Release
Verified purchase
Daredevil delivers film noir brooding and delightful camp humor alike!

Director Mark Steven Johnson’s superhero action-thriller Daredevil (2003) is a fascinating piece of early 2000s cinema. It has a film neo-noir brooding atmosphere, highly choreographed fights, daring stunts, endearing characters, over the top performances, stunning lighting, insane editing, gorgeous cinematography, and creative sound design for Daredevil hearing things enhanced. Daredevil is fun and I dare you not to have a good time enjoying its combat and style.

Daredevil is overly hated, honestly. I find it a highly entertaining example of maximalism with everything heightened like Daredevil’s senses. Johnson’s direction borrows plenty from The Crow and Batman for sure. The Crow’s composer Graeme Revell even wrote Daredevil’s haunting and exciting music. From the gentle piano passages to his Gothic bombastic symphony and theme for Daredevil. Revell’s scores are always fantastic. I adore the early 2000’s soundtrack of emo and nu-metal tracks that creates both tender mood and a viscerally thrilling sensation. I love Daredevil’s brooding Matt Murdock scenes as well as the outrageous Bullseye action and comedy sequences. Superhero movies need style to be memorable and exciting and Mark Steven Johnson has got style to spare. I’m glad producer Stan Lee picked Mark Steven Johnson to direct Daredevil.

Writer Mark Steven Johnson delivers Batman-like detective work for Daredevil’s nightly investigations. Johnson understands Daredevil’s crusade for justice in his crime riddled city as well as the lonesome sadness he feels. From the rain on the rooftop romance to his use of Daredevil’s enhanced hearing that’s near sonar. Johnson’s writing is so good that he makes Ben Affleck actually likable and heroic. The solemn atmosphere and contemplative tone is really neat and something I appreciate more now after revisiting Daredevil. From his spiritual soul searching to his emotional need for solitude amongst the incessant noise of New York.

Editors Dennis Virkler and Armen Minasian’s fierce cutting style is so fun and crafty. They transition scenes with neat match cuts and parallel edits to having shots pass through walls and across buildings. They make the fast paced action really easy to follow and have such frenetic style that elevates Daredevil into a well made movie. 133 fly by like nothing with the added director’s cut, certainly enhancing scenes and character arcs with more depth than the slim theatrical cut.

Cinematographer Ericson Core goes all out with his dark, brooding shots following Daredevil gazing down upon his city to camera shots that flip all the way around or linger on mournful characters. There’s moody lightning, gentle rainfall pouring down, and cool use of smoke to simulate fog that I always love in movies. I love when the camera goes through the wall, ceiling, or a puddle for emphasis. Daredevil certainly has flashy and creative shots that never feel flat or boring. Daredevil visually reaches for that comic book style of neo-noir that was so popular in the early 2000s. I really enjoy how the fights are shot in wider shots to see every hit and dodge from Daredevil. Core’s close-ups are really strikingly artful and expressive.

Ben Affleck is actually likable as Matt Murdock with his earnest quest for justice as night vigilante Daredevil. He’s sincerely gripping in his brooding Murdock to his grave narration as Daredevil. I like his fearsome action sequences and compelling character acting. He feels like a leading man for once instead of some random jerk like so many of his other roles. Ben Affleck could not pull off Batman at all, but he was splendid as Daredevil and more suited to the role.

Jennifer Garner is drop dead gorgeous as the lovely Elektra. I love her swinging her swords and spinning them around to her intense fight choreography. She’s genuinely interesting as Elektra as you feel her grief with her losses and how angry Elektra is in her sorrow. She can pull off playful and flirty or raging with fury as Elektra. I’m looking forward to revisiting Elektra for her alone. I wish she got even more screen time, honestly. She has chemistry with Ben Affleck, but it’s too bad she ended up with such a terrible guy. She deserved a better man and a more active career as a leading actress.

Colin Farrell’s raving throwing villain Bullseye is camp fun. He’s just mad and highly entertaining. Farrell always knows what kind of movie he is starring in really. Michael Clarke Duncan’s massive stature and deep voice work to intimidate as a scary Kingpin. You believe this imposing figure could run crime across New York.

Jon Favreau’s nervous and wise cracking lawyer friend Foggy is hilarious. His every line has funny jokes or deeper insight into Murdock. Scott Terra was very compelling as Young Matt Murdock. Ellen Pompeo is sweet as the secretary for Murdock. Joe Pantoliano is pretty interesting as the investigative journalist and tabloid reporter Ben Urich. Leland Orser is underhanded and neat as Kingpin’s right hand Wesley Owen Welch.

Coolio cameos as accused murderer and funny drug addict Daunte Jackson in the director’s cut. Derrick O'Connor’s kind and patient Father Everett is really nice opposite Ben Affleck. David Keith is very touching as Matt Murdock’s boxing father Jack Murdock. Kevin Smith’s forensics assistant has a funny cameo like Stan Lee as the elderly man crossing the road or Frank Miller getting stabbed in the head with a pen by Bullseye.

Barry Chusid’s production design is neat with grim looking apartments, Daredevil’s industrial looking lair to Kingpin’s glass office. James E. Tocci, Justin Scoppa Jr., and Gerald Sullivan’s art direction leans into the film noir aesthetic with obscuring shadows, flashing lights, and constant rainfall. The blood and Daredevil mask shots are really neat. Set decorators Victor J. Zolfo, P. Scott Bailey, Greg Berry, Darrell L. Wight, Lorrie Campbell, Julia K. Levine, Scott Edward Collins, Doug Devine, Eric Hill, and Steve Park adorn the sets with these files for Murdock’s lawyer office to all these gadgets around Daredevil’s hideout.

Visual effects artists Kevin VanHook, Rich Thorne, Nancy Bernstein, Ray McIntyre Jr., Mark Dornfeld Cosmas, Paul Bolger Jr., Lee Berger, Rachel Fondiller, John Kilkenny, Derek Spears, Erik De Boer, Steve Ziolkowski, and Lisa Clarity’s CGI for Daredevil really held up beautifully. From the rain falling on faces allowing Daredevil to see people to objects flying fast across great distances by Bullseye, the CGI is believable and lets the viewer have more understanding of Daredevil’s senses. I love the chemicals burning through Murdock’s eyes to hearing water droplets and loud bells ringing and so forth around New York.

Furthermore, Daredevil’s sound design team of Steve Boeddeker, Tim Gomillion, Paul Massey, Dennis Rogers, Doug Hemphill, Erik Aadahl, Jay Wilkinson, Dave Kulczycki, John A. Larsen, David C. Hughes, and Derek Casari are so creative. Daredevil features fascinating sound design choices that all emphasize Daredevil’s lack of sight and reliance on hearing foes stepping to voices fading in and out. Every scene has a creative use of sound with splashes and exaggerated noises that don’t feel too ridiculous because Daredevil hears with enhanced hearing.

I really like Daredevil’s costumes from designers James Acheson, Lisa Lovaas, and Brenda Donoho. Daredevil’s bright red leather looks cool and vivid without looking goofy or bland. Elektra’s tight spandex pants and leather vest look awesome on Jennifer Garner. Her hair and make-up makes her even more ethereal as Elektra. Make-up artists Tegan Taylor, Deborah La, Mia Denaver, Matthew W. Mungle, John E. Jackson, Whitney James, and Jamie Kelman provide many cool 2000s looks from Kingpin’s large suits to Bullseye’s alligator coat and Murdock’s lawyer suits.

In all, Daredevil is not trying to be a goofy modern superhero flick, but a more mature and gritty neo-noir. I think it accomplishes that, while remembering to have a sense of humor and not be too serious.
NATmanReviewed in the United States on May 10, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Movie is great for fans. Amazon needs to show the right cover that they are selling tho
Verified purchase
Amazon is selling blurays showing one cover but sending a different, or different colored bluray cases. I have a nice pile of red bluray cases that I bought because amazon misrepresented the Red Dawn Bluray that I purchased, so I bought my own red cases. I thought this version of Daredevil would look great in a red case, but instead I receive some other version of the cover.
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PenchéeReviewed in the United States on November 2, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Excrutiating Waste of Celluloid!
Verified purchase
I gave one star only because it does not have zero or minus stars.
What was the theme? Okay, I give in – what? This must have been a contract film for Been Afflicted with the contract fulfillment clause. The best thing that I can say about this 'film' is, watch the series. At least it has a story line with real people and acting. Yes, it too is corny but, it is immersive and flows.
Do we really have to give it stars? How does one denote minus or negative stars?
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