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on December 10, 2017
What’re doing reading this review? You see what the others are saying. Add this to your collection now.
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on December 23, 2010
This third and final collection of Frank Miller's Daredevil run pales in comparison to volume 2, but it's still better than what a lot of creators could do! Besides, it's kind of hard to top yourself after a very impressive run like the one found in the previous volume. Frank Miller visionaries volume 3 includes Daredevil #183-191, What If? #'s 28 and 35, plus Bizarre Adventures #28. This volume opens up with Daredevil and the Punisher both trying to take down a scum-bag who's peddling drugs to kids. I really liked this two-parter because I love seeing the war of morals between both vigilantes. There's only a fine line separating Daredevil from becoming the Punisher, and it's always interesting to see these two in a war of ideals. We also get the return of Stick and the Black Widow, who needs Daredevil's help in discovering who poisoned her. This of course leads to a ninja battle with The Hand (gotta loves those!). After that, horn-head tries to stop The Hand from resurrecting Elektra! Finally, rounding out the series is a powerful tale about a young boy and his father's gun that finds Daredevil in Bullseye's hospital room with a revolver, debating on whether to end the villain's life. This marked the end of Frank Miller's run on the series, but he would return twice to the character in later years, with two more gripping stories.
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on December 23, 2010
Now this is it! In this second volume, which collects issues #168-182, Frank Miller was given carte blanche on Daredevil. Along with artistic chores, Miller took over writing duties on the title and was finally able to tell the stories he wanted to tell. This has to be one of the best decisions the Marvel editorial staff ever made! Miller decided to move away from the adventure stories with colorful villains, and instead started telling gritty, street-level crime stories. Right out of the gate, we're introduced to Elektra Natchios, who is an assassin for hire and just happens to have been Matt Murdock's college sweetheart! Readers are also introduced to Stick( the blind man who trained Daredevil and Elektra), and the ninja group The Hand! If that wasn't enough, Miller took a b-level Spiderman villain called the Kingpin, and made him Daredevil's archenemy! We also get the return of Bullseye, a guest appearance by the Punisher, and issue #181 which featured the classic cover promising a final showdown between Elektra and Bullseye (only one would walk away from that one)! This collection is the highlight of Miller's Daredevil run, and collects all of the issues he is famous for. You definitely need to get this one!
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on July 19, 2001
This is for completists. The volume comprises the early part of Frank Miller's still-unparalleled run on "DD," when he was limited strictly to penciling chores.
While the art has that distinct touch, you can see even then Miller was yearning for something darker. But DD was still being written somewhat campily, complete with cartoonish / buffoonish foes and witty repartee--not as the darker, more obsessed force that Miller transformed him into when he got full reign on the book.
This volume consists of DD's 158 - 161 and 163 - 168 (# 162, a repackaged origin story drawn by Steve Ditko, is omitted for obvious reasons). They're good, but to get a better feel for what Miller is capable of, I'd suggest volume 2. There you'll get Elektra, more of Bullseye, the Kingpin, the Gang War plotline...this volume is merely groundwork.
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on November 7, 2016
What can I say buy it if you like super heroes with writing that takes readers seriously and Frank miller dose excellent storytelling great characters if your not big on daredevil collect vol 1 2 and this vol and you definitely might Change your mind
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on May 9, 2011
This Is the first stuff Frank Miller worked on Daredevil, but its only on art which is great. The stories are pretty good such as some Bull-eye's stories and The Incredible Hulk who's my favorite Marvel character and shows up in this. Lots of cool villains and lawyer stuff which is one great thing about Daredevil is his alter ego is just as interesting as his hero ego. There's also a retelling of Murdock's origin but not the Miller stuff with Stick. But its still good but not my favorite origin. If you like Daredevil and you are cool with some classic Daredevil Stories preparing for the greatest Daredevil run ever! I recommend this.
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on June 27, 2015
Masterful. Dark, gritty, complex. He got his inspiration for his Batman stories from writing DareDevil. Such a great book. This is the volume where he writes and does the pencils, so he was very in-the-zone. Very tight story-telling.
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on June 29, 2001
I've read Miller's Dark Knight, Ronin, Batman: Year one and "Give me Liberty", and to be honest, I wasn't exactly blown away. Out of curiousity, though, I read Visionaries Vol 1-Miller's art was certainly good, but again I wasn't really impressed. However, I've heard so much about Elektra and Miller's heralded run on Daredevil, so I finally decided to give Vol 2 a try, and now I'm a believer. Vol 2, which reprints Daredevil 168-182(the entire Elektra storyline in which Daredevil finds his long-lost first love only to tragically lose her again) is fabulous and epic. Highly recomended. I'll definitely buy Vol 3, which reprints 183-191.
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on December 20, 2016
Great service. Great product.
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on November 17, 2012
This great book covers the issues of Daredevil right before Frank Miller really took off. While the art is good, though standard, there are signs of the greatness to come in later issues. I own the originals of these comic books but wanted this bookshelf collection for regular handling. Nice book!
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