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on February 25, 2017
Great quality for the price, no they aren't go out and fight with them quality, but for the price extremely nice product.

They don't come with the chain shown in photos, no big deal, weight and size are both good and they feel sturdy.

Shipping was also amazingly fast for standard shipping, very impressed.
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on December 30, 2015
Got this on sale for approx $8 and free shipping with Prime. At that cost, this is a pretty decent box cutter/letter opener/(cheap) costume piece.

I knew what to expect with this so I was not disappointed, but here are some things people ought to know:
- At this price point, the only thing metal is the blade itself. The sheath is notably thin, but the handle/hilt is pretty sturdy.
- The blade is sharp (machined), but not consistent in the edge. some additional sharpening may be required if you care about that
- The "belt loop" is essentially the same you'd find on an 8yr olds wallet chain. Will not fit a thicker belt nor will it hang properly, or even sheath properly. If you want to wear it, be prepared to make some modifications - or wear a really thin belt.

Again, this is a good looking, but cheap item. It looks great when compared to similarly prices items. I don't think I would have given it 5 stars if it had been more than $10. But at 8 dollars, you can look cool slicing open that letter and won't get upset when the thing dulls or the plastic cracks.
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on December 28, 2015
This is a wonderful dagger to add to my collection of blades. Now, i've never been a fan of small weaponry such as this.. I prefer mid to large size blades, but every survivor needs that tuck-away for desperate times and this dagger is perfect for it! I imagine being in the zombie apocalypse running from a horde of brain-eaters. Gun magazines are dry and the machete broke 2 miles back. I could see myself pulling this handy little blade out and destroying the brains of the zombies one after another. It's sturdy and weighted in all the right places. There is no looseness between the blade and hilt. It fits snugly in the sheath. It comes sharpened, and can easily be resharpened after dulling (as all blades dull after use). It's solid and heavy, but not too cumbersome if attached to a belt or trekking vest. The design is also quite nice. The color scheme gives it that dark medieval look. The handle has grooves in it that fit my fingers perfectly for a firm grip. There is also a triangle-shaped point at the bottom of the handle that would make for a perfect bludgeoning tool should your blade break in the middle of combat.

All in all I have no complaints about this item and would recommend it to those who are looking for the perfect concealed blade. Bring it to the woods. Bring it to the ghetto.. heck... bring it to your in-laws!
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on July 19, 2017
I purchased two of these daggers for a reenactment event. I was looking for a cheap set of knives I could wear on my belt more for show than anything else.
When I received these in the mail I was totally surprised at the quality and realism of the blades. Not only are they durable and look stunning, i ordered two of them and they came looking identical, there wasn't a single difference from one knife to the next. the sheathes are made out of a sturdy plastic and the knife is a mix of steel and plastic. The knives are very balanced and stay in the sheathes nice and tight so they don't bounce around at all. I ran around with two of these on my belt all day and hardily even noticed them there, except for all the people who stopped to ask me where I purchased such authentic looking knives.
Great product!
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on August 24, 2012
This is a really nice looking dagger for the price. I will not go as far to say that it is perfect as it has some blemishes that I will point out after I praise it first. The design is quite cool. The black and silver compliment each other quite nicely. I like the star shaped pattern on the sheath. I also like the little chain attached the the sheath as well. Mine came sharp and has no blemishes on the blade. I absolutely believe it's a nice addition to my collection.
Now a little negative feedback and the answer to the 4 out of 5 star rating.
I like the star shape pattern as I said but I do not like the plastic it is shaped on. Some kind of metal would have been nice but it's still pretty none the less. Also the handle (the black part) is the same plastic. That's all of the bad things in my oppinion. I know. Not much huh? Still I must detract 1 point.
I collect knives, daggers and swords as well as other things and as a collector I tend to make my purchases based on the looks of an item and not the actual plan of using it for some silly thing as (in this case being it's a dagger) throwing it at a wall or something. It may fall apart in that regard but as I will be keeping it on a shelf I believe it will hold together quite nicely for the rest of my lifetime. Overall I do recommend it.

Now a little technical stuff.

10 3/4" The over all length with the dagger in the sheath.
9 3/4" The dagger by itself.
6 1/4" The sheath by itself.
15/16" The width of the blade.

Check out my video.
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This knife has a plastic handle and the cover is plastic as well. A toy feeling is what I get when handling this knife. It is not a toy though, the weight comes from the stainless steel blade. I love the look of the knife without the cover. I took away a star because the cover is cheaply made. It really looks like a toy with the cover on it. I still am happy with the purchase though
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on August 5, 2014
One great knife, and has a decent sharpness in its double edges. One side of the blade has a blood grove. Actual length when the knife is in the scabbard is 10 3/4in. Overall knife length is 9 3/4in.; the blade itself at 5 inches. I was concerned about what other reviewers have stated regarding the hilt, being plastic. Well, it's obviously plastic but it is the solid-hard plastic though I wouldn't say that this knife is the heavy-duty kind... I couldn't tell if the blade is full tang. This knife (or dagger) looks very classic beside my work table and it is an excellent "snail-mail" opener.
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on January 5, 2015
I bought this as a prop to a costume for Halloween, but apparently didn't read the description well enough because this thing is sharp enough to kill someone. Couldn't use it for what I wanted without getting in trouble with campus police. But just because I'm dumb and didn't read the description doesn't mean it's a bad product.

The product is very high quality for the price you pay for it. After receiving it, I was honestly surprised the price was so low. It was sharp enough to hurt without much effort, but it wasn't sharp enough to cut anything effortlessly like some of the more expensive knives you can buy on this site. It had some weight to it, and although the black part of the handle and sheath were made of plastic, it wasn't necessarily cheap plastic. The blade fit into the sheath snugly. It wasn't a struggle to push in or pull out, but it also wasn't loose enough that the sheath just falls off. The blade isn't 100% metal, but it wasn't a cheap material. Again, it's very high quality for the price you pay.

I'm giving the product 4 stars because there were a few imperfections that will more than likely vary slightly between products. For example, there was a sliver of the plastic of the sheath that stuck out and had to be pulled off. The chain was the cheapest part of the knife. It was made of pure plastic with no metal and seemed like it would break off with barely any effort. The knife could honestly have just gone without the chain and been fine. Overall I was impressed by the product, however.
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on May 4, 2017
I opened up the box and smiled at the beauty of the hilt and sheath. As I grab the knife though, I flinched, as it was not what I that it would be. For the only thing made of metal on this knife is the blade, the rest is all hard and cheap-feeling plastic. I love the look of it but fear how quickly it may break. It simply is one of those cases that you get what you pay for
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on December 27, 2016
Only little bits and pieces are made of real metal? No worries! Plastic or not, I don't care! This is one incredible piece of work. I noticed mine came without the chain, but I honestly didn't mind. This is quite possibly the best weapon I have purchased thus far on Amazon - by far! I love how it fits so perfectly into my hands, and how easy it is to grip.
It comes incredibly sharp, so BE CAREFUL opening the box. I don't intend to use this on anything - or anyone, ha ha - anytime soon, so it is just a collectible in my ever-growing knife/dagger collection. A very important piece, too! I love this thing, and may just have to buy it again for a friend.
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