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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2014
I've been a fan of Anberlin since Never Take Friendship Personal came out. I heard of them through a friend of a friend, and at the time I was going through an indie splurge at the time so I listened to them right away. The music was fantastic, and I quickly recommended them to other friends. Sure enough, the fire caught on quickly and most of my friends were fans.
But then Cities came out and totally wiped their previous albums clean. They're both good, and I have some friends who still prefer the second out of pure nostalgia, but Cities as a whole was far above their previous work.

So how could they possibly top that?

Answer: they can't. Once you go above and beyond something fans will always compare your next work to what they consider your best. It's just simple habit.
Now, Dark Is the Way is by no means bad; in fact, it's very good. It just doesn't capture the energy or detailed lyricism as their previous albums (namely Cities, of course).

I have to emphasize that this is still a very good album, and "Pray Tell" is one of my favorite Anberlin titles from all their works.
You get more varied sounds here, noted by Anberlin's curiosity in incorporating different tunes and styles in their forte. Some work, some don't (but are still good), and the end result is a mixture of the very good to the okay.
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on November 26, 2014
Good album. The first half of the album didn't generate as much interest for me as did the last half which I found to be more engaging and interesting. A nice bit of diversity and some flourish there, from the driving rocker "To the Wolves" to the acoustically oriented and affective "Down". Album ender "Depraved" is their most adventurous song, and their longest, but it pales in comparison to some of their other last tracks.

This is most definitely a "poppier" Anberlin. They're moving far away from their new wave punk influences (though they are still there in tracks like "We Owe This To Ourselves") and toward emotionally swooning ballads (like "Take Me As You Found Me"). Fans of their first three albums might have a hard time with this one. Me? I like the catchy nuances and production found here.
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on January 12, 2011
Not one of the my favorite albums. While I do enjoy many of the tracks on this disc, and the tracks are very well put together and show a high degree of polish, the tracks on this album does not even come close to meeting the extremely high bar Anberlin set on Never Take Friendship Personal, Cities, and the first half of New Surrender. I do like the strong effort the band put into the album, and maybe this is a new direction the band is heading in; but I do hope they can come back to some of the creativity and musicality that made the previous afore mentioned albums so great. I do find We Owe This to Ourselves and Impossible very catchy and good listens, but they lack the drive of previous blockbuster songs like "Godspeed" and "Feel Good Drag" and other softer tracks didn't register with me like previous heartfelt tracks such as "The unwinding cable car" and "Paperthin Hymn", and lastly the extended final track that has been a staple of all but the first Anberlin album just doesn't come close to ridiculously high level achieved previously, especially the last two connected tracks on Cities.

If your not a fan of Anberlin yet, or if you are judging the band based on this album, I highly recommend listening to the album Cities by this group first, to hear this band in its finest hour. If you already fan though, this is still a worthwhile album, and is a good album, but not the same level as previous efforts.
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on September 10, 2010
Having been a fan of Anberlin since their very first album, I have been anticipating this album for a while now. Their work had been continually getting better with each release up until their last album, "New Surrender" which seemed to be lacking. "Cities" is their best album to date and is a masterpiece, so for any album they make in the future, it will be hard to come close to being that good. Well, "Dark Is The Way" is not far off. It is not as good as "Cities" but certainly holds its own and has some amazing tracks. There are a couple of tracks I don't really like too much but I'd say that there isn't much filler here. The lyrics are ok but not great and this is what sets it apart from "Cities", which was as close to flawless as an album can be. If you are like me and felt that "New Surrender" was not their best offering, you will find "Dark is the Way" to be alot closer to "Cities."

My favorite tracks are Art of War and You Belong Here. Down is also a great track, which resembles The Unwinding Cable Car. Impossible is one of the weaker tracks on the album so I am a bit unsure as to why they chose this as the first single.
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on January 31, 2016
I love Anberlin with all my heart!

This album definitely isn't their best work but it's got some goodies in it that don't disappoint. To the Wolves, Down, to name a few

I saw them in concert 3 times and am so sad to hear that they disbanded...
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on November 17, 2010
I haven't really listened to Anberlin before, but I wanted to check out the whole album after getting addicted to "Impossible". I have specific taste when it comes to enjoying a particular song, so only a couple songs stood out for me and they were "Impossible" and "You Belong Here". Granted, I can listen to the rest of the songs, I get impatient and just skip to these two.

Having not listened to their previous albums, I don't have a fair basis to compare this album to but I have a feeling hardcore Anberlin fans might be disappointed in this one.
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on September 21, 2010
A few years ago a friend threw the Anberlin album "New Surrender" into his car CD player and I immediately fell in love with this band's music. The very first song of the album grabbed me immediately and I was blown away by every song on the album. I made one song my ringtone and bought two copies of my own, one digital to listen at home and the other a cd to leave in my car as the only cd I'd have in there.

Later, I needed more Anberlin, so I got my hands on the album "Cities" and though I didn't enjoy it quite as much as New Surrender, I still enjoyed it very much. Anberlin had become one of my favorite bands.

I preordered "Dark Is the Way: Light Is a Place". I've listened to the album 3 times and find it hard to even attempt to listen to again. The intelligent lyrics I'd heard on the other two albums were gone. I'm not sure if there is a single song where Anberlin doesn't repeat the same line of lyrics over and over repeatedly. The first song doesn't grab me and I'm utterly disappointed with this album's lyrics and the catchiness of the songs. There are maybe one or 2 songs I enjoy listening to again, but still have no lyrical excitement to them. It's almost as if they were hurrying the album to release and said to themselves, "I have an idea... why don't we just repeat the same line over and over for a verse or chorus in every song." Maybe they have a different writer for their music, but whatever the problem is, needs to be fixed.

I won't buy another one of their albums without first hearing the music from it again. Hopefully they can get back to what I'd consider greatness, again someday.
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on March 6, 2013
Anberlin really dropped the ball on this album. With only a few exceptions, the album is instantly forgettable, dull and empty. Coming from the band that made "Cities," you'll have whiplash from the immense step-down in quality. I bought this album when it was for $4, and it's $4 that I regret spending.
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on October 9, 2010
I have enjoyed anberlin for 5 years. I have all of their albums. This album is initially catchy and it differentiates itself from the other ones, however I cannot stand it when bands continually repeat choruses or phrases throughout the entire song! I can even deal with one or two that are this way, but this album goes to far. I would still buy it, but I would not pay full price.
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on August 18, 2016
Love the band
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