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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 4, 2013
Here is the reason why I decided to purchase Dark Kiss as an E-book as oppose to the usual paperback. I received book two to the Nightwatchers series-Wicked Kiss-as an e-book galley review copy, and decided I would dislike having one in paperback and one electronic, so I bought Dark Kiss as an e-book, also.
Be it electronic or paperback, I am glad I got into this saga.

Samantha. She is a typical seventeen years old girl and a realist. As any other teenager her age, Samantha treks her way through high school, dealing with her parents' divorce, friendship, teenage crushes, and just trying to get by. Everything was pretty average and normal despite her family issues ...until one night where it all turned upside down; and it involves her long time crush and a hot and dangerous kiss. She then meets Bishop, a normal looking eighteen years old with attractive blue eyes, and everything just gets even weirder. An inexplicable darkness has befallen the city, and it seems the mysterious boy with electrifying blue eyes knows something about it.

Angels, paranormals, and illicit love ... what else can a YA fanatic ask for?

As I was searching for more information on Michelle Rowen's Nightwatcher series, I was surprised to see Dark Kiss having such negative reviews (this is why I don't base my decision making on what book I want to read next, solely on the book ratings). Yet, I can also understand why there are those who do not favor this read. There were a few times where things just didn't seem to be moving forward, and rather than saying not enough was happening, it was more like things got repetitive. It however, did not stop me from liking the book.

The characters

If it is anything I like most about this novel, it's the characters. Michelle Rowen made sure to give all her revitalizing characters an unfortunate back-story. It was amazing to find myself hating a character one moment, and then having sympathy and pity for them the next.

Would I recommend Dark Kiss?

I definitely would recommend it, especially for those who favor the "angels" and "forbidden love" theme (I am a sucker for them), and because I got a sneak peak of book 2 Wicked Kiss and it was just grand!
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on April 2, 2015
I liked this one :)

This book was original, entertaining, fun, and kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the book.

I liked the fact that Samantha was strong willed, and made good choices. The only thing I didn't like was that she had trust issues, I mean she always trusted her "gut" and instincts, but seriously those can be wrong too :P all of the end could've been avoided but oh well.

All I know is that I'm excited to read the next one because I want more Bishop (and yes Kraven's good too :)

This book made it pretty clear who Samantha was going to end up with in the finale, but I'm not going to say anything.

Oh and what was missing was information about her parents (which will probably be in the next one) and Samantha's "group" needed to be mentioned more, but whatever this book was good nonetheless.
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on June 27, 2013
Originally posted on my blog, Zach's YA Reviews (http://www.zachsyareviews.com/2012/06/book-review-dark-kiss-by-michelle-rowen.html)

Characters: The character of Samantha in this book is interesting. Usually in novels where a human and a supernatural being start some sort of adventure, the human is usually that, human, however this girl gets turned into a creature that can only be described as being like a succubus. However, in this book they are called Grays. Anyway, this interesting twist definitely added major character development for Sam fairly early in the book. Sam was a character that started out shy and timid but then quickly does a 180 in personality. There are still some shy and timid moments for her but for the most part she becomes an extremely fierce and strong character. This sudden change of character was both shocking and too quick. Even though I eventually got used to this change, it seemed slightly unnecessary. However in grand scheme of things it's didn't take away from the book. The other main characters, such as Bishop, Kraven, Carly, and Natalie are all great characters, however I feel that if I start talking about them I will give too much away.

Romance: Just like with most of the books I review there is a romance in this book. There really isn't any real love triangle in this book, though near the end there seems to be a hint at an upcoming one. I am greatly relieved when there isn't a love triangle in a book, at least for the start of a series because it will give me a break from reading about some hopeless girl or boy and their ongoing struggle of who to choose, even though the reader already has a fairly certain idea of who it will be. I liked the romance between Samantha and Bishop, because it wasn't some kind of passionate all consuming romance that started too quickly. It was slow and steady and in the grand spectrum, happened at just the right time.

Predictability: I would like to say that this book was completely predictable, but it wasn't. Even when I had clues to lead me to one conclusion, the author would twist the answer to catch you off guard, which was totally something I liked. The things that were left unsolved in the end was probably way too much. The answers that we didn't have, though a great pool to start speculating from left too much open. I know this is a series, but given that this is the first book I thought that there would be far less unresolved aspects. I appreciated the unpredictable nature that the author added to this book and I hope that she continues with it throughout this series.

Ending: It seems that lately the books that I read that are a first in a series have a sort of plateaued ending, as a opposed to the cliffhanger ending that leave me begging for the next installment as soon as possible. The ending wasn't bad in the slightest, and was actually a sweet and sentimental ending. Part of me is happy that this book had a plateaued ending, because the wait until the next book in this series is less aggravating and arduous. Usually I don't like plateaued ending because there isn't much left unsolved, so with this book, though here seems to be too much left unsolved, due to the nature of the ending, it's sort of cancels that out.

References: Just a quick thought on some of the terminology used in this book seemed similar to some of the things from the show Charmed. Things like "the Source" "the Hollow" and "nexus" may not be original to the show but are really fun to read in this book and made reading this book all the more fun to read.

Overall I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend that you read it, but it's up to you whether you want to borrow it from your local library or go right out and buy it. I just want to thank Harlequin Books for giving me the chance to read this book and review it for them.
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on March 11, 2014
Michelle Rowen you did it again.. I couldn't stop on this series.. I was so glad once I read the first book there were more.. I just did not want to stop reading.

To think your first kiss would be incredible but horrible all at the same time...

But who would of thought that the yummy angel Bishop would be just as dangerous.. I love the connection these two have.

Samantha is 17 and finds out she has a lot of family history that she does not know about because she was adopted. Everything starts to piece together and she will do anything to find out all the facts and enters into a crazy adventure of Demons and Angels. Buy this series... STAT.. I wish more people would take time to leave reviews. When you done reading take the time even if to just say You LOVED it..

I always like to thank the Authors for giving me my time away from reality even if just for a few minutes here and there.. Because we all need that. Like recharging... I love reading.. Thank you Michelle Rowen.. I am on your email list waiting for any new books of yours.. Xo
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on February 17, 2013
I am a sucker for books about angels and demons and take a look at that cover. However, Dark Kiss neither wow'd me nor did I hate it.

The Good

It starts out with a familiar relationship of two best girl friends, one who is lamenting a bad relationship with a cheater and one who is crushing on an older boy. Samantha, who has this crush, unexpectedly gets a kiss from Stephen, and he just walks away but not without leaving a life-changing hole inside her.

Once she meets Bishop, the story starts taking a turn from teen drama to a more paranormal read. There are electrical sparks, there is a feeling that the two need to be around each other, and yes this has all been done before. I would put the insta-love in the bad category, but Bishop really made the book for me so it was important that he was around as often as he was. Thankfully, the reasons behind it are a little different as it was important for Sam to help Bishop on his quest by finding beams of light. That sounds really strange, but stay with me here. They are going around to each of these beams and finding members of Bishop's team who are enjoyable in their own rights. Kraven, who is a demon, shares some juicy information about a past when he and Bishop were humans and I am interested in learning more about these two during that time.

There is also a bee motif throughout the novel. Sam equates her interactions with guys as stings or climbing into the nest. It's really enjoyable imagery for the situations.

The Bad

I don't think I ever got attached to the main character in this one. Sam just wasn't a character that I liked as a protagonist. In the beginning, as she is explaining why she would walk up to a street kid, she tells me that she ran away from home when her parents got a divorce because her mom started working and she should have been her mother's whole world. WHOA! As a single parent, this hits all the wrong buttons for me. What this means to me in the book is that she is a little bratty. I labeled her this way pretty early on so it was hard to draw closer to her.

The Romance

There is some chemistry between Samantha and Bishop that causes good tension and he makes a great romantic interest. Without giving too much away though, all I can really say is that currently their romance is hitting some brick walls.


This book had a nice concept that I hadn't seen put together this way and has potential to go somewhere certainly further in the series. I hope to feel more of a connection with the main character, but the other side characters are an eclectic bunch that I enjoyed learning about. I will be reading the second one in the series to see where this one goes because I am interested.
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on March 9, 2013
The Way I See It

This book drew me in right away, I was attracted to the cover and after reading the summary my curiosity was peeked. Sam and Carly seem like they would be the perfect best of friends! Bishop is so interesting...I want to know all about him. The story takes place in trinity...Cute...Lol, k something awful is happening there and Heaven and Hell join forces to eliminate the problem. Thats when you know its bad. I love the originality and all of the characters. This is a great YA read minus the usual over the top angst that comes along. Sam doesn’t know who she is and why she can do the things she can. It takes a while but we find out, theres only one problem it seems she cant trust anyone because everyone is constantly lying to her. If I were Samantha that would drive me insane, I don’t know how she put up with it. Earlier I mentioned Carly and their amazing friendship, there were times when I worried about them, but I was in no way prepared for what happened. Sam is very interesting and I’m looking forward to her character growth. Bishop, bishop, bishop, where do I begin...Must find out everything.ASAP! Kraven I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOve! Thats all I’ll say about that, but things aren’t always as they seem ;)

My Fav’s

He is honest even though he can be harsh...There is more to him, I want to know who he was as James and I want him to fall in love with Sam because I think they belong together!

What can I say a leading lady would be no one with out their supporting actress and thats exactly how Carly fits in, sure the girls make some mistakes but who doesn’t? I’m very attracted to Carly’s love of life, and she is a great friend through and through!

My Rating
4.0 Shining star, Gray, Nexus filled stars! I highly recommend this different and interesting story!
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on December 20, 2012
Dark Kiss is the first book in the new Nightwatchers series by author Michelle Rowan. The cover grabbed me the moment I saw it on Amazon! I am a sucker for fallen angel bad boys and this cover is all of that!

I am not usually a big fan of instant love, too unrealistic. And there was definitely that element in Dark Kiss. But it worked, totally and completely, I think the key to making it believable is to make it part of the story, and it was. It isn't "insta-love" just for the sake of it. There was a reason for it, a reason that was integral to the story. That made all the difference in the world because it wasn't sappy, but made sense. Samantha is a completely ordinary girl, or so she thinks. I loved her as a character! She wasn't made out to be anything other than a normal pretty girl with all the usual teen girl issues with friends, parents, and boys. Bishop is pretty swoon-worthy, if a little controlling at times. What I like most about this book was the cast of characters. All of them, major and minor, all had their own stories. What I liked, too, was the lack of stereotypes. The angels weren't all good, and the demons weren't all bad. Kraven was pretty swoon-worthy himeself, a demon with a bit of a soft side. The entire book kept me guessing, which I really love because there is nothing I hate more than predictability.

I read the book in one sitting, unable to put it down. I loved the story, different from a lot of the paranormal YA I have read. There was a lot of mystery, a lot of emotion, and a lot of twists and turns. The ending was a complete surprise, totally setting the stage for the next book, Wicked Kiss.
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on February 8, 2013
Where to start... I love this book. Unlike many other books in this genre, the female lead is strong and independent, very human and easy to relate to. It doesn't take long to get hooked, from the moment you meet Bishop, you fall in love. He's a smoking hot angel with blazing blue eyes who needs the help of the main character, Samantha. She's been turned into a gray against her will, a soulless creature who hungers for the souls of others. Bishop still starts to fall for her regardless.
His wicked hot counterpart is Kraven, a dangerous demon who calls her 'Sweetness.' I honestly love these guys and the team of angels and demons trying to save Trinity, New York and the world. The guys and Sam are well formed characters as well as Sam's a little unstable friend Carly. Combined with twists and turns, I love every little dark secret and cute moment.
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on April 14, 2014
This book stands apart from others in its genre. It is about angels and demons and all sorts of supernatural creatures. The main character falls in love with the angel named Bishop, and finds out she is a nexus, then she becomes a gray, and then her normal nexus self again. Fall in love with this one of a kind book and continue reading to the second book. It is amazing as well.
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on August 10, 2013
I really enjoyed this book and found myself full of anticipation over where the story was headed. I was not disappointed. Samantha has a strong and feisty attitude which is something I always look for in the main female character. The story line was well written and I really enjoyed the conflict and sexual tension between the main characters.
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