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on May 13, 2016
Definitely a must see for any Batman fan and arguably one of the best performances by the late Heath Ledger. The Dark Knight trilogy is a high point in the less than stellar DC foray into movie translations. Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are terrific as well. Definitely a much darker story and character exploration than previous incarnations, this movie is not for younger children. Violence is rampant as expected and the glimpse into the Joker's sociopathic mindset is as disturbing as it is intriguing. I rewatched the trilogy with my two teen daughters (my preteen isn't quite ready) who loved all three films. Terrific acting, exciting film making, solid storytelling... this trilogy leaves you wishing there were more chapters to discover. Highly recommended for mature viewers.
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on March 29, 2015
Ever since the revival of the Batman character way back in 1990 with Michael Keaton starring in the title role, the modern treatment of the original DC Comics series has, to me, been simply superlative. Even with the critically panned films starring Val Kilmer and George Clooney, the entire series has still carried the requisite emotional component of the main character being a deep and exceedingly dark presence; a brooding masked vigilante struggling with inner turmoil while still compelled to eliminate crime and its treacherous agents.

After a silent period following these Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher efforts, director Christopher Nolan introduced us again to the dizzying possibilities of this character in 2008's Batman Begins, a sort of reinvention of our hero for a younger generation. But it is this film, The Dark Knight, that provides us with the virtual high point of the genre in my view. And it's escalation is powerfully brought about by the astounding performance of the late Heath Ledger as the immensely disturbed Joker.

Yes many of these earlier versions of series have carried an updated depiction of this depraved character (Jack Nicholson being noteworthy) but it is in this film that the Joker literally boggles the mind. I think I can truly say that I've never witnessed a better performance on screen than what Heath Ledger presents here. I found myself speechless at the end; Ledger's ability to sink into this outlandish psychopathic role just blew me away...yes I'd seen him in "Patriot" and "Brokeback Mountain" and admired his abilities in those excellent films but he literally overwhelms us here.

His perfectly demented dialogue is only a small representation of his talent here though...the facial expressions, the tone, the licking of his scarred lips, his perfection of timing and his insanely "disguised as a nurse" walk out of the Gotham Hospital near the end of the film is just pure genius.

I almost despised his posthumous Academy Award because I felt that it was a "sympathy" statement rather than a true recognition of his abilities in this film. I seriously wonder whether he would have received it had he lived...and this is one of the many problems that I have with "the Academy." They've routinely taken an overtly emotional approach to the awarding of these prizes in lieu of the serious academic scrutiny that this art requires. My belief is that Ledger would have been bypassed had he lived and THAT would have been the disgraceful pictorial that these "critics" too often display.

Whining aside, you MUST see this film...the Batman role has never been better (Christian Bale brings home the performance of his life) and the Joker's fit into this rather cerebral plot is simply amazing. This is one of the more outstanding films you will ever see.
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on December 29, 2015
First of all let me start by saying this film is in the elite list of best ever sequels. Only a few sequels in film history have been better than the first, this film is one of the best examples of that. The first in the trilogy was a solid movie, but what The Dark Knight did was take it to that next level, it brought in some of the best characters in a genius way and elevated it to a modern classic.

A lot of this films success is down to the perfect casting, Christian Bale reprising his role as the best Bruce Wayne / Batman to date in my opinion, Heath Ledger taking on the Joker in what can be described as one of the best on screen performances in history all the way down to Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox and Gary Oldman as James Gordon, although the last 3 characters are supporting, they truly do make the film and give you the heart of the movie.

What Christopher Nolan did when making this movie was redefine a genre, every comic movie since has tried to do what he did with this movie but just hasn't been able to capture the same spark. There will always be Batman but I truly believe this will be the one everyone looks to for many years as the greatest of all.

The Dark Knight truly is a cinematic masterpiece.
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on November 24, 2015
The way that Christian Bale hiss/growls out: "I'm Batman.." is about the best Batman to put on the Black suit. Michael Keaton was surprisingly good at it actually, but I just couldn't get through his background as a "humorous" actor. But if I hadn't seen Keaton in The Neighbors, I may of put him at the top of the list. Next (was it Val Kilmer?) forgive me if I'm kinda fuzzy on that because, Val was all about the anatomically correct tight-in-the-buttocks-area, suit. Anyway, aaaaand CLOONEY! He was okay, I mean, everybody loved Clooney, right? Sexiest Man Alive winner and all that..(?) And don't forget Robin snapping his wet laundry around; and Batgirl zooming around on a motorcycle without even messing her hairdo. I rode a Harley for years, and I can tell ya, when you shake out your hair after having a lid crammed on your head, your golden locks don't 'spill out' in a bouncy, well coiffed mane. Nope. Christian Bale has been the best. No doubt. He just pulls off the dark, angry, barely suppressed violence thing. And the gritty voice is just the right tone. "I'm Batman"...Keaton, I kept waiting for someone to crack up. And Val? The ladies swooned, but I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Clooney? I kept imagining that I could smell Aqua Velva...Nope. definitely Bale.
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I liked the movie, the Batman series with Christian Bale have been entertaining. Decent Blu Ray recording also - what's nice is the aspect ratio actually shifts between 1:85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen (aka full screen HD) and 2:35:1 (aka "watchband" with the black bars on top and bottom) in different scenes. So at least the entire movie was not "watchband" HD, and there were stints of full screen Anamorphic.

Also like the Steelbook packaging, adds a new dimension over the cardboard and plastic.

Thanks for reading.
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on May 15, 2013
The Dark Knight, the second of the three part series is a great tour de force movie that really hits home for the fans and the curious partakers alike. The blu-ray version translates the action sequences into a stunning quality fit for anyone who wants to experience the movie as much as possible. This version, a rather fun variant from the others, features a Joker cover with a fun Joker oriented display on the back detailing the movie.

The two villains in the film are, of course, The Joker and Two Face with a few occurrences of Scarecrow. Batman is effectively pushed aside by Heath Ledger's performance of The Joker, and it's truly a tragedy that Ledger will be unable to play the part again in the future, or any part for that matter. For this to be his last performance is sadly ironic since it was done so very well. To have pushed Batman aside, however, is forgivable since The Joker is the arch nemesis after all. It's just unfortunate that Heath's character stops at the end of the film. One other peeve is how they took care of Harvey Dent's Two Face. But, for those who have not seen the film, I will not ruin it for you.

The movie itself is well done, and sets up the final movie well enough. It's two hours and twenty minutes of action, humor, drama, and enjoyment.
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on February 7, 2009
Despite some customers complaining that the two-disc special edition of "The Dark Knight" wasn't worth it, as a life-long Batman fan, I wanted the best available version of this movie, so I bought the special edition anyway and I have no regrets. There are plenty of fun extra things on the second disc, and of course the movie itself is superb.

I chalk it up to the whole country being shook up and ill-at-ease, but on the internet I've noticed more whining and complaining about most anything you'd care to name. People are tending to be hyper critical and unhappy with Everything.

I say enjoy what you can, get out of the negativity trap - and in the case of buying "The Dark Knight" on DVD, go for the gusto and get this two-disc edition.

Randy B.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 14, 2008
If you are twenty something and hopped up on enough testosterone this film may provide exactly the right stimulus to arouse a fixated, intense reaction from barely contained obsessions, unbearable cravings and suppressed playground rages. For everyone else, it will be a stone cold snooze. Ridiculous, shallow, silly, childish and ultimately boring. It is also by turns sadistic, cruel, mean spirited and filled with dark psycho babble that passes for profundity. There are so many other ways this story could have been told, ways that this film could have been made, interesting, innovative ways. Fanboys may salivate and rant and rage at any suggestion that this cinematic drug was not the ultimate high. But the question remains: Will the Batman idea ever produce a good movie? Not here, not yet.
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on March 2, 2017
Great item, just as described, arrived quickly, and packaged well!
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on March 17, 2017
Great Movie. This did include the digital code.
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