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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2016

A seven year-old little girl, Libby, testifies against her older brother Ben for the murders of her two older sisters and her mom. With Libby's words and other evidence, Ben is sentenced to life in prison.

Twenty five years later, Libby is contacted by the Kill Club. This club is one that is interested in crimes and the people involved. This club wants details from Libby. Libby is willing to do this for a price. Suffice it to say, Libby is a little messed up from being in the middle of the murders, surviving, living her life dealing with that awful night.

This Kill Club is also definitely convinced that Ben is NOT the murderer and they hope that by talking to Libby, Ben will be a free man.

So, we are off and running. I loved how this book went from past and present, jumping back and forth and explaining how events led up to that doomed night, all from various characters points-of-views. Who was involved. Who wasn't involved. Why this happened. Why this didn't happen. Flynn has a flair for writing and keeping the reader guessing and involved. The characters are disturbed, mean, calculating, believable. The situations shocking.

One thing that really bothered me was the graphic details of animal abuse and mayhem. While a part of the book and story, I didn't really appreciate reading the minute details of the slaughter of innocent animals/humans. Even though this is a murder who-dun-it, the graphics of the animal/human carnage was upsetting to me. However, as mentioned, this is all part of the story and unfortunately probably had to be.

All in all, a good read, one that will keep you guessing, keep you up until the wee hours.
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on October 4, 2015
Gotta love Gillian Flynn. Her writing is always dark and twisted, which is what keeps me sucked in. This was certainly not her best work. I did enjoy it and probably would have given it a better rating if not for the ending. I don't know why Gillian always feels the need to disappoint me at the end of every one of her works. The first work I read by her was a novella in "Rogues". It was a very creepy story with a horrible ending. Then I moved on to Gone Girl because I wanted to watch the movie but preferred to read the book first. Again, awesome writing, horrible ending. And now, with Dark Places, she again disappoints. Great writing throughout. I love her style of changing perspectives and time frames each chapter. And the story with the twists and character development was great. But Gillian really needs to work on making the endings of her books a little more satisfying. I mean, as it is, I dislike every main character in every one of her books (which is not a bad thing), but then after I dislike them as much as I think possible, she manages to end each work by making want to kick each character in the face. I've read all her books on a kindle and just don't think it's fair to take it out on my beloved kindle, but if they were physical books, I'd probably give them that swift kick to make myself feel better.

All in all, I would recommend this book but with a little hesitation. If you are a Gillian Flynn fan, you won't be disappointed, as you're used to her style. I truly love her work, but would like her to finish them better before bowing to her as one of the greatest writers ever. For new readers of her work, start with something shorter, such as her novella in "Rogues", to see if her style is something you can appreciate.
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on April 21, 2017
Could not put this down - the story was told by bouncing back and fourth from past to present from a few different character's point-of-view. This style writing is great for keeping readers, like me, sucked into the plot. I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the ending, but enjoyed the journey of the story line so much that I still believe this novel deserves 5 stars.

Gillian Flynn has a way of creating a love-hate relationship between her characters and her readers. You love how well developed the characters are but find yourself annoyed with their flaws. Which to mean is a sign of a great writer.

This story is based on the tragic, brutal murder of a low-income, farming family. Of the family of five, only two survive, the youngest daughter, Libby Day, who is our heroine, and the oldest brother, Ben, who has been serving prison sentence for the murders for the last 25 years.A young Libby becomes the key witness of the murder case and is coerced into confessing that she witnessed her brother, Ben, commit the murders. Libby to this day is tormented by the brutal death of her mother and sisters and has never really learned how to be a functioning member of society. After 25 years of living off the donations of others and profits from a book she allowed to be written about her and her family's tragedies, the money has run out. Libby must find others ways to pay the bills. Knowing there is no way she will be able to hold down a real job, she decides to meet with members of the Kill Club, a cult-like fan club that dedicates their time obsessing over old murder cases such as the Day's.

Members of the Kill Club all have their own theories about who actually killed Libby's family and though they may not all agree on who exactly did it, they all agree that there was no way Ben himself did. With money on the mind, Libby, with the guidence of one of the main Kill Club members, Lyle, begins tracking down people from her past to ask the questions she never had the guts to ask before. As more and more facts present themselves, the more Libby is convinced her Brother is innocent. And she is the one responsible for him being locked up the last 25 years.
Finally facing the demons of her past, Libby dives into the mysterious circumstances surrounding her family's murders to seek the truth she never thought she wanted.
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on April 18, 2017
If you're in the mood for some dark fiction, this is a great book for you. I had previously read Gone Girl by Flynn, and was curious to see what else she had up her sleeve. This is not typically the kind of fiction I read, but I truly loved it as creepy and dark as it was. Flynn features a poor family in the story: three daughters, a son, and a deadbeat, alcoholic father (reminded me a lot of Frank from Shameless). Their mother, Patty, clearly loves her children and is doing her best, but there is so much going on that is out of her control. When the family is slaughtered, the only living daughter revisits what really happened the night of the murders and questions whether it was really her brother who did it. The story flip flops between past and present, keeping you reading to find out what really happened. By the end, I was dying to know what happened, and Flynn beautifully pieces together present events with the past until Libby is finally able to discover the truth. Though it was dark and haunting at times (especially nights I read before bed), the plot was so well-developed and I was truly surprised at the end at the truth. Highly recommend!
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on August 26, 2015

2.5 stars

Gillian Flynn is very good at creating suspense and maintaining it for a long time. Although it took me a while to get into Dark Places by the end I was very keen to find out how she was going to wrap it all up. Unfortunately the ending just didn't live up to its promise and was as nonsensical as the ending of Gone Girl. There's no way that Patty would see her death as the solution to her children's problems and the introduction of a stranger to perform the act felt like a cop out.

The character of Diondra also didn't make sense as she was very one-dimensional. Flynn seems to have a problem in giving her character's realistic depth which is a major weakness as she relies heavily on the "psychopath" trope. This is particularly evident at the end of the book when Diondra and her daughter Crystal are hunting Libby down after Crystal accidentally gives away the secret about Michelle's death. They hear Libby fall heavily as she is trying to escape and they laugh about it and Crystal makes a mocking comment. I can buy the fact that they could feel compelled to kill Libby to protect themselves, but to portray them as taking it so flippantly and enjoying her pain is just ridiculous, especially as they'd just been sharing a meal with her minutes earlier. Libby's desire to protect Crystal is equally unbelievable after she's seen what a sadist she is.

This book was written before Gone Girl but it shares the same flaws in my opinion. It was an okay read but I feel the author is capable of much better than this.
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on March 19, 2015
I can sum up the experience of reading this book in two words - deeply disturbing. It should have come with a disclaimer because I was not quite prepared for the very descriptive pages of violence against animals and humans alike. I enjoyed Gone Girl and I thought I would enjoy this too but I absolutely did not. I still regard Gillian Flynn as a talented author and even this book was well written, but as the story progressed, the plot got more unrealistic and the characters became increasingly less likeable. It was too gory and violent and that gore and violence served absolutely no purpose in advancing the plot. Most of the characters were too despicable for even a screw up like me to enjoy the literary meeting. The book is just gross and I equate reading it with drinking a glass of sour milk. You could do it, you could get through it, but in the end, you're going to throw up. Not worth the sick feeling it leaves in your stomach.
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on November 27, 2015
As usual, Flynn's writing style is fantastically engaging and drew me right into the story. And as usual, her theme is familial dysfunction and murder, told in varying first person viewpoints. The mystery of who killed the Day clan in the early moments of 1985 (except for the story's protagonist, Libby, and the counterbalance, her jailed brother convicted of the murders, Ben) builds throughout the book as different suspects are introduced and details come to light. We are moved from character to character and back and forth through time, from current day to 1984-85 and the transition is smooth. The book was a real page-turner and as I reached the finish I was bummed realizing it would end soon.
But then the ending? It was so thrown together, so unsatisfying and far too conveniently coincidental, wrapped up quickly with a messy little bow.
I actually had to go back the explanation of what actually happened on the night of the murder and read it a second time because it felt I had missed something?
If the writer takes such great effort to paint the lush background of the tale and all of its characters, shouldn't that painstaking effort extend to the finale?
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on June 28, 2015
I read Dark Places, because I first read Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl", and "Gone Girl was extremely good. As previous reviewers state, none of the characters in this novel are likable. I liked that aspect of the novel.

I had major problems with the novel though. First, it dragged in the middle. The author had too many characters who might have been the murdered. SO she introduced them, and they just took up book space, but did not advance the plot.

The second major problem was the murder itself. When you find at how the murder went down, it is extremely unrealistic, almost laughable. Why the characters did what they did, makes no sense. It made me angry, that the author mad the end so stupid. Especially since the end of "Gone Girl" is so good. Read "Gone Girl", do not read this book.
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on March 3, 2017
I am actually at a loss of words for this book. It is dark and brooding. Every single character is unlikable in their own way. Even the main character Libby, you want to root for her, but she makes it very hard. There is no character with redeeming qualities, to make up for all the violence and depravity. Yet I could not put it down. I wanted to know what really happened, the story sucked me in. I gave it 3 stars because, 2 days later, I am still thinking about it, and that is what makes a good book. It drags you in, and doesn't release its hold.
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on March 2, 2013

As Johnny Depp said in the movie Secret Window, "The ending is the most important part."

And it's true, especially in a mystery.

And I have to say, this ending was so implausible as to induce eye-rolling.

The travesty of the ending was made all the more painful by the fact that the book was REALLY GOOD up to that point. The author had constructed a very solid rope from the circumstances of the plot, and all she had to do was allow the rope to tie itself into a tight knot all by itself, just take the pieces she'd already laid out and let them work toward their natural and inevitable conclusion. Unfortunately, the ending she chose involves a number of glaring Red Herrings, plus an extremely unlikely "two independent murders happening AT THE SAME TIME," with the second murderer being out of left field (while he was forshadowed, he certainly wasn't central to the plot in any way until the last few moments).

I'm going to try another book by this author because the writing itself was excellent and I enjoyed the way she constructed both the characters and the plot. And here's to hoping the next book I read from her has a better ending.
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