Customer Reviews: Dark Road (The Dark Grid Series Book 2)
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on November 11, 2012
As I wrote in my review of Dark Grid, that book was a decent read but pretty corny with a lot of extraneous dialog.

Not so with sequel, the writing has really matured. No longer are there pages full of military-style "in" jokes and way too much sappiness.

In this sequel, we are joined again by the same list of characters from the first in the series. In addition we get to find out more about what happened to the neighborhood that was left behind and the arduous journey that members of that communinity take to find out just where Eric and the others went.

Finally, there some additional complications that appear from a schism that has developed within the remnants of the military at large which makes for a very interesting and unexpected sub-plot. It seems to me like there is a further book in this series forthcoming, and I for one can't wait to see what is in store for those in Natchez Trace!
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on September 21, 2012
Did you read Dark Grid and wonder what happened to the Taylor's neighborhood after they left? Read this book. Actually, read this book even if you have not read Dark Grid (although it will help understand the context better if you DO read Dark Grid). Dark Road will at times bring tears to your eyes, make your heart race because of the suspense, and cause you to cheer for little victories along the way. This is a story about a couple who refuses to quietly accept what seems to be inevitable. Their determination to survive against seemingly impossible odds with less than adequate skills in bad circumstances. All for the slim chance they MIGHT save their children.

It also continues the saga of the Taylors and the group they joined in the wilderness (such as it is these days) as they face an unexpected threat to their survival just when it seems everything is settling down and life is starting to find some sense of normalcy.

A very good book that I had trouble putting down and kept rushing through my day so I could continue reading. Just one word of warning: the ending just begs for (and sets up) a third book in the series. I for one will have a hard time waiting for the next installment.
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on November 12, 2012
Great series, thoroughly enjoyed the first book and just as enthralled with this one. Great characterisation, humour, and believable plot. Waiting for the next one. Just wish writing was as quick as reading. Reccomend this series to anyone who likes a gripping yarn and a good plot. :-))
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on September 12, 2012
Warning note: there are spoilers here, though you may not recognize them immediately.

Dark Road is both its own book and a sequel to Dark Grid. Personally I feel that both books can stand on their own, but you'll get more enjoyment by reading them in sequence. Plot and character are strong in both, and the dialog does ring true. Military people will speak military jargon, just as accountants speak numbers. It's not done too heavy - and trust me, I've read books where characters spout off about foot pounds of torque and load weight bearing capacity entirely too much.

The books (or potential series) could end here if the author wants, however there are a few plot threads/ideas that where left dangling that could be tied up. For one, where is Clint and his merry band of followers? He was set up to be a bad guy and now he's gone. Why was mention made of Dan being debriefed when nothing would come of it? However the most puzzling thought (and one I eventually couldn't ignore) was "where's the rest of the world?" The CME took out Canada, the US, and Mexico (for the most part); the other side of the planet wasn't hit. So they are where? Short chapters in the first book covered some of what happened in DC. A few of those same short chapters could have explained away what happened to Europe and everyone else. Speaking of the US government, who the hell is Olson and how did he get to be in charge? More fodder for a continuing series perhaps?

There was really only one instance where I was jolted out of the story - ie, Kyle's response to seeing Jensen and Franklin hug. The only one who ever mentioned a potential romantic link between Jensen and Kyle was Franklin, yet Kyle is acting as if his great love has abandoned him. This odd behavior is on top of the fact that, for most of the book, Kyle was missing. It was so out of character that I had to stop and re-read it several times.

All in all, Dark Road is an enjoyable read. Grid blowouts may have been done before, but this books doesn't immediately devolve into roving bands of Mad Max warriors laying siege to our heroes in their protected enclave. Read it, enjoy it. I'll be looking forward to the next installment myself.
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on March 25, 2016
Book number two of a three book series. I bought the POD (print on demand) version in trade paperback. I have purchased the third book in the series also.

Not everybody left the small HOA in Nashville in the first week after the Solar CME event. But when the electricity never came back on, the HOA rapidly turned into a work camp and the HOA president became a Colonel Klink wannabe. After the gasoline ran out, the EMT decides to follow his neighbors to the state park 100 miles outside Nashville. On bicycles with a six year old and eight year old.
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on December 30, 2014
Really enjoyed the two books in this Series. Seems that military protocol was a little stiff under the circumstances. Kind of like what a green academy grad would require to remind himself that he, or she, is really in charge, at least until the New had worn off. Then if that academy grad remained insecure in his abilities the stiff and unnecessary attitude would continue right up to frag time. Gotta run and get started on book 3. For those who have never served during combat, frag time refers to fragmentation grenade "accidentally" detonated during combat right near the officer (OCS,ROTC,or academy) who makes life dangerous or impossible, usually with decisions that would make him look good to his superiors even though they did not make tactical sense & put the troops at unwarranted risk.
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on November 24, 2015
This second book in the Dark Grid series is easily as good as the first and gets 4.5 stars from me. I did like the new characters that were introduced and their journey to get to relative safety & join with the first group (I'm trying real hard to to give away any Strong characters and an easily believable plot make for an enthralling read. I have one more book to go and I will be reading it soon.
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on August 20, 2015
This is the second book in the series and in my opinion this one was so much better then the first one. The characters seemed to come more alive in this book and struggles were more evident. The author incorporated some helpful tips on traveling lite and scavenging tips. May I never have to eat ketchup soup but if so I now know the recipe.

Have ordered the 3rd book and look forward to continuing this series.
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on October 7, 2014
This isn't a stand alone book as you really need to read book one before reading this book. One of the many things I really liked about this book compared to almost all of the other "series" of books in this subject was that the Author didn't write a good and longer first novel then make the second novel much shorter and charge the same or more for it. It has everything, buy it, read it, be glad to have had the experience.
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on August 14, 2013
The story is primarily about one family's desperate attempts to survive after an apocalyptic event. This is the second volume in the author's Dark Grid series. I almost did not get Volume II because Volume I was tedious, with too much inane dialogue I had to fast-forward through, but I am glad I got this one and I did not feel I had to rush through filler pages to get to plot progression. The book is action-packed and thought-provoking, and the characters are well-developed. It is as if this book was written by a different author. The book is worth buying if only for the depictions of power-mongering homeowners association members, brilliant! Anyone who has dealt with know-it-all bureaucrats who try and control people "for their own good" will appreciate this suspenseful book.
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