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3.8 out of 5 stars 90 customer reviews
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About the Product

  • Evolution powers After infection by the bio-weapon parasite, Hayden will gain incredible superhuman
  • Cinematic and immersive experience Through the use of no HUD, intuitive controls and a 3rd-person ov
  • Engaging main character Hayden Tenno is a coldblooded character who has superhero type power and res
  • Innovative multiplayer component

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Product Description

Platform: Xbox 360


A new kind of weapon for a new kind of hero.

Dark Sector is a third-person Action/Shooter that thrusts players into a sci-fi flavored nightmare scenario set in the post Cold War era. Playing in the role of Hayden Tenno, an unscrupulous covert operative sent on an assassination mission into Lasria – a fictional Eastern European city on the brink of ruin and rumored to be contaminated by a mysterious and frightening plague, Hayden takes out his mark, but before he can escape is attacked by an unknown enemy. Not killed outright as expected, he is instead infected with the virus that is causing the plague.

'Dark Sector' game logo

New weapons, a new hero
Hayden and his glaive
Hayden Tenno and his glaive.
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Hone your skill with the glaive
Hone your skill with the glaive.
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Take on enemies the old-fashioned way
Take on enemies the old-fashioned way.
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Duel-wield glaive & gun
Duel-wield glaive & gun.
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The Technocyte Virus and Hayden’s Evolution
Just as with the other victims swarming the street of Lasria, the Technocyte Virus imbues Hayden with powerful, inhuman abilities. These abilities are not static and as they progress they cause severe, accelerated pain; pain that eventually drives their hosts insane, turning them quite literally into monsters of superhuman power. Hayden possesses an unexpected resistance to this maddening pain, but his body is not spared the mutations caused by the virus. The first of these are metal armor that grows from his body and a three bladed, throwable weapon called a "glaive" which explodes from his right arm and can regenerate if lost. But these are only the beginning. Eventually players may also gain the power of limited invisibility, the use of a bulletproof shield and an assortment of deadly melee attacks.

As Hayden slashes his way through the mutants overrunning Lasria he stumbles upon a plot by a rogue operative and his private army of henchmen to harness the power of the strongest of these mutants for some dark purpose. No longer entirely human, but not a mindless mutant Hayden must make a decision whether to use his own new powers to stop this plot or look the other way. But regardless of his choice, he has become the target of both the blind rage of his fellow mutants and a shadowy paramilitary group that seeks to control them.

Weapons: Glaive, Guns and the Black Market
Dark Sector is far from the traditional third-person shooter. The glaive is the game’s signature weapon and as players gain experience they will come to see that it is not only a stylish weapon, but also much more versatile than the traditional firepower available in-game. It is of course deadly as a slashing weapon and can be thrown great distances, but as Hayden’s powers evolve the glaive can be used in unexpected ways, ranging from siphoning and focusing elemental features like fire and freezing cold on enemies, to opening doors and retrieving items from inaccessible areas. But this doesn’t mean that players can shun the conventional weapons scattered throughout the game, quite the opposite.

To be successful players must successfully journey underground to the game’s ‘black market’ where they can purchase new weapons with scavenged rubles and also upgrade their existing weapons. Some of these upgrades include increasing a weapon’s firing rate, larger ammo clips, the ability to fire two simultaneous rounds and a ‘puncture ability’ that allows you to shoot through any enemy to hit another standing behind him. Finding the entrances to the black market are important because firearms in the game are biologically sensitive to mutant powers and unless altered to ignore the existence of altered DNA are useless to the mutated Hayden.

Gameplay Modes and Features
Not only does Dark Sector contains a deep singleplayer story mode, but in addition it features multiplayer functionality allowing players to harness Hayden Tenno’s mutant powers in two different ways, both in awesome 10-person online multiplayer combat. The two modes include:

Infection Mode: Think of this as ‘tackle the guy with the glaive.’ In this timed mode one player assumes the role of a fully-powered Hayden Tenno, complete with shield, invisibility and melee capabilities, while the other nine play as human operatives trying to kill him and take his place. The player in the role of Hayden receives a single point for each kill made, while the soldier that takes him down gets 2, plus the right to wield the glaive in the next go around. Players making assists in the slaying of Hayden receive one point as well. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Epidemic Mode: In this team-based mode, with a set number of rounds per match, two teams, each made up of one Hayden and a group of soldiers, battle to kill the other team’s Hayden. A single point is awarded to each team per kill of the opposing Hayden. Each Hayden begins at full strength and the team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Other features available in both multiplayer modes include voice chat and global leaderboards.

The Birth of a Superhero
Whether in singleplayer or multiplayer modes the developers of Dark Sector have endeavored to link every action of the player to the mutant evolution of Hayden Tenno. This means that as players progress through the game defeating bosses as well standard enemies they increase Hayden’s mutant abilities and advance his disease. It’s a catch-22 that with every victory Hayden becomes less human, but one that the game’s storyline relishes as the one-time hitman slowly and unsurely morphs into a hero.

Product Information

Platform:Xbox 360
Release date March 25, 2008
Customer Reviews
3.8 out of 5 stars 90 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #22,218 in videogames
#1,353 in Video Games > Xbox 360 > Games
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Top Customer Reviews

By Jairo Lopez on March 28, 2008
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Finally the long awaited Dark Sector has hit the shelves and sadly it just came short of meeting HALF of its expectations. Visually the game is phenomenal but unfortunately there's only so much scenery can do for the entertainment value of a game. The story is very cliché and lacks the ability to really get you involved and suck you in; for the most part Hayden (who you play as) comes off as a very one-dimensional character with your cliché "past that haunts him" so nothing new on that front. As far as game play goes, the movements are extremely stiff which makes aiming a really big pain especially when the enemy AI is hardly existent yet so hard to eliminate. The glaive; honestly, it's awesome the first few times you kill with it but sooner rather than later you'll get sick of it and it just becomes annoying to maneuver and even more annoying when you try to run up to an enemy to hit them with it and for some odd reason it does NOTHING the first 2 tries so you get hit THEN it works.
So overall I'm sad to say this game was a HUGE let down for me because I, like a lot of you I'm sure, have been anticipating this game since back when Xbox 360 was still labeled Xbox 2. Definitely worth a glimpse but I don't think it quite deserves it's spot on your shelve next to those other long awaited titles that actually delivered. Rent don't buy.
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Platform for Display: Xbox 360
In short, Dark Sector looks like Gears Of War, the same art direction, there's even a simular roadie-run. But that's where the comparison ends.
Dark Sector for me was very fun, but the game didn't start out that way,it grew on me ,then I found myself having a strong desire to replay it again on the hardest setting after I intially beat the game. At first I didn't like the game but I stuck with it and really thought it's a very good game.
Some of the boss battles at first will leave you scratching your head as what to do,but once I figured out there weak spots ,it was easy as gravy.
I actually like not being 'held by the hand' so to speak ,having the game give me hints on killing a boss.
For the most part you gotta figure it out without 'glowing parts' as hints on the bosses body, with exception the last boss.

I actually loved my second playthrough on the hardest setting ,it was pure gamer bliss.

One thing I highly,highly recommend is getting used to the 'Glaive' ,it will be by far your fav weapon in the game.
You unlock the Glaive's various abilities as you progress into the game.
I didn't find the Glaive hard to control at all,and it's really the hilight of the game.

Overall a very satisfying enjoyable game, with epic boss battles,and decent Gears Of War like scenery,Dark Sector is a solid game.

If you so choose you can use primarily use ballistic weapons ,all of which are upgradeable at various black markets you'll find in the sewers.

I like the fact that you can duel wield ,have a Gliave in one hand and a micro-machine gun in the other. I found myself using assault rifles for distance enemies ,because the Glaive does have limited range.
Think of the Glaive as a boomerang on steroids ,only it has very sharp blades. By far my fav weapon in the game.

A must play game for any gamer. PEACE
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Platform for Display: Xbox 360 Verified Purchase
This game is the definition of underrated. It's amazing how some bad reviews can make or break a game and in this game's case, its the latter. This game has been full of bad press, most notably because it "copies" Gears of War's cover/combat system. Make no mistake, this game is very, very similar to Gears... However, it changes so much to make its own unique experience that in my opinion, is even more fun the Gears. In the same way Uncharted Drakes Fortune(another Gears "clone") changed things up with platforming and combos... This game has a throwing weapon called the glaive and brutal finishing moves that never disappoint and never get old.

The glaive is given to you in the second level and is probably your most devastating weapon. It can be thrown powerful enough to decapitate, dismember and maim enemies. You can also control it with pinpoint precision, slowing time down to really hit those dismember points. The only word to describe this is AWESOME. Once you get the hang of using the glaive in combination with your pistol or shotgun... its like gory poetry in motion.

Also, like Gears 2... This game has finishing moves when your close to your enemy. They vary between enemy and what side you attack from... But let me tell you that they are simply described as AMAZING. The game sorta slows down ala the Matrix while you shred the enemies up with the glaive in multiple ways. Its epic, seriously.

But what completely separates this game from the pack is the way you change(you're infected with some "disease") over time, allowing you new abilities and way to annihilate your enemies. Most notably is the energy pulse, which for a short time, will deflect all bullets/projectiles/etc, shot at you.
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Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Put simply, Dark Sector is a fun game. The game has unique puzzles that incorporate the various abilities of the glaive, this unique weapon that your character "Hayden" uses throughout the game. The glaive eventually gains an ability called "aftertouch", which allows you to steer the glaive toward your enemies or objectives by taking on the third-person view of the glaive itself -- you travel along with it, in slow-motion, until it hits its intended target...and better yet, you get to see the results up-close.

The game has really smooth gameplay, and I did not encounter any bugs, defects, or poor framerate issues. The voice-acting is superb, and the sound on this game rates as "one of the best" I have ever encountered. The controls are well laid out, and as Hayden obtains more and more abilities as the game progresses, the controls never become overwhelming or confusing.

The weapon upgrade system in this game is somewhat deficient. Once an upgrade is applied to a weapon, there appears to be no way to remove it. The "blackmarket" upgrade sites are few and far between, and once you swap out a weapon from your locker, you're stuck with whatever you have, until you either backtrack or get to the next location.

The environments in the game are a mixed bag. Ultimately, this game plays a lot like Resident Evil 4, in terms of the controls and the underlying game engine. At times, the levels feel like a mix of Condemned, Resident Evil 4, Tomb Raider, and sometimes even Bioshock. Some of the levels, especially the later ones, look much better than others, a sign that development may have gone off in several different directions until they brought the final game together.
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