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on November 17, 2016
I've played "Demon's Souls", "Dark Souls", and now "Dark Souls 2", all in order of release date and it now seems amazing how much they got it right the first time around with "Demon's Souls". After playing the first two "Dark Souls" games I kept wanting to stop and go back and play the one that started it all. The first 'souls' game was difficult but fair, while the next felt completely unfair and overly challenging, and this third installment improves on the combat and is much easier, but remains inferior. It really depends on what you want from a game: a fair but difficult challenge ("Demon's Souls"), a ridiculously difficult challenge ("Dark Souls"), or an easier but still deadly game ("Dark Souls 2"). The combat in "Demon's Souls" remains the best of the three, swift and responsive, not nearly as clunky and delayed as "Dark Souls" 1 or 2. And don't get me started on how fast your stamina depletes in this game! Yeesh! "Dark Souls 2" is okay, but not amazing. The only improvement over "Dark Souls" is the combat, even the graphics look less detailed. But the 'souls' game to own and play for hours on end is "Demon's Souls", for all its minor flaws, it remains the best I've played so far.
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on July 18, 2016
As far as the order went it was fantastic. I just got lucky I suppose but it got to me in like 2 days maybe 3 max, and I didn't order it expedited. On top of that it was so inexpensive for such a fan favorite game.

But personally, as far as the game itself went, I wasn't impressed. I was able to play a little of the first Dark Souls on my friends Xbox, so really wanted it for myself. This game was way cheaper than what the first one is going for. I looked up some reviews and people said they love it. So I thought it was too good to be true. Well it was. The inability to level up at any bonfire is a bummer, the menu screens and shown stats are confusing to look at, I think they have redundant stats, Vigor Vitality and Endurance should not all be separate things to spend souls on to upgrade, the controls were choppy and annoying to deal with, and along with that, freaking parrying is impossible without a shield. I could do it pretty well in the first one by the time I lost the ability to play it, but in II it's just stupidly annoying. I managed to get it like once, so I'm pretty salty about that, and I don't like that you only get one Estus flask per estus shard, although the life gems definitely make up for that I must admit.
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on July 14, 2015
Dark Souls 2 is a serious hall of fame contender. It carries on the style of the series perfectly, while changing enough things to keep it interesting.

As far as gameplay goes, DS2 feels a bit lighter and more streamlined than DS1. Your chosen warrior moves around with speed and agility, and even when you are overloaded with heavy weapons and gear, it feels more manageable. The developers also introduced the new mechanic of lowering your maximum health each time you die, until you restore your humanity. This part of the game was tough for me to overlook at first, and in the beginning stages of the playthrough it can be infuriating. As you progress, however, it becomes an incentive and a reward for staying alive and killing foes before you are killed. The covenants make a return in this game as well, but they are much more involved and difficult than before. PVP is ridiculously fun, and it will fire up your competitive spirit. The only mechanic I find unbearable is the enemy de-spawn. In the original Dark Souls, you could kill enemies indefinitely, over and over until you mastered the technique and gathered all of the rare items. In Dark Souls 2, you can only kill the enemies a certain number of times before they stop coming back to the party. I know that this was made to stop people from farming rare items, but there are certain enemies that have EXTREMELY rare item drops (like 1/1000 chance), and you may need to kill them over a thousand times to get the sweet weapon or armor you are hunting for.

Weapons and armor have been changed somewhat, and there is an endless combination of different helmets, chestplates and gloves to suit your creative needs. I personally like how scythes have been given their own weapon type, rather than just being thrown in with the halberds. Also, weapons have MUCH lower durability in this game, but all durability is restored with each bonfire pit stop. Besides that, there are massive amounts of weapons. Swords, spears, axes, halberds, bows, crossbows, etc., whatever suits your style best.

The graphics and sounds in the game are beautiful and striking. Sunsets, oceans, caves, towns, it all works and looks amazing.

This game is spectacular because it presents a serious challenge to any gamer. It gives a massive sense of accomplishment to those who win. It also punishes players that prefer to "run-and-gun" in games like Call of Duty. Dual wielding shotguns and taking on all of the Russian terrorists by yourself is fun, don't get me wrong, but here, if you run in with your swords drawn and not a care in the world, against multiple enemies, prepare to die. A lot.

Summary: If you like medieval games with swords, play this one. You won't be disappointed. If you like a game that is hard and unforgiving, play this one. If you are into fantasy worlds and supernatural magic, play this one. I could go on and on! This game is like taking Skyrim and making it hard, fun and rewarding.
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on May 10, 2014
Hello everyone, this is going to be my review on Dark Souls 2.

One of the most highly anticipated RPGs to be released for the PS3, 360, and PC. Dark Souls 2 is the 3rd installment to the souls series and the questions that most people ask before they buy a new game is "Should I buy it?" "Do I believe the hype?" "Is this game worth my money and time?" To answer all these questions, YES! Dark Souls 2 is one of the few RPGs available that makes players learn from their mistakes in order to progress, and after you succeed in clearing the area boss it is very satisfying! But is it too hard? Not really, now I've played Demon's Souls and the first Dark Souls so I'm used to the game mechanics already, but I felt the game tends to have a smoother learning curve to help new players get used to the game. But wait so does that mean it's not difficult at all? Not necessarily, although the learning curve is suitable for new players, veterans will still face worthy challenges throughout this dark and beautiful world, whether it is being overwhelmed by the environments or the monsters that reside in them, the varying bosses, or even other players, or if you feel like a champion and think you mastered Dark Souls, then you can join the Champions covenant / or use Bonfire Ascetics to increase the difficulty (and rewards) in your playthrough.

New features:
Aside from the obvious improvement in graphics, Dark Souls 2 offers new features to keep the game feeling fresh.
- New Spells, Miracles, and Pryomancy alongside the new form of magic known as Hexes.
- Dual wielding is now an optional and functional play-style which adds more depth in combat.
- Now able to communicate with other phantoms via mic chat for more enjoyable co-op
- New bosses, and optional bosses
- New quest lines from NPCs to add more to the lore of the new land
- New Covenants, balancing the online aspect of invaders, support phantoms, and the new defense based PvP.
- The option to re-spec your character if you wish to change your playstyle (i.e. knight to a faith knight or mage to priest, etc...)
- New game + adds more replay value after completing the game.
- More character customization to make your character feel unique

+ Beautiful landscapes, and graphics
+ Variety in play styles to replay the game as a mage, knight, archer, or a combination of whatever you want
+ Covenants adds depth to PvE, and PvP
+ Replayability
+ In-depth character, and weapon customization
+ More than 50+ hrs of gameplay per playthrough if you take your time exploring and doing your duty's in your covenant.
+ Improved learning curve

- Lack of a deep story, like the last 2 games
- Playing with friends is rather difficult, unless your soul memory are 25% + or - than each other, or using the name engraved ring to easily locate their summon signs, you may make a friend one day but might be unable to play with each other in the future unless you're the same level.
- Magical attacks tend to be a bit overpowered but might be resolved in a patch
- No indication of where to go and a new player might feel lost.
- Going to New Game + has a significant difficulty spike

All in all, this game is a must buy if you enjoy RPG's, character customization, challenging and tense gameplay, multiplayer. The reason I gave this game 4/5 instead of a 5/5 is not because the lack of a story, due to the fact that it adds more mystery and makes you pay attention to NPC dialogue, but because no game is perfect and this title does have its flaws, nevertheless the good out-weighs the bad.

(If you feel like playing together add me: XC_Ravenger) :)
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on July 12, 2015
Came in the mail with the game and boxart. I ordered it new, and it was new, as expected. The game itself is frustrating for first-time setup, as PS3 owners need a patch off the bat, as well as calibration and trophy install. First-time install can take up to 45 minutes to complete. Once the game is running, however, it plays beautifully and looks excellent. The game itself plays more like Demon's Souls, and is more of a challenge than Dark Souls 1 in my opinion. Only reason being that your healing items do not correspond with bonfires anymore. You have to actually buy/collect healing items, just like in Demon's Souls. Also, your weapons also now have their own HP bars, so they can break. However, the gameworld has been massively expanded from both DkS1 and Demon's Souls, the music is better composed, in my opinion, but there is very little storyline. The way the game hacks on you for being one of the many souls trying to break the curse of the undead is really depressing, but it acts as motivation to a certain degree. The game literally tells you that you suck. It tells you that you can't go forward because you are scum. This makes the game motivating because it only makes you want to rub it in the NPC's face after you finally do get to the ending of the game. Not to mention, the gameplay is very similar to Demon's Souls. I, for one, really enjoyed the enemies and playstyle of Demon's Souls over that of Dark Souls 1. This game feels like a true seuel to Demon's Souls in terms of gameplay.
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on November 7, 2014
I've been gaming for over a decade, and I gotta say, Dark Souls 2 captures a lot of what makes a great game.

It is super challenging as I'm sure you've gathered by now. The repeatedly dying and retrying sections of the game reminds me of playing difficult levels in SNES Mario titles. It's almost trance like. You memorize how to navigate each section in parcels, and perfect your technique.

The atmosphere of the game is really well done. The soundtrack is immersive. Boss battles are truly epic. NPCs have a lot of character and contribute to the bleak but enchanted feel of the game. I love the message system which is both helpful and entertaining.

I've had a love-hate relationship with this game. I've gone for weeks not playing it because I've died so many times in the same area.

It is grueling. You learn never to rush an enemy encounter. You learn extreme patience and persistence. You wait for the enemy to make a mistake. Then you strike. Then you back away and re-assess.
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on January 20, 2015
Dark Souls 2 is all around an excellent action/RPG. The game focuses on rewarding players for learning how to play, and punishing button mashing. It improves upon many features of the first game, but unfortunately adds some old and new problems that make it the lesser of the two. If you have played Dark Souls or are interested in a couple of the important points:
Ring of Life Protection - Like in Dark Souls I, this item protects your humanity and souls from being lost, but unlike DaS, this ring is repairable. You also get four ring slots!
Human Effigy - Instead of sprites like DaS, this item grants you humanity, but rather than becoming human at the bonfire you can use this anywhere.
Warp - In Dark Souls II you don't need to wait until 1/2 of the game is finished to warp from bonfire to bonfire.
Soul Memory - When pairing for Co-op or PvP, the total number of souls you have ever gathered is used instead of your level (which was used in DaS). This can cause some majorly unbalanced matches early on when one player decides to spend a lot of souls on gear/consumables instead of levels.
Emerald Herald - Like in Demon Souls, you must speak with an NPC to level your character, instead of leveling at a bonfire. I think this was a big step backwards for DSII.
Secrets - One of the best things about DaS was the exploration. Finding hidden paths in Dark Souls II requires either pressing the action button, or trying to hit the walls.

Overall Dark Souls II is a great game, and if you loved Dark Souls or you enjoy action/RPGs you will probably have a blast with this game.
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on March 14, 2017
Really good game and the first Dark Souls i played. Its hard but i think that makes the game even better.
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on May 23, 2015
Don't listen to the haters. Dark Souls 2 is superior to the first in pretty much every way. The only flaw that I think might hurt it for some people is that every enemy is WAY WAY more harsh on you. They WILL chase you throughout the entire level without hesitation at least most will. I personally think it makes it that much more good. Plus the fact that you get punished for dying each time because your health goes down unless you use an effigy. Another thing I would say that fighting bosses by yourself is much much harder since EVERY enemy hits HARD unlike the first Dark Souls. Again, I think it makes the game more frantic and fun.

*Better graphics
*Better Online
*Harsher Enemies and penalties for dying
*More areas to explore
*More equipment to have fun with
*More bosses

All in all, this make Dark souls 2 superior. It's diverse to where no two people online will have the same class build style.
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on March 17, 2015
Oh, man. I can't put this game down. Play the first two, and work your way up to this one. It is in the same style, with the biggest difference being that DS2 has enemies that respawn a limited number of times. So use your souls (currency in the game) wisely, as they are more limited this time around.
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