Customer Reviews: Darkness Falls
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on April 20, 2012
**Notice: My review contains SPOILERS.***

Whenever I give a book (or item) a review that doesn't make the fans happy, I get a fair amount of 'not helpful' clicks. I know that these come from emotional based responses from the fans. Never the less, these "not helpful" clicks by the fans have caused me to shy away from giving anything, but the best books (items) an Amazon review.
But I feel to be honest and fair to those who will be paying for the book, it is worth the knocks on my Amazons 'over all review ratings' percentage to put my review out here. As this book has a large number of 5 stars ratings, but I feel that potential buyers deserve the other side of the coin. Personally, I wish I had known a little bit more about what I was paying for before I got this book.

I give this book three stars and I feel that I am being generous doing so. I feel that three stars is an average read. I give my stars on an 'overall' (flow-plot-characters and so on) view of the book.

What I liked about the book. It has good action combat scenes. It starts off with a steady pace and keeps at that same pace. I liked the book cover. I liked the storyline (just not the execution of it).

What did not work for me about the book.
The characters especially (our protagonist) seem flat. Kayla falls into the Y. A. stereotypical 'heroine' who needs a man (teenage boy) do tell her what to do/think/feel. This has become a current and regrettably ever so popular trend in the Y. A. Dystopian genre.

I was more then frustrated with the number of times the author fell onto the 'You don't know? You should know. You should remember by now or, someone should have already told you. I promise I will tell you but not right now, later. You can trust me.' Then of course they never get around to telling her, and they end up betraying her (repeatedly). Yet Somehow it is all ok in the next chapter. Really? You call that suspense? I found it annoying.

Also what I did not enjoy about the book was the way the author 'borrows' from other books or movies. Without giving too much away I will say, you know in the movie the Matrix , the red pill (remember everything) the blue pill (forget). Yeah the author 'borrowed' that. Except it was a syringe of white fluid vs one of purple fluid.
Now I feel it is ok to gently 'borrow' a storyline, provided you have your own take on how the plot and characters should be. But I do not feel it is OK to 'borrow' a scene from someone else's work. If the author could not find a way to give Kayla and the others a way to choose to remember or forget without so heavily 'borrowing' then she should have skipped that all together.

I will not be continuing on in this series.
However I am sure there are readers who might like this series like those who enjoy the YA Dystopian teen-romance genre.
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on September 16, 2012
I liked this book and am now reading the next in the series because I have to know what is going on. This story has one of the best opening lines ever."The sky is black,the streets are full of cries, and my clothes are drenched with either rain or blood. Maybe both." After sifting through a multitude of books I own I read that line and said I am reading this!!! I was taken on a roller coaster of emotions and every few pages I would have a new theory as to what was going on. At every turn, my previous theory was erased and a more sinister one would take its place. Bits and pieces to the puzzle kept seeming as if they held the answers but only went deeper into the conspiracy. I would think is Kayla human... wait maybe not... but wait maybe no one is human anymore... but wait, they have heart beats.... but wait now they don't...ok they do... what came first the vampires or the humans??? A definite mind trip and completely relatable to the way many people feel they are manipulated by their own governments or family. I am intrigued as to where the characters will end up and how. I have begun the second book, and the pace is similar. Perhaps I am just curious by nature and the reason I need to know is to satisfy my never-ending need to know, but it has been and continues to be one hell of a ride!
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on October 18, 2012
The book started out promisingly but quickly became frustratingly confusing. A lot of aspects just don't make sense, ie some people have no heart beat but they can breathe and have a pulse and blood...?  There are a lot of things going on but no explanations are offered. The main character is poorly constructed and annoyingly confounded by everything, i kept reading in the hopes it would get better right up to the last page. I have little time to enjoy for myself and reading this book was a waste of my time.
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on March 28, 2013
For potential future readers: If decent sentence structure, correct word usage and spelling are important to you, avoid this badly conceived and badly written book. If you care about a plot that makes sense or characters and dialogue that are remotely believeable, you'd best look elsewhere.
For the author: Please invest some money in the hiring of an editor. This is an inexcusable piece of writing.
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on December 19, 2012
Sorensen clearly did not grammar check her work and did not hire an editor. If she did, they should be fired. It was difficult to lose myself in the story when I had to keep mentally correcting her work. This would be lucky to skate by with a C in high school English.

The concept was good but poorly written. I could not in good faith torture myself with another book from Sorensen.
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on January 21, 2014
This book had a great rating, interesting synopsis, and many things I enjoy in a book. However, I couldn't get past the discrepancies and grammatical errors. One memory states that her doll had blond hair just like her, yet the cover certainly doesn't have a blond chick on it. No biggie you say? Well considering there's no real description of most of the characters that's all you have to go on. I can't picture most of the people. The idea behind the book is a good one. Somehow it falls a bit short. I give it a middle of the road rating. Not great, not awful.
Seriously though, why are most of these types of books poorly edited? I read around two books this size a day. I'm a fast reader who HAS to finish something before I can do anything else. Send me a copy and I'll edit for you. It's just sad to see a good idea and all that effort diminished by poor editing and inconsistencies.
Will I buy the next book? No. I have enjoyed her other books though so I would try another series when it comes out.
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on April 9, 2013
Kayla is part of a colony that survive the sickness that made everyone a vampire. She is one of the warriors who goes in the city for necessities. We don't know what Kayla is exactly but she has super speed, strength, stamina, she can sense people feelings, she is really good with knifes. The rest is hard to explain because it was confusing.

I gave "Darkness Falls" two stars, one for the effort the other for the whole concept. This book was difficult to follow. Not because it had a complicated plot but the author idea wasn't flush or come across and not well constructed at all! so MANY editing errors, wrong words, sentence/words were being repeated many times and poorly compose phrases that had to be re-read. Inconsistency, many things were left in the air.

The characters's emotions were everywhere(and not in a good way). I've read this whole book and I can't say much about them. Kayla and friends were always moving around, actions/fighting were OK but didn't make up for the mistakes.
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on August 25, 2013
I'm not one for writing book reviews, but I'm astounded that this book seems to be so well received by readers; it's almost as if a majority of reviewers downloaded an entirely different novel that was well written with an intriguing plot and multifaceted characters.

Unfortunately, this book had none of those aspects but is instead a hot repetitive mess during which not much of anything is accomplished or revealed. The characters are flat and the main character makes a frustrating narrator.

The book at first seemed like it would have a somewhat interesting plot but the author failed to deliver anything intriguing enough to keep me reading. (The only reason I was even able to finish this was because I can't stand leaving a book unfinished.) There are too many typos and glaring grammatical errors for my liking and the writing style is atrocious.

If you enjoy reading a book with no character development and not having a single issue resolved, then you've found your perfect book. Otherwise, save yourself 2 hours and read anything else. Darkness Falls is just the sort of book that gives the paranormal/urban fantasy genre a shoddy reputation.
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on October 19, 2012
I agree with another person who left a comment of the first line really grips you. It's true, I was hooked and had to find out more. I am not, in any way, a vampire book fan. Luckily this book doens't really dwell on vampires which I was glad to find out. I finished the book in a day, and although I had chores to do, I immediatly went to the computer and downloaded the second book in the series.

Is it one I'll think about for days and dwell upon; possibly. Was it a good way to spend a cold afternoon, sitting on my couch and drinking hot chocolate; why yes it was. I did enjoy both books. Will I be buying the third book? Most certainly. Even I'm anxious to find out what happens to Kayla, Sylas and Aiden.

Again, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon and evening. The books were actually extremely difficult to put down ~ luckily I was on days off so I didn't have to put either down. Oh, and I didn't, except to sleep :)

Happy reading folks!
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on October 10, 2014
Kayla Juniper is a Bellator, which is essentially a fighter/hunter for the Colony. Set in a dystopian universe where the world outside the Colony is overrun by vampires and these creatures called Day Takers, the Colony is a safe haven for those who chose safety over freedom. The Colony is run by beings known as Highers, and regulated by their sidekicks, known as Watchers. The Highers are like demonic, evil angels and cannot be killed except by another Higher. Kayla has few friends in the Colony and has a bunch of strange superpowers, she can hear heartbeats, know if someone is telling the truth and can sense their feelings through a kiss, is never afraid, has super speed, and strangest of all, she can walk among vampires and they flee her like the plague, they're terrified of her. Kayla doesn't know why this happens but it makes her near invincible against the vampires and a valuable asset to the Colony, the Highers, or whoever can get their hands on her. Kayla's mentor is a doctor named Monarch, who injects her daily with some sort of magical serum under the pretense that she will die without it, that there's a problem with her blood. Monarch is all she has, her parents died during the vampire invasion and since her rescue Monarch has been her only parent figure. Kayla is chosen for The Gathering. The Gathering is a ritual where certain Bellators are selected and what happens to them afterwards is unclear. Kayla wakes up in a desert in a body bag surrounded by others also in body bags. Her heart is no longer beating. Kayla and her desert companions are "rescued" by an attractive guy named Aiden and taken to a community built into a hill. All of those previously chosen for The Gathering now live in this community, those who didn't choose to take the serum provided for them when they woke from their slumber in the body bags. Kayla learns the truth about her past, about the gruesome experiments on children, plots to restore the world to what it was before the vampire infestation, and starts to regain her medically suppressed memories. As Kayla's view of the world starts to change, she begins to learn the truth about what is real and just how much of what she thought she knew was really just an elaborate game of manipulation for a more sinister cause.

Deals with important themes and explorations of the human psyche, like how one reacts to fear, loss of memory, betrayal, and just how much one's willing to give up for safety.

Depiction of vampires in a very nontraditional way, as decaying, bleeding, pieces of walking flesh, more like zombies than Edward Cullen.

The Darkness Falls world is very well-defined and detailed, down to the most minor details. The infrastructure is intense and full of complex relationships between the victim and the victimized.

Typos, grammatical errors, and incorrect tenses.

Weird love triangle was infuriating.

Felt like the first half of the book was drawn out and could have been edited down.

No good description of Kayla.

If you liked the Angelfire series and/or Gena Showalter's Intertwined series you would probably find this enjoyable.
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