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on August 27, 2013
I love this show and I own each season on DVD. Typically the DVD's are great, there are at least three commentaries with the actors, writers and directors of the episode being discussed and they are very entertaining. I particularly look forward to the full (or near full) cast commentary on the Kurt Sutter directed finales each year. If you have seen this season's finale you will understand why I was looking forward to hearing his discussion of it. However, there is no such commentary, nor is there one on Laying Pipe (which there should have been if you have seen the episode) or J'ai Obtenu Cette as were advertised. Several of the other listed extras do not exist either and the DVD set was more expensive this year. Overall, I still love the show, but if I would have known how many of the advertised extras were not real, I would not have purchased the dvd. This is the first time I have been disappointed.
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on July 24, 2016
This series is about a vulgar, extremely violent, criminal biker gang called SAMCRO. They had been running guns from the IRA to the Russians in northern California, but recently are talking about a new source from Gaza for heavy military type weapons which are to go to a Mexican Cartel south of the border. A new twist in Season 5 is a clandestine government organization that is well aware of the criminal activity of SAMCRO and are using SAMCRO to move heavy weapons to a certain Mexican Cartel. In exchange for the weapons, SAMCRO "mules" cocaine to a criminal boss in Oakland and gets paid. The members of SAMCRO keep talking about getting out of the gunrunning business, but now they are into drug running, which is contrary to their charter. They keep saying it is temporary, but every move they make seem to lead further down a ruthless criminal path. They have even started justifying the killing of innocent civilian by calling it "collateral damage". I think we all know how this story has to end - death or life in prison.

Law enforcement is ineffective because most of them are either corrupt or wind up owing the gang for one thing or another.

If you have nothing else going in your life and love vulgar language and violence, you'll love this series. It is addictive, so you will not want to stop once you start watching.
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on September 2, 2016
The show is worth watching but is NOTHING LIKE a true 1% Club. The females in the show have way too much influence and information about club activities. Half of the members have s**** going on behind the others backs. And there's no way a punk kid like Jax Teller would have been the VP just because his stepfather was the Prez so it goes without saying that he wouldn't be the Prez either. Chibs and Bobby are the two that would in reality be at the head of the club. There are far too many other things wrong with the show that are just Hollywood Political statements, such as the Transvestite s***. Sorry, but that s**** would never fly around REAL BIKERS. Wanted to give only 2 and a half stars. LOVE the BIKES but those are unrealistic also. Not all bikers ride brand new bikes.
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on December 4, 2015
I had purposely not watched Thai series before now as I figured it was another one of "those" movies. I am thrilled to say it was AWESOME. I became totally hooked/ obsessed at about the 3rd episode in season one.
Somehow I immediately felt connected to so many people in the show. I was amazed by some of the actors actresses (especially Katey Sagal!) everyone did a fabraric job! Great story...pretty realistic (minus a few smaller details.)
Hard to say which one of the men of SAMCROW that I was dreaming about.
I loved it. I am actually starting to watch the entire series again... To catch things I may have missed.
I will also say it is amazing how much the characters "grew" into the roles. This growth is something you might have missed if you watched one episode a week.
Most of all it was awesome due to being on Amazon Prime. It was great to watch it show after show!
( Yikes! Where did that week and a half go!?)

I am not even a "TV" kind of person and it usually takes A LOT, for me to enjoy any movie or show. SoA won my heart!
Really hoping the rumors of season 8 are true.

Hope you enjoy it too!
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on June 16, 2015
One of better-written, well-acted and well-produced tv series. Extremely well-crafted. Not as good as Breaking Bad and nothing close to the quality of The Wire, but a decent distant third runner-up in the cops vs. drug/gun-runners genre. Inventive and at times brilliant plotting, highly entertaining and informative about the portrayed criminal underworld comprised of m.c. (Sons), hispanic m.c. (Mayans), Chinese gang, black street-dealing gang (Niners), sophisticated black Mafia, the imprisoned elements of all the preceding, IRA gun source, rabid-unscrupulous ATF officer,and all the interpersonal relationships between the Sons, their families, and outsiders. It's the interpersonal story between Jacks and Tara that hooks the viewer throughout this season--as well as the revelation of the m.c.'s roots in Belfast and ties to the IRA. The 3-season-long slow deterioration and ultimat demise of one gang member's wife plays out like an inexorable Greek tragedy. Smart and fascinating portrayal of small-town politics, uneasy alliance between local cops and the m.c.gang, and the struggle by high school sweethearts to survive inside Murder, Inc. Action-filled entertainment via a cluster-bomb of gangland amorality tales.
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on October 4, 2014
If you are an SOA fan, this is a great season. There are a lot of clues in this season as what should happen in the end of the show. Gemma is running around drinking, getting high, and sleeping around wrecklessly with other people, after she just ended her marriage to Clay, after all the destruction he has caused. Causing the MC to retaliate on someone who wronged her, and accepting a new partnership with a "companionator" named Nero which starts off the season. If you have read Shakespeare's Hamlet, you know the line about letting Nero entering/ not entering Gertrude's heart. As a darkly comedic answer to that, Nero (Jimmy Smits), is entering Gemma's life in another way physically and her heart as well, for now. This forges a partnership between Nero and the SAMCRO, that leads his life back into chaos once again, after he is trying to go straight for his handicapped son, Lucius. There is also a lot of push and pull between SAMCRO and the One-Niners and their leader, Damon Pope, along with retaliation for what Clay caused Tig to do in season 4 with some horrid consequences for members of SAMCRO. We get introduced to a transgender named Venus, played by Justified's and the SHield's Walton Goggins who plays a transgender prostitute who Tig seems to comically show a liking for, and if you are familiar with Shakespeare, he did use men to play women in his plays. Jax also utilizes Tara to help the MC with a RICO case, which will bring some consequences for her as well. Also there is a desperate search for some legal documents that may be important in the end of the show in season 7. . .This show really pushes the boundaries for TV, but there really are some lessons to be learned in how lies will eventually catch up with the MC, and the consequences of those lies and the violence it causes in this type of life, and on those around the perpetrators, as well as themselves.
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on December 5, 2012
If you've enjoyed SOA so far, and have come to care greatly about characters like Jax, Terra, and Opie--this is a painful season to watch. Watching these people become more and more unlikable, or otherwise changed for the worse, is a difficult thing to do. What works this season is how it moves the narrative forward, how it keeps you guessing, and how the pieces ultimately fit together by the end of the season.

What stood out to me particularly about Season 5 is the heightened degree of cruelty about everything, which is largely the result of the machinations of Damon Pope in the first episode. Harold Perrineau does a great job of playing an utterly ruthless and sadistic villain. SAMCRO gets dragged into Pope's world, which is an even darker place than that of the Mexican drug cartel or the Aryan nation from previous seasons. It's hard to see how this negatively impacts Jax as well, as we watch him drift further and further away from the ideals that he once held sacred.

There is at least one source of light at the end of the tunnel, however, which comes from an extremely likable new character, Nero, played by the incredibly talented Jimmy Smits. You'll like Nero right away, and like him even more as the season progresses. In a story where there are very few "good guys" left, it's refreshing to see there's still an outlaw with a heart of gold. Another surprising and welcome development comes from Tig, who becomes much more sympathetic than he has been in the past. By the end of the first season I thought he was a rotten guy, but seeing what he endures in Season 5 really changed my perspective. I actually felt for the guy, and didn't want to see him suffer any more. I think that's a testament to Kurt Sutter's writing ability, in that he can turn our viewpoint of a character around in a natural manner, that doesn't feel contrived or forced.

I do have to say that I still greatly disagree with the choice kill off a certain character this season, but I won't spoil it. Like I said, painful to watch, but still good.
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on June 10, 2015
I have enjoyed the SOA as a binge watcher, since I did not catch it during the original run. I just finished season five and am not sure I will finish the last two seasons. The acting remains strong but I have felt that the story line has been going stale -- some one inside betrays the MC, an external threat from other outlaws appears, law enforcement antagonists or activities arrive on the scene and get dealt with; Clay lies to Jax and Gemma, Gemma lies to Jax, Tara waivers in her decision to leave, etc etc. And now that I already have some awareness of the upcoming events in the next two seasons, my interest has waned. At the end, most good TV series seem to overstay their original appeal.
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on February 3, 2016
I finished the final season this morning and I'll have to say that it was great entertainment. This, from an ex-federal law enforcement official. I was somewhat disturbed because I kept catching myself rooting for the thugs and seeing them as regular people with problems like everyone else. Of course we normal people don't just shoot or stab everyone we have a disagreement with. However, the law enforcement people is this program were mostly a little shady. It appears that general knowledge of biker gangs, the author's story seemed authentic and made the show really interesting. The acting was sensational and most of the actors were not known by me prior to watching the show. As I said in another review earlier in the season, the show would be more accurately titled if it had been named, "SONS OF DUPLICITY."
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on February 27, 2016
I was hesitant in watching this series because I had seen a couple of episodes and they did not really draw me in. I figured I'd watch the first few episodes since they were on Amazon prime. I absolutely loved it. The storylines were great despite the violence and kept me binge watching for 2weeks after work and on weekends. I got invested in the characters and couldn't wait for SAMCRO to get revenge over the "bad guys" and when I got to the final episode I got teary at the ending scene. If you like to see movies that have a deep statement, then this is for you. The fight between good and bad tormenting Jax was awesomely portrayed by the actor. I give this series 5 stars for its entertainment value, it's portrayal of a good man doing bad things, and it being filmed very well and believability.
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