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on August 11, 2012
If you purchased the NEX-7 and have previously used a Canon or Nikon SLR, then you soon realize the menu system and shortcuts are a new language from Sony. The NEX manual is quite clear, but very brief. David Busch does a great job of explaining all the little details and aspects of the camera in laymen's terms with great explanations of the HDR settings, lenses, and video that the OEM manual lacks.

However, the overall book seems to be an addendum to the Sony manual and not an everyday shooter's reference. There are nearly zero recommended settings for specific applications and this camera has an overwhelming amount of selections. I was expecting how best to set up the camera for specific scenarios in order to maximize the potential outcome. There are some recommendations, but far too little.

And the most absent part for me was the lack (or should I say mistake) of a full Custom Settings selection. Chapter 2 refers to many more "fun things you can do" in Chapter 3, but Chapter 3 has only one short paragraph which refers back to Chapter 2. And as you find on the NEX, some items are grayed out and cannot be selected to change until the prerequisite setting or mode is selected first. David missed what these prerequisites are in the description so the user must painstakingly hunt for it.

I want a book that can provide an expert photographer's thoughts on how best to set up the camera to perform best in various shots but also improve on the user's interface with the camera and minimize hunting for the setting that is needed. Suggest that a section be devoted to the optimum setup for the everyday family shooter, the naturalist photographer, the street shot addict, the serious photographer, etc. Each setup would be most ideal and quick access to the settings they require most.
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on September 7, 2012
This is a very clear and complete guide to use of this fantastic camera as well as an excellent presentation of the aspects of digital photography available with this camera. Because it is printed on glossy stock paper which make the many color photographs much more accessible and useful, this manual is rather heavy and not something you are likely to carry around in your camera bag. It would be nice to have had a pull-out menu that you could carry around more easily, but that is not really the function of this guide. It is meant to take you into a much deeper understanding of the camera and its functionality as digital image processor. I'm very happy with this purchase.
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on February 27, 2015
This book by David Busch is wonderfully put together. Obviously he is a knowlegeable photography who knows he's stuff.
I think too much emphasis has been put to learning photographic skills than to the camera's indept operation. But its still
a good read for the beginner or the advanced photographer. I found reading it gave me some insights I forgot while I started
taking photo's several decades ago. I highly recommend this book if you are a NEX 7 shooter or even starting Photography
as a hobby. Good book!
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on September 18, 2013
The Sony NEX-7 is a great camera, but to learn to use all of its functions, you'd better have a lot of advice. It's only similar to a DSLR in basic concept; everything else is different so that's a big learning curve.

There is a lot in this book that isn't necessarily about the NEX, so the size of the book is due partly to that. You can get away without the guide and just use the camera's auto features, but that's a waste with this great camera.
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on December 16, 2012
I regularly purchase a book when I get into a new SLR and/or new system. In the case of the NEX it is a new step for me as I wanted to downsize and get a smaller more compact system for hiking. This book really explains the hows and whys of each menu item and control when using this camera. For the record, I am an experienced photographer brought up thru the film era into digital ( I own and use Nikon F-5, D-200 and D-300s Cameras). I have several books by this writer and as always he does a great job of clarifying things so you can get the most from your camera.
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on August 23, 2012
Having purchased a NEX-7 & downloaded the user manual I was rather stunned by the many hundreds of pages & screeds of information. David's manual is written in an easy conversational style, works logically through what the camera is, what all the bits are & what they do. This is followed by sensible chapters that move you progressively through how to understand & use the camera. The explanations are well supported with real pictures & screen shots so you are in no doubt as to what youre viewing at all times. The book is now part of my camera bag & is my official user manual, like AMEX says, dont leave home without it.
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on August 3, 2012
Unless you are an advanced professional photographer, this book is a must. I am not a professonal photographer, although I have some experience with digital cameras and owned a Canon digital SLR for many years, but needed an upgrade for my professional work (which is not photography -- I needed to take sharp photos from ancient manuscripts in low-light library reading rooms where flash is not allowed). Sony Alpha Nex-7 camera seemed like a very good choice, so I got one. But when I received a package and opened it, I was quite intimidated by this high-tech camera. I figured out its point-and-shoot capabilities on my own, but realized that I needed a good guide book to navigate all the available features of this camera. So, I bought David Busch's Guide and found it VERY useful. It is not for a light reading, though -- you will need to use your brain and it will take time to study the book in depth, and I am still working on it, but I definitely progressed to better understanding of my new "toy" and improved my photographic skills. Bottom line: if you invested money in Nex-7 upscale camera, you should invest very modest amount of money to buy this book -- you won't regret.
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on May 23, 2013
I am new to the "world" of photography in a lot of ways. I have always "taken pictures" but I have never had a camera that could create masterpieces good enough for framing. I finally got my first "real" camera... the Nex-7. Although I was able to figure out many of the features on my own, this book is incredibly detailed with wonderful illustrations and the author goes into painstaking detail about every single feature and what it's for and what it does and offers suggestions on how to make the most of the Nex-7. Thanks to the author for taking the time to put this book together. It is easy to read and not boring at all.
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on April 27, 2017
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on February 24, 2013
It's about time a thorough instruction and description of this complex camera appeared. I haven't used my huge Canon camera since starting to use the Nex-7 and this book is enabling me to get even more out of it.
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