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on January 17, 2013
This guide does exactly what it is supposed to. It shows you how to dig into the nitty gritty of the Canon T4i. It also goes a little farther by showing you some techniques that can be acheived with the T4i. I'm sure there are general books on DSLR photography that will give you the same info, but it seems like a bonus to me that the extra info is in this guide. One example is his explanation of focus stacking, which I'd never heard of. Another good tip I gleaned from this guide was how to correct the aberration on one of my lenses. The camera does all the work, but I would never have found the setting had it not been for this guide. Of course, that isn't all I've learned from this guide, but those things were very important to me.
I'm not a first time reader of David Busch, in fact, this is my third book by him. One other guide (Canon XSi) and one on DSLR photography. I like his style, sense of humor, and his ability to make things a little more understandable. The Canon T4i can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be, and this guide makes it very enjoyable to learn either way. I highly recomend this book.

EDIT: August 24, 2013
After reading "The Most Helpful Negative Review" it got me to thinking "Did I just miss something?" Actually, at the time I wrote my review I was not the least bit interested in the video portion of this great camera, so I could have been biased to just imagee. Fortunately, all of the ins & outs of video concerning the T4i ARE covered in this book, so I don't totally understand how the OP of the negative review could have missed it. Granted, it is kind of spread out and not in just one Chapter like you might think, but it is all there somewhere, and a quick glance at the index will lead you to what you want to know.
This is straight from the Table of Contents (and yes, I've read every word and it isn't generic, but for the T4i): Movies, pages 157-177, capturing; composition for; creative lighting; default settings; displaying movies only; DOF (depth of field) and; editing (in camera)160-162; estanblishing shots in; face detaction +tracking mode; FlexiZone-Milti Mode; FlexiZone-Single Mode; focus modes for; grid display for; Playback menu; image stabilitation for; judder when shooting; movie setting menues; playing back movies; resolution (this discuses all of the available resolutions available to you and how much memory they use). I could go on and on, this is only about about half of the subjects on shooting video WITH the T4i that's listed in the index. I'm not touting Mr. Busch's book in any way, I just like for people to be given straight up info. I truely depend on these reviews to purchase.
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on November 19, 2012
This is our third David Busch guide, and I think that he keeps on getting better. His style is very complete without being wordy or too technical. He seems to realize that you are going to grow with this camera (it has a LOT of features), and he doesn't miss a beat taking you from the automatic settings gradually up through the standard features through the advanced tools with the same clear, uncluttered explanations without the reader ever feeling he is being spoken down to, but also supplying you thorough information. He knows the camera backwards and forwards and is consistently giving you tips on how to make the best photographs with each feature. It is big, but is easy reading with a lot pictures to illustrate the text. The T4i is smart enough to let you "set it and forget it", but if you want to express your creativity and get the very best out of this amazing camera, then this book can lead you gently into that land.
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on February 11, 2013
I upgraded my Cannon S1IS which I loved. I was ready for a serious camera and one of the big name TV sales stations was selling a complete package for the REBEL T41 and I could not pass it up. The manual is just fine for reference but I wanted a book for more detail. I will be honest I did not know this author or his work but I can say now that I have it I am very happy. The camera has a lot of settings and Mr. Busch tackles it into great detail with professional pictures of the camera and of his own. I
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on July 2, 2013
This is a book that will tell you everything and more about your camera! As cameras become more and more complex and can do more than point and shoot, the small manual that comes with the camera is highly insufficient. This is not a small book. If you travel and you can get a Kindle edition I would advise to do that simply because of the weight of the book.
To be honest, I had no idea that my new camera can do some of the things described in this book and would never have discovered them on my own. Many of the buttons on the camera are used for multiple different settings and the manual that came with the camera did not make that clear.
I would recommend this book to anyone that is ready to move beyond the point and shoot mentality and learn to use this camera/computer to its fullest potential. Easy to understand, logically arranged, and invaluable.
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on February 5, 2013
The manual that is packed with the camera cover every button, menu, switch, and touch-point. But it is made to be compact and succinct. This book helps to remedy that with clear explanation, useful cross references, and attractive illustrations. By putting this book on my Kindle I also solved issue of size. The Kindle tucks neatly into my camera bag wherever I go. Plus this version has plenty of room for margin notes and I'm never without a highlighter. The book content is useful for learning the in's-and-out's of this new piece of gear, the e-book medium makes it better. The ability to search the entire book for a word or phrase is much better than a printed index as there is no need to guess at the intent or taxonomy of key word and ideas.
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on February 4, 2013
David Busch deserves a lot of credit. He has obviously worked hard to improve his books on various Cameras to the point this later one on the Canon Rebel T4i is Excellent. Exceptionally well formatted, illustrated, better print quality and improved content and he sends it to you " autographed"- always a plus. Much better than his ealier Canon 30d Book. He also provides exceptionally fast delivery response , timely communications, excellent packaging etc. a Class Act in all respects.

P W Orlando, FL
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on March 4, 2017
A must have! I use my camera for underwater photography and this will definitely help me get better.
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on June 1, 2013
After I purchased my T4i I needed more than the tiny manual it comes with. I purchased several others that were ok. Juust ok. This author did an excellent job explaining the different functions and many other creative details the others lacked. For fairly new novice photographers trying to get a handle on this very awesome and powerful camera will definitely benefit from this book.

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on April 8, 2014
Perfect book to supplement actual manual that is packaged with camera. The manual included with camera is fairly spare. I always pick up this authos manual.
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on August 17, 2013
... to the world of the DSLR ...!

I have been interested in photography since I got my first SLE in 1970 ... after a couple of mishaps in the 90s I started to use compact digital cameras and while I enjoyed them there was always something missing. After changing to the Canon Rebel I found that I missed the sound of the mirror. David's book very nicely and neatly explained what else I was missing ...
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