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on January 10, 2013
I picked this camera up coming from a point and shoot camera and was amazed at the image quality, especially in low light. After a couple months, I realized that I would greatly benefit from something like this for me to get the most out of the camera. In the beginning, the author says that he does not intend to rehash the user manual by listing many of the self-explanatory features, and then continues to do that very thing. That's fine as I'm sure it will help some, but what really helps me are the simple tips on when to use certain features. As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and the same goes with photography as there are many different ways to capture a shot. If you are an experienced photographer, I don't know that you would benefit as much, but I'm sure there are always a few nuggets of new information that you can always learn. You may also like it if the user manual is to cryptic and dry as this walks through the features with a little more discussion.

One annoying part is that it's obvious that this is a re-hash from another NEX book, as another reviewer mentioned, as there are mis-statements (not typos) and descriptions of features not on the 5n. It makes me wonder if some of the photos are from a NEX-5n or just another comparable NEX. I suppose that it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, but it just nice to know that the entire book is dedicated to the 5N as the book title states.

Aside from that, it's a great resource and a great companion to someone just buying the 5N, as long as you are aware of the nuances.
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on March 22, 2012
Busch fills out the information that's in Sony's printed and (longer) PDF manuals. There's not much in his Guide that isn't already there. What he adds are practical tips and discussions and comparisons of the very many features of the camera. The NEX-5N has an immense collection of features, superbly implemented and more than a bit overwhelming. The camera's UI is probably as simple and efficient as it can be, but even the 300 pages of Sony manuals need further enhancement. This is what Busch's Guide provides.

Most useful for me are discussions of how the various features compare and interact, along with suggestions for when to use them. For example, the camera has many ways of dealing with a low-light scene. These include using the flash, setting a very high ISO, hand held six-shot combined image, various shutter, aperture, manual and programmed modes, and tripod mounted slow shutter exposure. His discussions of these explain the pros and cons and suggests when one would be more suitable than others.

Nonetheless I would still have liked more tips and suggestions for uses of the NEX-5N's many features. I thought he spent too much paper and ink on a recap of what's in the manuals. He's an experienced photographer and should really be able to give more specific and detailed suggestions of how to exploit the camera's capability. In the first four months I shot over 10,000 jpgs (it's free!) in different places and conditions and learned a lot by trial and error. What I learned was that the camera could get a good to excellent photo in any lighting situation if set properly. If my eyes could see it the NEX-5X could get a marvelously good image.

This Guide is a much better read than Sony's already very adequate manuals. There's a lot of putting it all together and what to do and not to do as well. Maybe the Guide felt to me that it was written by an excellent and technically experienced camera guru rather than an old hand at getting a wonderful photo with the equipment at hand.
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on November 30, 2012
I thought I was ready for my NEX-5N operating system (which is outstanding for basic point-and-shoot settings). The other advanced features of this camera, however, would have been lost to me if I had to rely on the cryptic Sony instructions that came with the camera. Likewise, reading an on-screen manual is not easy. Busch's guide is like having a Park Ranger in a dense forest - until you learn the trails you are often going to be lost and miss a lot of the best scenery. Perhaps a better analogy would be like how a non-nerd uses his personal computer's operating system (maybe 10% of what it is capable). I particularly appreciate the examples of creative use of the camera's features and how to explore on your own. If I live long enough to master all of this camera's capabilities to upgrade to one with more features, I am going to start with a camera that has a guide written by this Guru.
The only improverment I can suggest at this point, since I am using less that half of the camera's capabilities, is including a removeable "crib-sheet" with the Guide that simplifies the steps to get into and out of the camera's various features quickly. It would save you from having to carry the book on outings not specifically dedicated to photography. Likewise, the excellent glossery might benefit from page references like the index, where applicable. These suggestions don't even rise to the level of criticisms of this unqualified, necessary Guide to this camera.
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on July 4, 2012
This book had some non five star reviews, but for me it helped me understand and work the settings on my camera. Honestly the Sony alpha NEX-5N is great, but the user manual is dry and too compact. This books does a great job of explaining the features and settings and what they are four. After reading just 2 chapters I was able to use my camera with a macro lens and the 18-55 lens as well a lot better than when I purchased the camera and scanned the user manual. If you want to get the most out of your NEX I highly recommend this book. (Chapter 4 is rather lengthy)
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on May 9, 2012
I've had David Busch's book for a month or two and continue to be amazed at just how comprehensive it is.I will admit to being a little put off by it's "big book" format but have now decided that having large clear type as well as readable illustrations is actually a good thing.The book is well organized logical and about as thorough as it gets in regard to content.You can open it up(as I did) and go right to something that you're wondering about or take it a topic at a time and get all the relevant details and principles.Not just a 'how to',but where to,why to and why for manual of the highest order.Salute to Mr.Busch and thanks.
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on August 30, 2012
The book delivers exactly what it promised. I found it informative. This is what the instruction book for the camera should be. It is more detailed, and descriptive about the features of the camera.
It won't turn you in to a photographer, practice and skill development will do that. This book only promises to show you how to use the features of your camera. It is intended for any level, even novice photography fans will be able to follow.

I tried buying the book used from an amazon seller and they sent the wrong item. Returned it cancelled my order, and ordered it directly from amazon. No fuzz, great service from amazon.
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on August 13, 2014
I bought this because there wasn't yet a book available for the NEX-5T. I am not all the way through it, but it has been helpful so far. He includes good beginner level explanations of the different settings from a photography standpoint in addition to an explanation of how to access and adjust the settings within the camera. Other than some small interface differences that are easy to account for, the book is useful for the NEX-5T.
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on June 28, 2012
My NEX-5n is my first step up from a point and shoot. So I had NO experience with a DSLR and I struggled with the very terse Sony manual. I ordered David Busch's book and devoured it in 2 days. I got a jump start from this book that it would have taken a year to learn by trial and error.
It's well organized and written in clear conversational language. He gives you enough 'under the hood' detail on how things work for clear understanding (how the auto focus works for example) without head banging technical stuff. He has some tips on improving your photographs (use of lighting is one) but it's mostly about using all the features of the camera and that's exactly what I needed to supplement the comes with documentation.
Even better, I had trouble understanding something and sent Busch a question by email. Two days later, he replied with an additional explanation. Impressive!
I recommend this book highly. It's the missing manual and is a great value.
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on May 1, 2015
Got through just the intro and the first few pages. It is well written and appears to be very comprehensive in its coverage of the camera. I will attempt to read it cover to cover, as this is a new kind of camera for me.
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on November 22, 2012
I really like the 'just try it' philosophy of this author. Then when you can't figure something out you come back to the book which is very well written and organized. This author writes very well to the amateur who knows a little something about photography but needs a lot more detail to really understand this camera and its many wonderful features and how to use those features to best advantage.
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