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Davidson's Tea Bulk, Organic South African Rooibos, 16-Ounce Bag
Flavor: Organic South African Rooibos|Change
Price:$15.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 20, 2016
I have been ordering this product for years from both Amazon and directly from Davidson's and it's wonderful and delicious however starting my my July 2016 Subscribe and Save shipment, the product is totally different and substandard. After receiving the bad shipment I contacted Amazon and received a refund and I notified Amazon that I was concerned about the quality and the appearance was totally different than normal. I then placed an order directly with Davidson's and the tea was the same as it always is, deep red rooibos with a wonderful vanilla flavor. I just received my Subscribe and Save order for August and it is again a totally different product that I received, and it looks pale and green and white, nothing like rooibos tea. Until this bad batch in Amazon's inventory is replaced, I would highly recommend not ordering it, although I'm not really sure how one can know when that has been done. Buyer beware, and before you think that you hate this tea, you might want to buy it direct to find out what it's really supposed to taste like.

**Update 4/17/2017: I just ordered this product again and got the correct tea, so this problem has apparently been fixed now.**
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on September 9, 2017
Never had such a pleasant tea before as this one.
Not bitter, no acid, just smooth tea. Add nothing to it. Don't require sugar, enjoy it as is, for maximum health benefits.

Do not consume this tea if you have Kidney stones, Liver issues, it can be very harmful for those people.
Read elsewhere this warning. Look on webMD and other places for more info.
For the rest of us, it's very beneficial to consume it because of it's useful for our health.
Search the WEB for more info on this tea and what are those benefits.
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on December 13, 2013
I really like Earl Grey tea, and this one is fantastic, especially for the price. There is a LOT of Bergamot in the tea, and the aftertaste of the bergamot hangs around for a bit. I know a lot of people aren't huge fans of having a lot of the bitter citrus in their tea, however I quite like it. If you do have an issue with it, you can reduce how much tea you're using and letting it steep a bit longer. It's a very tasty tea at a great price.
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on January 18, 2017
I lived in South Africa for more than a year, and this is the only roobios I've had outside of SA that is EXACTLY like the roobios I used to drink there!
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on November 23, 2013
This is not the champagne-of-teas Assam that I purchase @ the food co-op for $18+ per OZ...it is a very fine single-estate Assam that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to drink every day. It is a lovely pigeon's-blood ruby color...dark amber red...and it has NO tannic quality to it whatsoever. It will sit on a warmer for hours and never develop bitterness or astringency. I have refreshed the pot with boiling water several times throughout the day and it has not changed character.

It does lack the complexity and nuance of a finer & more expensive Assam, and if that is what you desire, then go get it.

Most of us who post here are bulk tea drinkers, and would rather drink swamp water than commercial filter bagged tea. But I cannot fault Davidson's for giving us an affordable product, and I am not going to get all tea-snob about it. Yeah, I have a stash of superb Assam that I hoard, but I can drink this daily, so thanks, Davidson's, for a really good experience.
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on June 25, 2015
Spiced Rooibos Chai
I am not sure why so many reviews are based on other teas that the Davidson company sells. I am looking at the Organic Rooibos Chai and I see reviews for several other entirely different teas. Confusing. Another bad set up by Amazon.
Nevertheless, the Spice Rooibos Chai is out of this world delicious. I am picky, but even for my particular taste, this tea is top shelf. I like everything about it, the flavor, quality, shipping, packaging, etc. As soon as I began enjoying Davidson's teas, I began telling friends about them, insisting "this is the best deal out there for herbal teas".
I got fed up with outrageously over-priced foo-foo teas sold on line and in shopping malls. From now on, I will only be buying Davidson's teas in bulk-size bags. Best quality, best deal, best shipping.
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This is the real deal for chamomile. Just look at the price of herbal teas and compare the types against each other for weight. You'll see that chamomile is more expensive than most herbs in teas, more expensive than mint for example.

Even though chamomile is relatively expensive, we have been buying it as a standalone tea for many years. For us there is no desire to use chamomile as a blend. It's an acquired taste, just takes a little time before the scent and taste is heavenly.

This bag is certainly the best deal on any chamomile tea I've ever bought. The flowers are relatively large. Normally one would use the tiny teabags it normally comes in and only one at a time due to the relatively high cost. But at this volume and weight, we pack plenty into a tea ball for late night relaxing. Chamomile is a phenomenon for creating a calm feeling that is needed to quickly fall asleep.
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on August 7, 2017
I can only give my initial impressions as I haven't finished the bag, so I can't vouch if there's any rocks or bugs in there like other reviewers have claimed. What I can say is I am pleased with my order so far. I bought the English Breakfast tea. This isn't like your typical bagged English breakfast tea because this is only the raw black tea leafs, while bagged English breakfast tea usually has other spices added for flavor.

The bag it comes in is good enough to store it in as it has a ziplock seal. Less than a half of a teaspoon is enough for an 8oz cup. It's not whole leafs, but definitely decent sized bits of leafs rolled up. The taste is fresh and clean, but not overly strong, no bitterness and not particularly acidic, easy to drink without any additive like sugar or milk. I've been drinking it hot and cold brew.

This is my first order, but as long as no issues arise as I make my way through the bag, this will be where I purchase my tea from now on.
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on August 21, 2017
I stopped drinking coffee 4 years ago when I found out I was allergic and I stopped drinking caffeine when I realized it was heavily contributing to my GERD symptoms. Rooibos has been the perfect solution. I prepare this tea every morning and it has such a bold and rich flavor that I don't ever miss black tea. I can even add soy or almond milk to this tea and the flavor still shines through. I order this product once every 2 to 3 months and it is beautifully fresh every time. I appreciate the simple packaging.
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on February 25, 2012
I love chamomile tea and decided to try this one with fruits because I figured they would enhance the chamomile. This was not the case. Maybe I just got a disproportionate batch but my bag has a lot more fruit than chamomile and this shows in the taste. The orange and lemon greatly overpowers the chamomile. This was great when I had a cold, not so great when I wanted to relax with some chamomile.

The quality of the tea is good and that's why my rating is 4-star and not 3-star like I originally intended. I realize that the amount of fruit desired is subjective and I just happen to prefer more chamomile.

If every batch of the tea is created like this it should be appropriately named "fruit and chamomile" not the other way around.

I will upload a picture of my batch so anyone interested can see. Again, its possible that it was just my bag that had a lot of fruit. I will be ordering Davidson's Tea Bulk again but without fruit.
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