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on April 19, 2016
My favorite season. After "Double Date" in season one I knew it was just a matter of time before Pacey and Joey were going to get together. I loved following them from friendship to the realization that they were in love. Great chemistry between these two and it was only fitting that they end up together at the end of season six. Never watched this show until it was in syndication but as unrealistic as it was at times it took me back to the anguish and innocence of those teenage years. Love to play this season every once and a while if for no other reason than to watch the duo of Jackson and Holmes Favorite episodes include Four to Tango, A Week-end in the Country, Anti Prom, The Longest Day, True Love and Valentines' Day Massacre.
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on June 29, 2006
...that they changed most of the music in these DVD's. I grew up with this show and I was deeply affected by how they would pick out songs with lyrics that matched the scene that was happening. The music was a strong focus of mine for this show and to change over most of the catalog was entirely disappointing. I have also read that they do not intend on ever releasing a collection with all the original music due to legal reasons. So I have no intention of owning this collection again, which is a shame, since I adored this show. You can still catch re-runs on TV, though, and I would recommend, if sampling this show, to catch the high school episodes as opposed to the college episodes. The writing is better in the high school episodes and the characters are more enjoyable, especially Pacey, (my favorite).

If you put as much stock in the music of this show as I have, I would not suggest purchasing these DVD sets.
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on October 6, 2004
I nestled in with a cup of cocoa and my DVD remote all set and ready for DC Season Three. I do not have cable, so I have not been privileged to viewing the show on TBS. So, the long awaited Season 3--the road to Joey and Pacey together!!!--finally arrived. Intro...and "I don't wanna wait..." WAIT!!! What the heck happened to the theme song???? Something must be wrong, Paula Cole is not singing. Hmmm, must be an error with the first episode...

NO! The producers changed most, if not all, of the music that goes with these episodes. EVEN THE THEME SONG! What the heck is with that??? It really sucks because I love this show so much, and many of my memories of the scenes have connections to the songs that were originally playing. I believe it is in the season finale, it is really weird when Jen makes the comment about some overplayed pop song playing in the background of their melodrama...You are wrong, Jen. Well, that used to be the case, but now it is some song no one has ever heard!

While I love the show and everything about it, I am not giving this DVD collection (or any other ones that have the music changed) the full 5 stars because the new music disrupts my viewing pleasure as I am thrown off every time something happens and the original music is not playing. Most of the most memorable scenes in the show are linked in my mind to the music that was playing. So, I guess I will have to wait until I hear the music on the radio to remember those scenes so fondly. I won't be able to have that experience in watching the DVDs.

I wish there was some way to contact the producers and give them this piece of my mind, but I can't find anything like that on the DC website. Maybe they will read this review!
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on October 23, 2004
I will agree that it did suck when they changed the music, but the show is still fantastic. Its always a little awkward when something new comes along.....well enough of that let's get to the season. I love the opening episode "Like a Virgin" it shows Dawson meeting the new girl Eve who starts to make everyones pulse beat just a little faster!!! This season also has the destuction of Pacey and Andie's relationship after she has an affair.This season does have a drawback though. The story about Eve being Jen's sister should have been played out. Just as it was getting good Eve leaves town and Dawson talks with Jen's mother at Thanksgiving and they just kida let it go. That could have been wrapped up a little better. This season contains two of my favorite episodes ever. "A weekend in the Country" was a great episode where Pacey invites Fred Frickey to come to the Potter B&B and things don't go as planned. This has one of my favorite scenes between Dawson and Jen when they are talking in the moonlight. They made such a great couple when they actually got to have a relationship later on in the 5th season. That was just a beautiful scene. I think this is the episode where Pacey actually stops to think and realize that he is falling completely and hopelessly in love with Joey. My favorite episode ever is the "Longest Day", This is the episode that Joey and Pacey try to tell Dawson about how they feel. Dawson finds out from Jen earlier that day. What is so awsome about this episode is that it keeps going back in time and showing the day from different view points. All in all this episode was just well done. Hats off to Paul Stupin!!! The season finalle "True Love" ends with Dawson telling Joey to go with Pacey even though it kills him and she rides off into the sunset with Pacey on True Love. I just love the end where Dawson is like "Why does it hurt so much? and Andie says "Becasue our pain makes us real." So this season is a must have for all you Creek Fans order it today yo won't regret it . Also I think you will love the virtual tour of capeside!!!!
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on December 16, 2016
This is the season where it all really began for one of my favorite couples ever! Pacey and Joey are the embodiment of what a couple should be. I didn't watch the series when it was on TV but I binge watched the entire show and went back and bought most of the seasons. Love this show!!! #Couple Goals!
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on July 10, 2004
Someone had wrote in a previous review, nobody should write reviews unless they've seen the DVD. I had wrote a previous review based on my like for season 3, but know have a few new comments in regards to the DVD.
They changed the Dawson's Creek theme song??? Granted, every time I hear the song on the radio, I quickly change the station, it's still the theme. I've heard everything from, it's a creative decision, to the rights for the song cost Sony an arm and leg to get. I have a few memorable episodes of season 3 on VHS and had looked forward to finally getting rid of them when season 3 hit on DVD. Nope!!! Not now!!!
The producers did change a lot of the music that flowed through each episode too. Again, cost was one of the main issues I've heard. That doesn't bother me so much, but the mix is really bad. I've only seen the first 3 episodes on DVD and in those 3, it was at times difficult to hear dialog because of the poor music mix. I haven't checked for myself, but from what others have said, they did keep Daydream Believer in which is good considering the impact the song has on the episode "Stolen Kiss".
Granted, there are little things that have rubbed me the wrong way with this DVD, the other gripe is the loss of the recap from episode to episode. I now it's not that big of a deal, but I liked the "previously on Daswson's Creek" recap. I'm a major geek, so who knows.
If you are a Creek fan, it's still worth having. Maybe wait a while longer for the price to drop and cross your fingers they put things back on track for Season 4...probably my personal favorite.
Happy shopping Creekers.
Scott Patric
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on July 9, 2004
I am a HUUUGGGEEE fan of DC, and I am very upset, I just sat down and started watching the Third season DVD's. Now, on the package it said new music selected by one of the "Higher-ups" in making DC. At first I thought okay, It's not gonna be so bad I mean they changed some music from the Second season and it wasn't completely ruined. Even Roswell changed some music in the DVD set!
Boy was I WRONG!!!! At least the Producers of Roswelll had the commmon sense to at least keep the opening theme of the show on. BUT THESE IDIOTS CHANGED THE OPENING THEME FOR DAWSON'S CREEK!!!!!!!!! How can you change the opening theme when, running on TBS, it is the same for re-runs and the other DVD's have the original theme song "I Don't Wanna Wait". The Producers are acting as idiots for changing this!!!!!!! I would not have minded if they would have to make us pay more money for this set; As long as it did not exceed $75.
Now the reason it has only two stars taken away for the huge mistake they made in the music, I could never give DC a score of less than 3 out of 5 because the series was wonderful and it changed my life. Everything was good until they left High School. In case you don't know, this was the year that relationships really changed Joey became serious with someone else besides Dawson, and The group has a lot of changes in their lives this season! Before you buy this set, e-mail the company to see if they will be changing the theme song back to it's original song because they have received many angry e-mails about this saying people would rather pay more for the set just to keep the theme song!
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on January 27, 2005
I have become a die-hard Dawson's fan, by reason of the storylines as well as superb acting by almost all of the cast. I have to say, though, season 2 was kind of a disappointment to me. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that season 3 is absolutely phenomenal. Anyone watching the show will fall in love with the Pacey-Joey love story. It is enchanting, well-acted, well-scripted, and strangely believeable. This season shows the process by which the two fall in love, which is incredible. Michelle Williams and Kerr Smith put in wonderful performances as Jenn and Jack, as does Mary Beth Peil as Grams. We also see Dawson's parents mend their broken bridges in a beautiful, touching way. John Wesley Shipp and Mary Margaret Humes are wonderful in these roles. Bessie is still the incredible ideal sister, and very well-acted as well. Actually, the only poor acting in this season in my opinion is Michael Pitt as Henry, but that may just be because his character was basically a whiny immature overemotional freshman...anyways, season 3 is highly recommended. to me, the highlight is the episode "anti-prom," the part during which Joey and Pacey are dancing to the song "my invitation" (which is amazing, too), as Dawson and Andie look on. the best season of the entire series.
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on July 16, 2004
Season 3 was the first I had ever seen of Dawson's Creek on television. When the WB hosted a special on Pacey and Joey's relationship, I was hooked. The show manages to talk about teenage issues without sounding like a lecture and the acting done by the actors is first rate.
Sony/Columbia still has not gotten the point that squeezing 23 episodes onto 4 discs is not ideal. The image quality is somewhat grainy as a result. Typically other tv shows have 6 discs to hold a comparable number of episodes. Hopefully they will have changed that for season 4. Also, it would be good for the show to change back the theme song to the one by Paula Cole. Additionally, I find it annoying that the episodes should have Spanish and Portuguese subtitles and yet not have English subtitles. For those of us that are hard of hearing or for other reasons, English subtitles would make sense. The data footprint would not be significant either.
All in all, this season is one of my favorites. Even without Kevin Williamson's direction (??), the show continues to gain momentum with the development of its characters. I would recommend this season to anyone.
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on January 18, 2009
Unlike many reviewers, I wasn't a fan of this show from the very beginning. In fact, there was very little about this show that impressed me, originally. I've always felt that, as far as witty banter and pop-culture references go, Dawson's Creek failed where Gilmore Girls succeeded. However, one weekday afternoon I found myself watching the episode Cinderella Story out of sheer boredom, and was blind-sided by the ending. From then on, I was hooked by Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes' infectious chemistry. I decided to buy the Season 3 set because I wanted to watch this relationship develop from the beginning.
My only complaint about this set is that the first two dvds skip maddeningly, and many episodes are completely unwatchable. Because of this, I gave this set three stars instead of four, for disappointing product quality. Hopefully, the set I received was just a lemon.
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