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on May 19, 2017
Loving this book. Swooping dive bombers, Zeros, other planes as their pilots did their jobs found me holding my breath in anxiety and fear as I am certain the pilots on both sides felt. Feels like I'm there observer on the outside looking in.
Actually, I felt that all of the listed moods applied throughout the book. Can't say the entire book is / was just one mood. This book is real! This book exudes the feeling of fear, faith, hope, togetherness as a people, a country, as all characters truly felt; "That we're in this together". They helped each other, cried with each other, laughed when it was needed, supported each other.
The early days of the war, Pearl Harbor, all of it is a very integral part of our history that we should teach our children so they can experience some of the struggles, triumphs, love, loss, strength, hope and the express bonding that takes place under difficulties.
I think the book is a GREAT READ!!
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on January 17, 2018
Gripping tale typical of Newt Gingrich style. Well researched account based upon a simple alternative to history where Yamamoto personally commands the attacking force. A believable blow, by blow account of the aggressive Halsey vs the strategic gambler Yamamoto integrating the effects on other real & fictional personalities. A sequel is warranted.
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on January 12, 2018
I learned things about the attack I never knew before. I did not know that battleships bomboarded the east coast and Honolulu and all of the Pearl Harbor facilities on 12/8. I also was unaware that the lexitngton was sunk and the enterprise was disabled. I did not know any Japanese ships were sunk
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on February 5, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised by the pace of this book. Not a revisionist history of World War II, instead the book spans just a few days. From the "Day of Infamy", December 7th 1941, to December 9th. Here is where crucial decisions were made on incomplete or just plain wrong information. What if some people reacted differently? Would history have changed?

There is no tedious opening narrative, no summary of the war, no overview. You are dumped right into the action of the Pacific Theater, you see the decisions and terrors of the pilots and commanders. The book never lets go of this frantic pace, I read the entire thing through without feeling bored once. This war came alive in the way that Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers did for viewers. A fine achievement in a book.

Meticulously researched in every detail, the book helpfully gives authentic WWII black-and-white photographs throughout (hardcover edition, I don't know if the paperback version retains this feature). As we follow the commanders of both Japan and the United States, we wonder if they make the right decisions. The slightest misstep could lead to disaster. And that's exactly what happens. Even those with only a cursory knowledge of the Pacific Theatre (or just having seen Ben Affleck in his 'Pearl Harbor' movie) will easily follow the relentless pace.

Gingrich and Forstchen even work in a fine subplot on how the Nisei (Japanese Americans) contributed to protecting their home, America. All for a country that did not trust them. Not jingoistic in any way, this is a fine history lesson for the lay reader and jaded armchair generals, alike. It will make people want to learn more about what is rapidly becoming 'ancient history'.
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on May 2, 2017
Forstchen's works are always insightful and entertaining. Newt's contributions make them even better.
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on June 13, 2015
Historical fiction. Historically very correct. The fiction part is in the development of character personalities that we couldn't possibly know. This is a typical thing for Gingrich's books. Not sure that he actually wrote them. Great read! Fun and not a waste of time.
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on May 28, 2008
Authors Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen have written an excellent second installment in their highly-acclaimed Pacific War series. Following up on the events of their "Pearl Harbor" book, the authors continue with the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and the surrounding area.

After the third wave of Japanese planes have returned to their carriers, Admiral Yamamoto, who relieved Admiral Nagumo as force commander in the previous book, has made plans for two of his battleships to bombard Oahu. The heavily-damaged island and naval base now must face the fury of 14-inch naval shells. Soon, even more planes, buildings, and ships have been destroyed or damaged. However, this attack is not without cost to the Japanese, for a force of American destroyers manage to get close enough to the Japanese battleships to launch torpedoes. The destroyers succeed in severely damaging one of the battleships while forcing the second to withdraw.

Admiral Halsey, steaming off Oahu in the carrier Enterprise, gets word of the battleship attack on the island and launches a strike to finish off the battleship. Unfortunately for Halsey, the Japanese find him first, and Enterprise is severely damaged by Japanese carrier planes. But, the Americans manage to launch a strike of their own, and they leave the carrier Soryu heavily damaged. Next comes a few days of cat and mouse between the enemy fleets until once again the two adversaries make contact with one another. This time, American planes from the Lexington and Japanese planes from the Akagi literally fly within sight of one another as they make their way toward their targets. Both ships suffer the same fate, as each succumbs and sinks. The Japanese fleet has been heavily damaged, but the Americans have lost the services of both of it's Pacific Fleet carriers. What will happen next?

This is an excellent book. The time frame covered is only four days, but there is a lot of action packed in. Gingrich and Forstchen have loaded this book with several exciting battles between the Japanese and American Navies. The story really makes the reader think as to what would have happened to the course of World War II if these events were actually true. The readers must remind themselves that they are reading a novel, because so much of the detail seems authentic.

I give this book my highest recommendation. The Pacific War series has become one of my favorites, and I can't wait to see what Gingrich and Forstchen have in store for the next installment. Fans of historical fiction will want to make sure to read this excellent book.
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on May 6, 2016
Fascinating story. I was young at that time and remember what we saw on the news at the movies. This really brings it back and makes it more personal.
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on May 4, 2016
I love everything Newt Gingrich writes and this is no exception. I highly recommend it. I have an entirely different understanding of World War II and the Japanese side of the why it occurred. Not saying I like anything about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But now at least I understand the reasons behind it. The history of Pearl Harbor is not taught correctly to our students. To be a history teacher, you must present both sides of conflicts.
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on May 4, 2017
Fascinating view of that Day of Infamy and of the days following. Especially interesting was the struggle between Halsey and Yamamoto for information and therefore superiority over the Pacific
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