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on January 17, 2016
So here's the deal this game is super fun just like everybody says so don't think my less than 5 star review indicates anything but that. We play it as a family and both the parents and the kids get really into it. High play and replay-ability, quick to learn but a LIFETIME TO MASTER and all that stuff like you'd expect based on everyone raving about it.

Observations / suggestions / etc:
- Requires a fairly big surface area given lots of cards and lots of pieces are part of this game
- Gameplay is super fast, you can get around the horn very quickly (4 players can play in 30 seconds total if they all just draw cards), so don't think you're going to be getting up to get a drink after your turn or anything. Or checking phones seriously just put them away. Good to agree on a set "break time" or something
- Total game time is also pretty fast but not silly fast. An hour or 90 minutes or so.
- If you play with people who are sneaky you should think about wearing sunglasses so they can't see where you are looking on the board because it might give away your strategy if they could tell where you are focusing
- If you're playing against people who don't wear sunglasses try and watch their eyes so you can see where they are looking, it may give away their strategy and you can swoop in and take their routes and win the game that'll teach them
- The spot labeled Duluth is clearly in Minneapolis/St Paul and *everyone* who you play with from Minnesota will point it out
- I recommend some sort of "card holder" thing if you play with younger kids and/or people with smaller hands. We have some wooden boards with slots cut in them to hold cards and they help a ton in this game (and others). I put a picture of that up.

My only real critique of this game - and the reason it's 4 not 5 stars - is the board doesn't sit especially flat. You can see in the pictures I attached. At times you have what seems like a million little trains on the board and just having the board not sit flat makes it seem a bit cheap. This is all about MANUFACTURING quality however, not about GAMEPLAY quality.
review image review image review image
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on January 23, 2017
This game is a blast. Its repeatability is high, among games like Monopoly. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons:

1 - There is only 5 players maximum. The board could accomodate 1 more player. I know that does not seem like a big difference, but in the play and flow of the game, having 1 more player could make this game even tighter and more competetive, forcing players to have more strategy in picking their routes.
2 - The instructons for this game are very long and repetetive, and even somewhat confusing. It all makes sense after you get through a few rounds of turns, but at first the instructions leave players looking for a simpler bullet list of "how to".

Other than this, the game is near perfection.
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on August 1, 2016
We have had this game for a few years and we find ourselves reaching for it constantly. It is great for 2 players and multiple players. Very simple game that involves a bit of luck and strategy. Every Time I visit my parents, they ask that I bring this game for us to play as a family and I usually end up leaving the game with them to enjoy together until my next visit. (I guess I will just go ahead and buy them their own when I finish this review!). At the time that I purchased this in 2010, the game was very expensive to buy on other sites and Amazon had the best price, which is awesome. I am going to buy the other variations, as well. I do wish there was a way to be a bit more sneaky and strategic, as I do feel a bit guilty when I blatantly block my mom and dad's train routes, but it is still a very fun, easy to play game!
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on December 27, 2014
I have been wanting to buy this game for at least twenty years. It has been top ranked in Games magazine since its inception, and while I trust Games, I was a little daunted at the price to play. I bought it this year as the family's new game.

And I instantly regretted not buying it years ago. My family loved it. My kids are crazy about it. We played it three times in twenty-four hours. It is slightly hard to communicate gameplay at first, but within ten minutes of trading cards in and laying down trains, everyone is on board.

The game is a little like risk, where you need to come up with a strategy on how you will accomplish your goals. And you also trade cards in to be able to make big moves. Each turn you face a dilemma about whether to connect your trains from one city to another or grab that card you have been waiting for before your competitors grab it. You feel like you are really accomplishing something!

Fun! About an hour-two for five people to play. Educational, and good for competitive families.
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on December 15, 2014
Just try not to like it, I dare you. Blessed with an easy rule set, fun presentation, and the fact that everyone is in the game right up to the end, Ticket to Ride is one of best games I have ever played. Luck, strategy, and the ability to screw over your friend & loved ones. This is the game that should replace those moldy old family game night staples like Monopoly.
It may not keep the kids off their phones, but it can make them forget about it for an hour.
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on April 19, 2014
My family is huge into board games, especially strategy based games. My children and I got this game for my husband for his birthday and right away we became addicted to it.

It is for 2 - 5 players, but the more players there are, the more challenging it becomes because everyone is competing for areas on the map.

There are cards you get that require you to connect your trains to 2 cities. You have to keep at least one in the beginning of the game, but can draw more later on. These become important for getting a lot of points. However, not connecting your trains between those cities means you lose points.

It is a highly strategic game and players can cut off other players from continuing on their path, and with several players, the board gets crowded, making it a challenge to connect your cities, which is a lot of fun!

My family thoroughly enjoys this game. It is good for both families with children as well as adults.
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on August 16, 2016
A very deserving winner of the 2004 Kritikerpreis Spiel des Jahres award, Ticket to Ride is a fun, exciting resource management strategy game where 2-5 players play as railroad barons at the turn of the 20th century. The game has enough balance between luck and strategy that you'll have fun whether your experienced with resource management games or this is your first time playing. It's a great introduction to some of the more complicated board games out there if you and your friends are only used to playing Monopoly and Clue and is always great fun no matter how much experience you have. The projected run of 30-60 minutes is more or less right, though games with my group of friends tend to run in the 45-75 minute range. Overall, an excellent game with a few excellent spin-offs in Ticket to Ride Europe and others, but the classic Ticket to Ride stays as a favorite in my heart.
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on July 4, 2016
We are a family of board gamers. TTR USA is simple to learn and play. My two boys 7 and 9 year olds pick up the game easily. However, it is IMHO pretty predictable after a few games - you sort of can remember what routes you used to build and hence can guess what your fellow game mate is attempting to plan. it isnt as complicated nor challenging as our fave game - Settlers of Catan. But it doesnt take as much time to finish a game as Catan does. Overall, on its own, it is a game easy enough to provide family fun or among friends and my kids after playing a few times, are able to set up the game and play with other kids without supervision or guidance. But for me, it doesn't have the "oomph" factor like Catan. That's because I am a Catan die heart.
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on December 21, 2014
Other reviews probably give a better overview of the rules. They are basic: draw matching cards, play them to make trains. This is a simple game to play, and does not punish the novice for participating. However, that does not mean it is easy to win.

To understand the game, here are a few salient points of strategy:

1) Resources come in the form of randomized cards, and there is no maximum hand size. Resource control, or card advantage, is an important part of many games, and the game rewards you most greatly for holding out to lay larger sections of track at once.

2) Your gameplay is mostly dictated by the ticket cards you must choose between at the beginning of the game. If you do not carefully plan ahead at this stage, you will lose to the person who has done so. This game does not reward spontaneity, but planning and diligence.

3) Certain portions of the board easily crowd. Your actions will conflict with other players' actions. Other portions crowd more slowly, but once a route is closed off, there are few other options.

4) Do not rely on the ticket cards to win you the game. Pay attention to other ways to score.

5) This game is not chess. It is highly random and sometimes frustrating. Play it for the company.
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on December 5, 2015
I already own this game and this purchase was a gift. I could not say enough about how much fun it is to play this game. Really easy to catch on for anyone, even my mother who hates playing games likes to play with us this game. The rules are very easy to understand and the multiple combination of possible outcomes changes each time of play so the game is always different. It's fun to plan your rout strategies on the USA map of different cities and where your train needs to get to for you to complete your route and earn as much points as possible. It is now my #1 game go to for family board game night! I recommend this game to all my friends. I'm hoping to get the other versions, such as Ticket to Ride Europe, Asia, and Africa to add to my collection of board games.
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