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on January 17, 2016
So here's the deal this game is super fun just like everybody says so don't think my less than 5 star review indicates anything but that. We play it as a family and both the parents and the kids get really into it. High play and replay-ability, quick to learn but a LIFETIME TO MASTER and all that stuff like you'd expect based on everyone raving about it.

Observations / suggestions / etc:
- Requires a fairly big surface area given lots of cards and lots of pieces are part of this game
- Gameplay is super fast, you can get around the horn very quickly (4 players can play in 30 seconds total if they all just draw cards), so don't think you're going to be getting up to get a drink after your turn or anything. Or checking phones seriously just put them away. Good to agree on a set "break time" or something
- Total game time is also pretty fast but not silly fast. An hour or 90 minutes or so.
- If you play with people who are sneaky you should think about wearing sunglasses so they can't see where you are looking on the board because it might give away your strategy if they could tell where you are focusing
- If you're playing against people who don't wear sunglasses try and watch their eyes so you can see where they are looking, it may give away their strategy and you can swoop in and take their routes and win the game that'll teach them
- The spot labeled Duluth is clearly in Minneapolis/St Paul and *everyone* who you play with from Minnesota will point it out
- I recommend some sort of "card holder" thing if you play with younger kids and/or people with smaller hands. We have some wooden boards with slots cut in them to hold cards and they help a ton in this game (and others). I put a picture of that up.

My only real critique of this game - and the reason it's 4 not 5 stars - is the board doesn't sit especially flat. You can see in the pictures I attached. At times you have what seems like a million little trains on the board and just having the board not sit flat makes it seem a bit cheap. This is all about MANUFACTURING quality however, not about GAMEPLAY quality.
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on October 14, 2015
I bought this game to introduce my parents and younger nephews to Board games and to summarize the experience, it was a huge success!
Ticket to ride is a light strategy game where the aim is to connect routes with the chain of trains you have and get points. The person with the highest number of points wins! It is a nice game for kids and elders alike. As this is a beginner strategy game, I would not recommend this game for seasoned strategists, but rather for folks who are just getting into strategy games

Build: 9 on 10
The build of the game was really good. The quality of trains was sturdy and the look and feel of the board was professional. I did not need a sleeve for the cards as they did not bend and were nice and flat. They also have a nice touch and feel. While one of my trains was damaged, they had provided plenty of spare trains which made it worthwhile.

Packaging: 10 on10
The package was received on time. The product itself comes in nice professional box and has dedicated locations to store each item from the game. It was quite easy to unwrap the product and start using it.

Overall: 9 on 10
Overall, having played many many strategy games, this still ends up as one of my favorite ‘light’ strategy games.

I often depend on others leaving honest reviews when I need to order a new item. I find that one of the most difficult things about ordering online is that I can’t hold or touch the products before buying them. So, I love reviews from others who have touched, inspected, and used the item I’m thinking about purchasing. I strive for the same in leaving reviews for others – to leave a review that will help others make an informed decision (never to inflate the product's quality). If you have found this review helpful, I’d love if you’d indicate that below.
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on September 24, 2017
This is a counterfeit game. When you try to register it the serial number doesn't work. The board doesn't lay flat and it has cracks in it. My friends had the same thing happen to them. If you want this game go and buy it from a store where they are more likely to have a real one that you can actually play. In case you are wondering I bought directly from Amazon not from a third party.
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on March 18, 2015
Great gateway game!! What that means is this is a great game that you can bring out that will not be overly complex and scare off casual gamers. My wife and I love to spend time and this game allows us to be able to play and talk about the day while the kiddos are asleep.

This game has been one of those games that our friends and family ask to play again. To me if someone asks you to play a game again you should look to purchase those games because of the replay-ability maximizing your investment.

2 player games allow you the ability to stay away from each other for the most part but It does extremely stressful with 4 or more players as you will have multiple people not happy you blocked their route early and they have to live with not making their routes :) (Don't let 4-5 players stop you from playing though)

Great game and look for it to play with family. And I would recommend it if you need a list of games to start your collection. This game really can compliment other games such as Worker Placement (Carcasonne or Settlers), Deck Building (Dominion), Co-op (Anything Matt Leacock), etc. This doesn't duplicate and load you down on any genre that you have really.

* Great replay-ability
* Great for 2 and works with more
* Great Gateway game to introduce people to board games
* Easy enough to talk and play
* People ask to play after the first game :)
* Warning if you don't like stressful with 4 or more players (if you like stressful GAME ON!)...(Don't let 4-5 players stop you from playing though)
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on December 22, 2016
My husband and I were introduced to this game by friends and then he HAD to have it. We took it on vacation with my family and I think there were at least 3 games a day among various groups of people. Needless to say, it has become a go-to game when we are together with friends or family. You can play with just 2 people but I find that it is much more enjoyable and interesting with at least 4. We aren't into gaming at all but really enjoy the strategy that goes into this game and that you can complete the game in a reasonable time frame.

The board is a big map with destination cities. Each player has destination cards and the goal is to get from one destination to another by linking train pieces across the map. You connect city to city by collecting and playing cards of different colors. Earn points by connecting cities - the longer the distance, the more points. Once a destination route is complete, you also earn points for that card. A shorter distance (New York to Chicago) is worth less than longer distances (New York to LA). Of course there are different rules for collecting and using cards, how to score points, etc. that you can read into deeper once you purchase.
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on December 7, 2017
Having played this game multiple times with all ages 8-65 years old, we have made a few modifications. At the beginning of the game, we deal out six train cards instead of four. We also can draw cards and play trains in a single turn. I agree with other reviews that 2-4 is the ideal number. It is a favorite game now in our family. Last January on a no school day, we had three games going and then a championship game and a consolation game. The kids, aged 8-12, only played one game but enjoyed playing and were competitive players. The championship game was game on and very competitive!
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on July 15, 2017
It's rare to find a game that everyone in the family loves. This is that game.

With most games, we get one of 3 scenarios in my household. 1) my boys like it. They're a little older and we play a lot of strategy games. My daughter (who is the youngest) doesn't win these often and either tires of them quickly or doesn't like them at all. 2) My daughter likes it. These tend to be games steered more towards chance where strategy is not so important. The boys generally only tolerate these because I make them play (gotta keep it fair, you know) Or 3) a few games are somewhere in the middle that none of us loves but none of us hates either. The compromise game.

But with Ticket to Ride, we have a real winner. There's enough strategy in it that you can make or break your game on your own merits, but there's also enough element of chance in it (and the strategy isn't typically too deep) that younger kids will enjoy it too (as long as they're old enough to grasp the game mechanics in the first place). Light-hearted, fairly fast-paced, and - excuse the cliche but seriously - fun for the whole family!
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on May 29, 2017
Ordered for my sons birthday, opened it up today to play and the board is damaged. Before we even take it out of the box the game is already falling apart. Very disappointed...
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Essential board game for anyone who plays board games. To the last generation that had Monopoly & we now have Ticket to Ride. This game is played by my wife and myself on a regular basis & my 7 & 5 year old love it as much as we do. Great family game & also a great game to introduce to non-gamers. It has tons of replayability & always is great competitive fun. If you like games you must have this in your collection.
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on January 18, 2018
Great game...But we gave this to the kid who doesn't like to think ahead and only sees one way of doing things. Our mistake was to play the first time with 5 people. It took forever with that many people and figuring out how to play. It is not a difficult game but you do have to learn how to play it. We should have played the first time with 3 players and then I think he would have liked it. Once the game is learned it can be rather fast-paced. He has decided never to play again...but the rest of us love it and play often.
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