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Ticket To Ride
Price:$28.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 17, 2016
So here's the deal this game is super fun just like everybody says so don't think my less than 5 star review indicates anything but that. We play it as a family and both the parents and the kids get really into it. High play and replay-ability, quick to learn but a LIFETIME TO MASTER and all that stuff like you'd expect based on everyone raving about it.

Observations / suggestions / etc:
- Requires a fairly big surface area given lots of cards and lots of pieces are part of this game
- Gameplay is super fast, you can get around the horn very quickly (4 players can play in 30 seconds total if they all just draw cards), so don't think you're going to be getting up to get a drink after your turn or anything. Or checking phones seriously just put them away. Good to agree on a set "break time" or something
- Total game time is also pretty fast but not silly fast. An hour or 90 minutes or so.
- If you play with people who are sneaky you should think about wearing sunglasses so they can't see where you are looking on the board because it might give away your strategy if they could tell where you are focusing
- If you're playing against people who don't wear sunglasses try and watch their eyes so you can see where they are looking, it may give away their strategy and you can swoop in and take their routes and win the game that'll teach them
- The spot labeled Duluth is clearly in Minneapolis/St Paul and *everyone* who you play with from Minnesota will point it out
- I recommend some sort of "card holder" thing if you play with younger kids and/or people with smaller hands. We have some wooden boards with slots cut in them to hold cards and they help a ton in this game (and others). I put a picture of that up.

My only real critique of this game - and the reason it's 4 not 5 stars - is the board doesn't sit especially flat. You can see in the pictures I attached. At times you have what seems like a million little trains on the board and just having the board not sit flat makes it seem a bit cheap. This is all about MANUFACTURING quality however, not about GAMEPLAY quality.
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on November 14, 2016
This game is great! It has quickly become my families favorite game to play. My wife and I were introduced to it at a couples game night party. The rules are pretty straight forward and easy to learn. Like most fun games it is easy to learn and hard to master. I've played this with my six year old and he gets the concept pretty well. The only thing we've done differently when he plays is we show all of our train cards rather than keep them secret.

The build of the game is very good quality and hopefully will hold up to the test of time and multiple plays.
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on October 19, 2017
We LOVE this game! It is an excellent mix of skill (mostly) with a little chance thrown in. We mostly play with adults but we can even dumb it down and play with my 7 year old (though I would recommend buying the kid version if that is your regular plan - which we have too and love). We like Catan as well and they are similar style. A typical game takes about an hour with experienced players; a little more time if you are new at it. It doesn't take long to learn but you want to keep playing because you learn new strategies each time. It does take up a large amount of space to play it and the spot has to be stable and flat because otherwise little trains go everywhere. You need a decent score keeper to make it easier on everyone.
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on March 10, 2015
I'm on a board game kick especially after Table Top.... I'm an avid Catan player... I just picked up Dead of Winter (excellent game), Last night on earth, Flash Point, Pandemic, 7 Wonders (not a fan), Love Letter, Munchkin... and after rave reviews and making it to the must own / have list now Ticket to Ride.

With the games mentioned above... the issue that happens are rules... most games there are a lot of rules. They become difficult to remember and basically you end up playing and winning or losing incorrectly. Not Ticket to Ride... it took about 5 - 10 minutes to fully understand the game and after a couple of moves you totally get the game. Super fun, easy to play and there are strategic / gambles that you make.... like how long do you gamble on a route? What routes are other people doing? Can you stop them or should you hold out for that one color train card!?!
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on May 23, 2014
Don't be deceived by the somewhat disturbing characters that are depicted on the game's box art. This is quite possibly the best board game you will ever play (other than Ticket To Ride Europe, which is even better, having benefited from all the years of playtesting that the original got in the hands of the public). It's quick to learn, fun to play (even with only two players), and has infinite replay value. You can add even more replay value by adding the 1910 expansion, and/or the Alvin and Dexter expansion down the road.

The quality of the components is very good (certainly not the best out there, but durable and well built). My only minor complaint is that the cards are way too tiny, but if this is an issue for you, it can be rectified by adding the 1910 expansion, which features replacements for all the original cards, plus new destination tickets.

Believe the hype on this one... I was skeptical, but so glad I gave it a try. We are now huge fans of the Ticket to Ride series, and we own Europe, Africa, and the original, all of which are super fun to play, and they only take about an hour to complete, making it perfect for any evening.
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on March 31, 2015
Easy to learn and fun to play

Great conponents

Very family friendly and great for younger (8+) players

Make sure you keep up with your score well during the game, scoring at the end can be tedious, while the score keeper around the board dose help, and the score key on the bottom of the map is clear and consise, it can be a confusing mess. I highly recommend having a good score keeper if playing with younger kids.

The card size is rather small (mini European) sleves are available but will no longer fit in the card slot after sleeving, the 1910 expansion fixes this with larger cards

Trains are easily knocked around by unruly players

I know it may seem from my negative comments I'm bashing the game, im really not, no game is truly perfect but this one comes really close, it's great fun and easily accessible to even non gamers, a great gateway game for new players and still fun for experienced board game enthusiasts. In my opinion this is a game every family should own.
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on December 23, 2013
Better game than most. Not that hard to pick up on. I usually play with the 1910 rules substitution that the person with the most tickets completed gets 15 points instead of the one with the longest track, because it feels more thematic. I don't have 1910, so it's just a house rule to my base set.

Really, the game isn't that difficult to grasp and the strategy runs pretty deep. The longer you can wait before you do something the better off you are, but at the same time the longer you wait the more likely someone else is to do it before you. Sometimes the game can feel a bit slow when everyone spends turn after turn drawing cards, but on the whole it seems to go pretty fast most of the time.

It is a bit frustrating when you need one specific card and you keep drawing over and over and never get it, but otherwise it is pretty rewarding to see how the stuff you are doing is directly accomplishing your goals as you go along. Overall, luck doesn't have that big of an impact on the game and that makes it a pretty good game for serious game players.

Serious game players aren't going to really care what the theme is, but the less serious game players do care and particularly the younger ones and I think the train theme can appeal to a lot of those sorts of players, so I would say that TTR makes for a pretty good mixed company sort of game or for a family to all play together.

The most important things you want from a game, though, are going to be 1) doesn't drag on forever, 2) people don't hate each other after the game, and 3) that people don't feel their fates are completely dependent on luck. I think that TTR does a pretty good job of avoiding all of those pitfalls.
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on November 8, 2015
This is the best game out there for families with teens right now. It has 5 players, and when our extended family gets together it is a fight to see who will get to play. Everyone ages 10 to senior citizens in our house loves to play. It almost doesn't matter who wins, because you get that victory feeling each time you can complete a destination. It takes about an hour to play. Build problem solving and strategy making skills. An added bonus is that it really strengthens an understanding of where the major cities are located in the US.
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on May 28, 2013
I really enjoyed playing this game. It works well with only two players, so is one of few that is enjoyable for my husband and I to play by ourselves, but will also be good to play as our children get older and can join our games. The game can work for up to 5 players, but in practice, I have found that the board becomes very crowded with 5 and the game is much more cutthroat at that point.

The gameplay is extremely simple. Your goal: use your train pieces to make travel routes between destination cities. You start each game with three potential destination cards (drawn from a deck) and MUST choose two to begin.

Each turn, you can choose to do one of three things:
(1) Draw cards (used to make railroads)
(2) Make a railroad (by spending the appropriate number of cards) to connect your destinations
OR (3) Choose additional destination card(s).

Each completed destination card awards points. Failing to complete a destination card removes points. Each completed railroad section awards points (based on the length of the railroad). At the end of the game, the player with the longest continuous railway is awarded bonus points. And of course, the player with the most points wins.

Fairly simple rules. The strategy comes in balancing the different risks. Should I go ahead and claim the railroad I need now, or should I get the cards that I will need for the next section? If I place a railroad, will others guess where I am attempting to go and block me from proceeding? Should I attempt to get additional destination cards to increase my point total, or should I try to keep others from completing their destinations?

People who enjoy Carcassonne Basic Game and the The Settlers of Catan series will probably like this game as well.
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on January 19, 2017
We purchased this as a Christmas Gift for the family. It's challenging enough to keep adults entertained yet simple enough for children to play too. With so many different options there's literally hours of game play possible without repeating the same "game". If and when the original game gets monotonous, there are "expansion packs" to create new and more challenging game play. We bought the "1910 Expansion" but haven't opened it yet.
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