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on October 12, 2016
This is a really great board game that appeals both to lifelong gamers as well as to new initiates into playing board games. This makes for a nice party game if you have a couple of friends over but can also be played with two people and is fun regardless of the number of players you have. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this with my significant other, who surprisingly really liked it. He is usually not a fan of board games especially if they have a complicated or confusing rule structure, but regardless of all of the rules of this game, he had a ton of fun and has gotten really into playing it. It is really easy to learn and after playing through one game, you will understand all of the rules. The ease of picking up this game makes it a really great family game as well since it is engaging enough to be interesting for kids or adults, although I would recommend this more for older kids who will understand the rule structure and who aren't young enough to try to put the pieces in their mouth since there is a choking hazard with the small train parts. This version of Ticket to Ride is largely similar to the original, but has a lot of new game mechanics that add an element of difficulty, but in a really fun way. One thing I like about this version of Ticket to Ride is that it is a standalone game rather than just an expansion which definitely justifies the purchase price. You don't need the original game to play this one. If you are vacillating between getting the original game or this version, I recommend this one since it adds new mechanics, but both games are really fun so if you want a truly comprehensive board game collection, either or both would be a purchase you won't regret.
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on February 16, 2017
I now own Ticket to Ride: Europe and Ticket to Ride: Nordic. I enjoy Europe, but Nordic remains my favorite. Here are some of the good and bad things about Ticket to Ride: Europe, compared to both Nordic and the original (USA) version.

+ More complex than the original with the addition of locomotives, tunnels, and stations. (Stations aren't in Nordic.)
+ Plays up to 5 players, a potential improvement on Nordic if you play with larger groups.
+ Some cities will be more familiar and easier to find than in Nordic. (And easier to find if you're European!)

- Art is not as pretty as in Nordic and the cards feel slightly lower quality.
- Compared to the US edition, the cities may be unfamiliar and harder to find for American players.
- While it scales from 2-5, it does not play as smoothly with 2-3 players as Nordic does. If you are only/mainly playing with 2-3, I'd highly recommend Nordic over either Europe or the US versions.

Overall this a really fun game that can be enjoyed with just about any group. It is strategic enough to hold your interest while simple enough to teach in 5 minutes. If you already have the US Ticket to Ride, it's worth getting this one for the added components which make it a slightly heavier game.
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on November 14, 2015
'Gateway Plus' because the 'Europe' variant adds several new mechanisms that create a richer gameplay experience, while retaining most of the original's elegance. Players can take one of four actions on a turn - take train cards (to build routes in the future), take destination tickets (to acquire new points scoring objectives), claim routes by using the appropriate set of train cards (to score points and progress against objectives), or build a train station (to claim a route in alternate way). This simplicity allows the game to move at a very fast clip because players have usually chosen their action by the time their turns come around.

The addition of train stations, tunnels, and ferries add a light, but welcome layer of complexity. They also work well from a thematic point of view. Train stations offer additional flexibility. They mitigate the element of chance inherent to drawing destination tickets or being blocked off by an opponent, and they are almost necessary given that the European map is much less interconnected than its United States counterpart. Tunnels add an element of risk that forces players to think more about hand management. And ferries change the way players go about acquiring and using their locomotives.

It's little wonder that 'Ticket to Ride' games stand out as one of the most well-known and beloved gateway game series. For me, 'Ticket to Ride: Europe' is superior to vanilla 'Ticket to Ride' in almost every way with significantly higher replay and engagement value.

+ Retains most of the elegance and simplicity of vanilla 'Ticket to Ride'
+ Richer gameplay thanks to addition of new gameplay mechanisms
+ Players feel a sense of accomplishment even if they don't win
+ Moves at a fast clip; players quickly get into the groove of pre-planning their turn
+ Beautiful board game with high quality, colorful game components
+ Just enough strategy and optionality for a gateway game
+ Beats out the original in terms of replayability

- Train and railroad theme is not for everyone
- Location names can be difficult to read across the table
- Luck of the draw can make a big impact in regards to destination tickets
- Slightly more complicated than vanilla Ticket to Ride
- Little player interaction outside seeking to block others
- Works with 2, but not very well
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on September 17, 2015
Ticket to Ride Europe is a great game to add to your library of tabletop games. I never wanted to play the original Ticket To Ride because it had one major flaw (in my opinion), getting blocked. Now you might be thinking, "Isn't that part of the game and strategy even?" and you'd be right, it is, until it happens to you and then the game sucks, and life sucks, and you hate your friends, and trains, and you're glad you never rode a train. Yep, that's pretty much what's like. Unless you're the person who ALWAYS wins and everyone hates and you don't care cause you ALWAYS win. And you happen to be the owner of the game.
Anyways, Europe version helps to nullify that, though it can still happen, it's less frequent. This is done by the addition of 3 train stations each player starts with at the beginning of the game. Throughout the game players can play a station on a city connected to one of their trains which allows them to "use" another player's train route touching that city as if it was her own. For example; Sue blocks John by building a train from Rome to Milan, John plays a trains station on Rome and then uses Sue's train (the one she just built) as if it was his own, to complete his route.

And that's it, and that's why I give it 4 stars instead of 2, like I would the original. It adds a few other interesting elements but is generally the same as the original.

If you're on the fence about this one I'd lean towards getting it. And that's saying something because I really really dislike the original.
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on April 1, 2017
Fantasticgame. My kids are 7- and 9- years old. We played the junior version of the game in the fall, and in the spring I decided to expose them to the real edition. They recognized it and wanted to play right away.
The only downside for this age group is the tunnels. They add a bit of complexity but I think that after a few days of play they will understand that complexity. The game is so diverse and so rich. Europe is dear to my hear and while the game is not meant to teach anything cultural, geographical or historical, I take it upon myself to add on something along these lines as we play.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2016
This is a genuinely outstanding board game, one that I personally cherish a lot, and my family as well. I had this in my wishlist for a long time, because let's face it ... these games are not cheap, but now it came as a deal (I guess for the Black Friday Season), and I did not doubt it a second. We have already played three nights in a row, and we just love it! I was familiar with the US version of this game, but I find this European version to be better, not only because of the Ferries, Stations, and Tunnels, but just the layout of the old continent makes me feel more immersed into the game.
I'd say if this is something you wanted to get, just get it, even at regular price, this is absolutely worth every penny. I am not suprised it got more than 1,000 5 star reviews!!!
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on January 1, 2017
One of my family's favorite games! Ticket to Ride games are a great way to spend time with family and friends, and the games aren't so intensive that you can't have conversation. A neat feature of this version of Ticket to Ride is the ability to set up stations so that you can supplement your own railways. With younger kids especially, I think the Ticket to Ride games are a fun way to help familiarize them with geography. Money well spent for hours of fun!
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on July 16, 2015
I was contemplating between the U.S. version and Europe version. All the reviews kept saying there were only 3 extra renditions from the U.S. version (Europe has ferries, train stations, and tunnels). I tried reading the new rules that people were posting in their reviews and I ended up getting really confused. I bought the Europe version anyway and didn't regret it at all. I got a couple of friends over to play and I read the directions about the new additions in the rule book over and over again. It was pretty confusing at first, but after reading it 10 times and trying to imagine it in my mind, my friends told me just to explain it to them in my own words and to demonstrate it with the board and pieces. After I demonstrated it to them, it made muchhhhh more sense. And then when other friends came to join in later, I explained the new rules to them and after the third time of explaining and demonstrating, everything made sense. The new additions make the game more fun and strategic, makes the game last longer, and it's not as cut throat as the U.S. one (if you don't complete a route, you can still complete it with a train station! No need to just give up in the middle of the game and troll people anymore! Unless that's the purpose for why you love this game). Between the U.S. and Europe versions, I would recommend the Europe. Plus, you get to learn about another area in the world and you also get to laugh at your friends as they butcher all the names of the cities :)
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on May 24, 2017
Great customer service! Just want to put in a plug for the manufacturer. When we received our TTR Europe the board was warped a little, and it wouldn't lie flat. I tried a few things to try to flatten it, but nothing worked. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a replacement board. Our family has several games and we love them, even our just turned 7 and just turned 9 year old grandsons.
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on January 27, 2017
We opened this game Christmas eve and proceeded to play at least three times. And, it was just the two of us, not the intended 3-5 players. We like to mix it up, sometimes we'll each play two hands. I like this version as a refreshing departure from America version because it has the tunnels and the stations and ferries- we forced ourselves to play all of them and when re-reading the rules noticed you can only pick up cards OR lay down trains- many people I've played with allow you to draw every turn and also lay trains. Again, this makes it much more of a challenge, which we were looking for after (occasionally) getting bored playing with just two players. When we have several players it's awesome and stations do get tricky.

I love the Ticket to Ride series. I do not regret getting Europe after having another version already, because it is a whole new version of the game. I may be a touch TTR obsessed. Preach.
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