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on January 1, 2017
One of my family's favorite games! Ticket to Ride games are a great way to spend time with family and friends, and the games aren't so intensive that you can't have conversation. A neat feature of this version of Ticket to Ride is the ability to set up stations so that you can supplement your own railways. With younger kids especially, I think the Ticket to Ride games are a fun way to help familiarize them with geography. Money well spent for hours of fun!
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on January 27, 2017
We opened this game Christmas eve and proceeded to play at least three times. And, it was just the two of us, not the intended 3-5 players. We like to mix it up, sometimes we'll each play two hands. I like this version as a refreshing departure from America version because it has the tunnels and the stations and ferries- we forced ourselves to play all of them and when re-reading the rules noticed you can only pick up cards OR lay down trains- many people I've played with allow you to draw every turn and also lay trains. Again, this makes it much more of a challenge, which we were looking for after (occasionally) getting bored playing with just two players. When we have several players it's awesome and stations do get tricky.

I love the Ticket to Ride series. I do not regret getting Europe after having another version already, because it is a whole new version of the game. I may be a touch TTR obsessed. Preach.
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on June 20, 2016
Ticket to Ride is a great game for families and friends. Its a great beginner board game, and it never gets old. The Europe version is a bit different than the original, in this version you have the ability to build tunnels, and train stations. The train stations are neat they allow you to use someone elses trains in order for you to complete a route. I would def recommend this to a family looking for some games to play, or people interested in board games.
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on July 4, 2017
Very recently a friend introduced this board game to me! and immediately after a game I know I will buy one from Amazon:) This is the best price I found ! I love it ! good product.
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on March 20, 2017
This is a great board game to play. All of the people I have played it with love it. If you've never played any of the Ticket to Ride game the object is to build railroad lines from from one city to another based on the cards you draw. For those of you who have played the original Ticket to Ride it's the same game with a few added twist. This version also has regular size playing cards, which make it a lot easier to play.
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on January 13, 2012
I read the reviews on this game and watched some YouTube video reviews as well and decided to purchase it for some new euro style gaming. I previously had purchased another euro style game called Carcassonne which is now a family favorite (or should I say favourite) and I was looking for something else to add to the gaming mix.

Ticket To Ride Europe fit with what I was looking for. I first compared the two prominent versions of the game: the USA map to the Europe map and read comparison reviews on them both before deciding to buy. I went with the Europe version of the game because it seems there were more route paths to connect your cities compared to the USA map. What I did not expect was the names of the European cities to be really old and spelled differently than what I am used to now. I think it was done this way to fit into the time period, but not being that familiar with the old names of the European cities it was difficult for us to determine our various routes. The route cards do show a mini map though with highlights in the general area of the two cities you need to connect, but it is still a bit difficult especially for the younger kids in the family. What this means is that we need to take extra time in looking at our route cards and the map to decide on our paths to build.

Other than getting used to the city names the only other minor downside I see in the game is that there are so many train pieces. You have to be really careful not to drop them all over the place when picking up. The game does come with 2 extra train pieces per color which is good in case you lose a couple. After that though you may have to dock everyone a piece if you really start losing some (or buy a new game).

Regarding the game play, it is great! Not too difficult to learn at all and once everyone knows what they have to do it moves along at a good pace. Although our initial games of 4 and then 5 people lasted about 2.5 hours each to play which everyone thought was a bit too long. The non players passing through the room kept making comments like "You guys are STILL playing that game?!?!" and "When the hell is it going to be over already?!?". But those of us playing the game were not fatigued at all by the amount of time it was taking us to get through it. I think it is conceivable to have a game last maybe 1.5 hours on average.

Overall, the family really liked this game. It is definitely a must for a unique and new type of gaming experience that is interactive and not just your boring roll the dice and move type thing. I will be getting the Ticket To Ride 1912 Expansion pack for this game as well since I have read it adds a couple more elements to the play in addition to some new route cards.

UPDATE: It has been about 1 year now since I had the game and I did get the 1912 expansion which adds a ton more route cards to the game. We have been playing this game so much that the base routes kept coming up and it was getting a bit boring. It seemed like we were always getting the same routes game after game. The 1912 Expansion is a MUST. My family is addicted to this game and even more so with the 1912 expansion. This is a GREAT GAME.
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on April 21, 2017
My 8 and 10 year old grandsons love this game. They have both the USA and Europe versions. The later is a bit more difficult but was no problem for them to learn after playing the USA version. The game is well made and attractive for the price. Teaches geography tool Love it.
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on May 26, 2015
I first started playing the original Ticket to Ride (USA map) with friends several years ago and fell in love with it. I'd always wanted to buy the game for myself but one thing or another would get in the way causing me to have to postpone. A couple months ago a friend suggested to me that I should buy the Ticket to Ride Europe version when I finally got the chance because it had some really great added elements. I took their word of advice and decided to get the European version, and I haven't been disappointing. While I still love the original Ticket to Ride it has been a lot of fun to test my European geography skills. The names of cities are written in historical/local names instead of current names (ie. Moskova instead of Moscow, Wien instead of Vienna) so some of my friends had trouble catching their bearings but they caught on quickly. I like the added element of being given the choice of completing one long route for many points (the long route cards are kept desperately from the other route cards) instead of solely shorter routes or having the long routes mixed in to all of the route cards. I also like the added element of train stations which, especially in route laden western Europe is sometimes the only way you can complete your routes when so many people are going for the same paths.

The only con is the game can be kind of dull to play with only 2 people, oftentimes I find that we end up playing on opposite sides of the continent, never crossing paths, but with more than two it can get quite complicated and exciting.
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on March 27, 2017
If you are a fan of Ticket to Ride this is an essential addition to your game library. Ticket to Ride is a multi-player game in which people compete to build routes and gain the most victory points. This game is easy to understand. Board, box and components are of good quality.
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on March 13, 2014
I bought this as a Christmas gift for our 7-year-old after I played it at a meet-up party. The board is full of train tracks and destinations. You draw cards with routes from one destination to another at the start of the game. Then you build track to connect your destinations through the game. You can lay track for as many routes as you can, until someone runs out of track to lay. Then you count up points to see who won. The rules are a little complex, but make it a very fun game to play. It really grows on you. Once you figure out some of the strategies, it becomes more fun. You are supposed to keep your route, and your track cards secret, but I have found with new players, it is easier to make all of these visible for the first couple of games, so that everyone can help each other and get used to the rules.

I bought the Europe version specifically because it has double tracks in a lot of places. We live in the U.S., and I was going to buy the U.S. version. Someone at the meet-up made the astute suggestion that I stick with Europe if I was buying for a child, because the U.S. version only has single tracks. It was very good advice. When a set of tracks is taken up, it is a lot more difficult to get to reach a destination, and this can be frustrating for the younger child. We may buy the U.S. version in the future. There are several versions, and they are not all the same. The game, Risk, helped me remember where places were in Europe and Asia. This game will do that also.

My 3 older kids are 21, 24, and 26. They have talked about "gaming meet-ups" for a long time, but I never understood what they were until a visit to my 24 y/o's last fall. He sent me rules to a bunch of games before I went, to prepare me. Ticket to Ride was one of them. I assumed we would be playing computer games. Nope. Apparently the 20-something crowd has taken board game parties to a new level. Meet-ups are loosely organized groups, arranged online, where people get together just to play board games. My 24 y/o and his girlfriend took me to a Halloween party one in Phoenix, complete with costumes. There were all kinds of people there, including college professors. Some of these people apparently become lifelong friends. They told me Ticket To Ride was one of the regular games they played. So it is up to snuff.
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