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on July 9, 2017
TWO defective game boards with missing pieces! The first game we received had 5 stations instead of the 15 that were supposed to be included and the game board had creases on it. We processed an exchange which arrived promptly. However, this board was in EVEN WORSE SHAPE! Crinkles everywhere and it was delaminated in spots and, once again, was MISSING TRAIN STATIONS! Once, ok, but twice? I feel like these are games that quality control should have rejected but these are definitely not right. Returning the replacement game as well and buying it locally for $5 less. I am including photos showing the instructions that state 15 train stations (3 of each color... we only got one of each color in both boxes.) -and other photos showing the crinkling and parts we received as well as photos of the game bought locally. The quality is very different and I would love an explanation as to why this occurred not once but twice! (I could have added even more photos but you get the idea.) Also, notice the color differences and how each box insert is different from the one sold locally. Strange.
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on August 23, 2017
Firstly, the game itself is a 5 star game. I purchased this game used from the Amazon warehouse deal and the box isn't even original. It's faded and thinner cardboard than the version in stores. I was also missing 10 train stations (2 in each color) and a black train. There were also about 10 extra blue trains. After a little research, it seems this is a counterfeit copy. It had the inspected sticker on the box as well. If it was inspected, it was NOT a job well done. From searching the internet and from other recent Amazon reviews, this seems to be a common problem with this particular game. Very disappointed in Amazon's quality control. I won't be returning it due to inconvenience, and I'll just use something else to replace the missing train stations, but Amazon should be clear that there are going to be missing components and/or if it is counterfeit, take it out of circulation.
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on September 2, 2017
Edit - received a replacement; board better but still poor quality compared to original Ticket to Ride game. Main fold point of board is splitting. Received the 15 train station pieces in the replacement game. Game play gets a 5 stars, quality of components received get 2 stars. I just can't get the energy to return this again so I will deal with the flaws. At least it is playable this time.

Original - Poor quality board was wrinkled and warped, making the game essentially unplayable. Cards and trains were well made. Set was missing 10 of the 15 train station pieces needed to play. I've played the game before at a friend's house so I know it is fun; just this copy was unplayable.
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on November 14, 2015
'Gateway Plus' because the 'Europe' variant adds several new mechanisms that create a richer gameplay experience, while retaining most of the original's elegance. Players can take one of four actions on a turn - take train cards (to build routes in the future), take destination tickets (to acquire new points scoring objectives), claim routes by using the appropriate set of train cards (to score points and progress against objectives), or build a train station (to claim a route in alternate way). This simplicity allows the game to move at a very fast clip because players have usually chosen their action by the time their turns come around.

The addition of train stations, tunnels, and ferries add a light, but welcome layer of complexity. They also work well from a thematic point of view. Train stations offer additional flexibility. They mitigate the element of chance inherent to drawing destination tickets or being blocked off by an opponent, and they are almost necessary given that the European map is much less interconnected than its United States counterpart. Tunnels add an element of risk that forces players to think more about hand management. And ferries change the way players go about acquiring and using their locomotives.

It's little wonder that 'Ticket to Ride' games stand out as one of the most well-known and beloved gateway game series. For me, 'Ticket to Ride: Europe' is superior to vanilla 'Ticket to Ride' in almost every way with significantly higher replay and engagement value.

+ Retains most of the elegance and simplicity of vanilla 'Ticket to Ride'
+ Richer gameplay thanks to addition of new gameplay mechanisms
+ Players feel a sense of accomplishment even if they don't win
+ Moves at a fast clip; players quickly get into the groove of pre-planning their turn
+ Beautiful board game with high quality, colorful game components
+ Just enough strategy and optionality for a gateway game
+ Beats out the original in terms of replayability

- Train and railroad theme is not for everyone
- Location names can be difficult to read across the table
- Luck of the draw can make a big impact in regards to destination tickets
- Slightly more complicated than vanilla Ticket to Ride
- Little player interaction outside seeking to block others
- Works with 2, but not very well
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on November 25, 2016
This is a genuinely outstanding board game, one that I personally cherish a lot, and my family as well. I had this in my wishlist for a long time, because let's face it ... these games are not cheap, but now it came as a deal (I guess for the Black Friday Season), and I did not doubt it a second. We have already played three nights in a row, and we just love it! I was familiar with the US version of this game, but I find this European version to be better, not only because of the Ferries, Stations, and Tunnels, but just the layout of the old continent makes me feel more immersed into the game.
I'd say if this is something you wanted to get, just get it, even at regular price, this is absolutely worth every penny. I am not suprised it got more than 1,000 5 star reviews!!!
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on August 15, 2017
I hear this is a great game, but this vendor is up to no good! I purchased this product in August 2017. It arrived damaged and without the clear plastic wrap that indicates it's unopened. When I opened the box, all of the cards were mixed up -- a complete mess inside the box. On top of that, only 5/15 train stations were included. I'm not sure what else was missing, as I decided to return it right away after these discoveries and headed straight to Target to buy a more reliable version. I strongly suggest avoiding this vendor, as it sounds like many people are having this problem.
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on August 19, 2017
I bought this item know that the box was slightly damaged which was fine with me because it was much cheaper, but nothing in the product description said anything about missing pieces. There were two missing train stations of each color. This makes a big difference in the game play by not having them. I had to use made up pieces to account for the missing train stations. The addition of train station feature was one of the main reasons I bought this game over the base version. I'm disappointed that these missing train stations were not included in the game description. I don't know if there is a way to get more of these or if I can be refunded because I was given a product without all the pieces or knowledge about them being missing. If I knew they were missing. I wouldn't have purchased this game.
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on August 23, 2017
We really love this game and were so happy to have received it. Have played it multiple times already, but it was short a couple of parts. When I contacted the manufacturer we were told this is a counterfeit copy of their game (they even knew where I purchased it without me telling them when I told them what the problem was). They said that it has been cropping up and they are able to trace it back to Amazon sales. This is very disappointing as I was careful to purchase from the Amazon warehouse and not a secondary seller to try to prevent this very issue. I would also like to support the actual company that made such a fun game. The box and everything looked new and shrink wrapped, just missing train stations of each color like other commentators have stated.
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on August 15, 2017
I got this for my 8 year old grandson's Birthday. He always wants Legos and decided to get him this game instead. Don't worry, other people gave him Legos.

When he opened it, he wasn't sure about it; at first thinking it was a puzzle. When we set up the game, he started getting excited. Then as the game progressed, he was stoked. He loved playing with all of us. That is the best part, the whole family can play and really get into it! He wants to play all the time! He even took it with him when they visited the other grandparents! Everyone loves this game!!!!
review image
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on May 26, 2015
I first started playing the original Ticket to Ride (USA map) with friends several years ago and fell in love with it. I'd always wanted to buy the game for myself but one thing or another would get in the way causing me to have to postpone. A couple months ago a friend suggested to me that I should buy the Ticket to Ride Europe version when I finally got the chance because it had some really great added elements. I took their word of advice and decided to get the European version, and I haven't been disappointing. While I still love the original Ticket to Ride it has been a lot of fun to test my European geography skills. The names of cities are written in historical/local names instead of current names (ie. Moskova instead of Moscow, Wien instead of Vienna) so some of my friends had trouble catching their bearings but they caught on quickly. I like the added element of being given the choice of completing one long route for many points (the long route cards are kept desperately from the other route cards) instead of solely shorter routes or having the long routes mixed in to all of the route cards. I also like the added element of train stations which, especially in route laden western Europe is sometimes the only way you can complete your routes when so many people are going for the same paths.

The only con is the game can be kind of dull to play with only 2 people, oftentimes I find that we end up playing on opposite sides of the continent, never crossing paths, but with more than two it can get quite complicated and exciting.
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