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on August 5, 2010
Ticket to Ride Europe is an improved follow-up to the original Ticket to Ride. It improves upon the original by coming with standard-sized cards, by adding ferry and tunnel routes, and by adding train stations. It is a stand-alone spin off, so the original TTR is not required to play.

Much like the original TTR, TTR:Europe involves claiming train routes to complete city-to-city destinations on destination tickets. On each turn, players have take one out of three possible actions:
-- collect train cards (which are used to claim routes)
-- claim a route (by spending train cards). The routes score points as they are claimed, and their point value grows progressively with length: 1 length = 1 point, 2 length = 2 points, 3 length = 4 points, 4 length = 7 points, 6 length = 15 points, 8 length = 21 points).
-- take destination tickets (which give bonus points if you are able to complete the destination by the end of the game, but COST points if you are not able to complete). The player takes 3 destination cards and must keep at least one card, but has the option to reject up to two. The makes it a bit of a gamble - the player may get destination tickets they already have completed, or they may get destinations that are difficult to impossible to complete. The destinations can be close city connections worth a few points or cross continent connections worth 20 points.

Since each turn involves only one of three possible actions, the turns move very quickly and keep everyone engaged in the game. If you take your turn and get up to get a drink, it will usually be your next turn before you get back to the table. The scoring is fairly well balanced, and since you don't know what destinations other players have or haven't completed, the score can change dramatically at the end of the game.

Unlike the original TTR, there are two new route types that add a twist to the game. The first is the 'ferry' route. These are all 'any color' routes, but they take one or two locomotive (wild) cards to claim. The second is the 'tunnel' route. These are either a specific color or 'any color'. When a player wishes to claim a tunnel route, they state their intention and three train cards are drawn from the top of the deck. For each card that is the same color as the route, the player must add that many cards to complete the route, so it could cost anywhere from zero to three extra cards to build. If the player is unable to add enough cards to claim the route, the turn is over.

The other addition to the TTR:Europe that is not in TTR:USA are the train stations. The train stations allow a player to use the route of another player in order to complete a destination ticket. These can prove very useful when the right cards aren't coming your way, or if a section of the board get clogged by other players. They come with a cost: 1 card to place the 1st, 2 cards to place the second, 3 cards to place the 3rd, and a 4 point penalty for each station placed at the end of the game. However, if the station helps to complete a route, the 4 point penalty is usually a worthwhile tradeoff.

TTR:Europe even has bit of educational value. The city names are in their local names, so Moskow=Moskva, Munich=Munchen, Rome=Roma, Vienna=Wien, etc.

If you are looking for a game to add to your game nights, consider Ticket to Ride Europe. If you are on the fence between the USA version and the Europe version, you'll be happier with the Europe version.
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on October 12, 2016
This is a really great board game that appeals both to lifelong gamers as well as to new initiates into playing board games. This makes for a nice party game if you have a couple of friends over but can also be played with two people and is fun regardless of the number of players you have. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this with my significant other, who surprisingly really liked it. He is usually not a fan of board games especially if they have a complicated or confusing rule structure, but regardless of all of the rules of this game, he had a ton of fun and has gotten really into playing it. It is really easy to learn and after playing through one game, you will understand all of the rules. The ease of picking up this game makes it a really great family game as well since it is engaging enough to be interesting for kids or adults, although I would recommend this more for older kids who will understand the rule structure and who aren't young enough to try to put the pieces in their mouth since there is a choking hazard with the small train parts. This version of Ticket to Ride is largely similar to the original, but has a lot of new game mechanics that add an element of difficulty, but in a really fun way. One thing I like about this version of Ticket to Ride is that it is a standalone game rather than just an expansion which definitely justifies the purchase price. You don't need the original game to play this one. If you are vacillating between getting the original game or this version, I recommend this one since it adds new mechanics, but both games are really fun so if you want a truly comprehensive board game collection, either or both would be a purchase you won't regret.
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on February 16, 2017
I now own Ticket to Ride: Europe and Ticket to Ride: Nordic. I enjoy Europe, but Nordic remains my favorite. Here are some of the good and bad things about Ticket to Ride: Europe, compared to both Nordic and the original (USA) version.

+ More complex than the original with the addition of locomotives, tunnels, and stations. (Stations aren't in Nordic.)
+ Plays up to 5 players, a potential improvement on Nordic if you play with larger groups.
+ Some cities will be more familiar and easier to find than in Nordic. (And easier to find if you're European!)

- Art is not as pretty as in Nordic and the cards feel slightly lower quality.
- Compared to the US edition, the cities may be unfamiliar and harder to find for American players.
- While it scales from 2-5, it does not play as smoothly with 2-3 players as Nordic does. If you are only/mainly playing with 2-3, I'd highly recommend Nordic over either Europe or the US versions.

Overall this a really fun game that can be enjoyed with just about any group. It is strategic enough to hold your interest while simple enough to teach in 5 minutes. If you already have the US Ticket to Ride, it's worth getting this one for the added components which make it a slightly heavier game.
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on April 1, 2017
Fantasticgame. My kids are 7- and 9- years old. We played the junior version of the game in the fall, and in the spring I decided to expose them to the real edition. They recognized it and wanted to play right away.
The only downside for this age group is the tunnels. They add a bit of complexity but I think that after a few days of play they will understand that complexity. The game is so diverse and so rich. Europe is dear to my hear and while the game is not meant to teach anything cultural, geographical or historical, I take it upon myself to add on something along these lines as we play.
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on April 21, 2017
We're seasoned veterans of the USA version of this game, but this one adds several challenges not in the USA version: Ferries, Tunnels, Train Stations, passing out longest routes so all have at least one, limited connections between some cities forcing players to find other ways or build a station, etc. And, for us state-side Americans, we're learning the geography of Europe much better than we ever did before - cities, locations, and proximity to one another! We purchased the 1912 expansion pack at the same time, but have yet to even add those additional routes and the ferry stations in. If you like the USA version, this is your next purchase - enjoy!
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on March 20, 2017
This is a great board game to play. All of the people I have played it with love it. If you've never played any of the Ticket to Ride game the object is to build railroad lines from from one city to another based on the cards you draw. For those of you who have played the original Ticket to Ride it's the same game with a few added twist. This version also has regular size playing cards, which make it a lot easier to play.
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on April 22, 2017
A good addition of a classic game. Although I prefer the original's gameplay - I believe the introduction of stations makes the game too easy, although having said that, they also add another element of skill and tactics - the non-UScentric map is great for us Europeans. The fact that many of the place names aren't written in English is an interesting side-note. With the right set of friends, this game can be very enjoyable but it'll pretty much never induce raucous laughter and some will fine it boring and/or complicated.
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on April 21, 2017
My 8 and 10 year old grandsons love this game. They have both the USA and Europe versions. The later is a bit more difficult but was no problem for them to learn after playing the USA version. The game is well made and attractive for the price. Teaches geography tool Love it.
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on March 27, 2017
If you are a fan of Ticket to Ride this is an essential addition to your game library. Ticket to Ride is a multi-player game in which people compete to build routes and gain the most victory points. This game is easy to understand. Board, box and components are of good quality.
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on April 1, 2017
A bit more complicated that the US version but still lots of fun and strategy! You really have to focus on everything going on on the board as well as what your opponents are doing. There are tunnels and bridges to contend with.
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