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Small World
Price:$32.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 18, 2017
My son loves these types of games. The instructions are complex so we watched YouTube vids to help us figure them out. The game play has a different number of rounds depending on the number of players and it seems like it will take forever but each round goes pretty quick and we can fit in a game on week nights. The pieces are all a sturdy cardboard and there are a lot of pieces.
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on May 25, 2017
It comes with 4 game boards specific to the number of people playing. It has high quality game pieces for the huge number of races and classes. The box has great storage compartments (you won't have to go buy a tackle box to get organized.)

The game takes around 2 hours for 4 players, so get comfortable and dig in!
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Area control light. This is a great game to introduce to newer or younger gamers. The base game is enough for quite a few plays before you will need to add some expansions to spice things up. The gameplay is smooth and easy to learn. The components are solid. The clean up afterward is normally a pain. Overall this is a solid game
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on August 20, 2017
You are trying to use fantasy races to take over the world and earn coins when you expand so far the you put the race in decline and start again. Each race has a skill that help protect, or conquer and then abilities to aide as well. All in all fun game and for me better then risk.
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on April 7, 2016
When first opening the box to this game it was a bit intimidating because of all the pieces you have to pop out to make it possible to play. There is a big rule book that I would recommend reading it a couple times and then have it as reference as your setting up and playing because the rules get easier to understand as you see them in action. I wouldn't recommend this game for board game beginners because there is a lot involved in the game and since the game changes pretty quickly some times depending on your race and abilities. If your into broad games then this game needs to be added to the collection. this game can be played with 2 people or up to 7 at a time i believe. I have only played this game with my husband so we have only had two player. We hope to play with more people at some point I just don't know when I will add to this review as we play at different numbers of players
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on March 24, 2016
I played this game for the first time a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. It's difficult to explain it because it's so unique. I'd say the game it closest resembles is Risk in that it is a territory domination game, but that's a stretch. What made this so fun for me is that the game is played over a certain number of turns, and its not a game where players are picked off one by one. Everyone gets to keep playing until the end. It has tremendous replay ability because the race/trait combinations are going to be different with every game. Another really cool thing about this game is that there are different world maps depending on the number of players. While the setup, and learning the rules took a while for the 4 of us, by turn 3 we were all comfortable with the gameplay. I would recommend for ages 10+ because the rules are a little complicated and there is a lot of reading.
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on May 30, 2015
Small World is one of the board games with great replay value. I have already played 20+ times with friends and family and every game was fun and exciting. You get to pair a Race with a Power randomly, which allows you to experience different race with different power almost every time. A pair of a Race and a Power could give you a extreme advantage while the same race with a different Power would make the Race unwanted. You can create different strategies for different situations and this is why I go back to play Small World again and again.

There are many pieces but has a small separate rack to hold up nicely. The arts on the race, power, and tokens are all very good. Please do not lose any piece, there is no extra to the loss.

There are expansions available for this game but I haven't tried yet, being afraid the expansions are too powerful to break the balance between the races.

There is a lot to read and understand in order to play, but better to learn as you play and read whenever a question arise.

Very good game to own to play.
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on July 27, 2016
I bought this game randomly because the description sounded interesting, and now I can't get enough of it! The game is very fun and the strategy involved is very deep. There is tons of replayability due to the various perks throughout the game. The instructions are overwhelming at first but once you start playing it will make sense.
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on August 12, 2016
This Board game is a mix between Settlers of Caton and Risk with much more diversity, creativity, and strategies involved. The only downfall of this game is trying to learn how to play it. It took several YouTube videos and reading the instructions multiple times. After how the game was properly played, my friends and I spent hours playing it. Also, I think this game is one step above others since you can play with just 2 people and still have loads of fun as well as equal even if one person is more experienced with playing the game. All together great game. The board game was also shipped a day before posted on amazon which was extremely convenient for me.
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on August 29, 2015
I've only gotten it out two or three times. Maybe I would like it more if I played it more, but I just haven't felt the desire to play it. I'm not exactly sure what my problem is with the game. Maybe it just seems to simplistic to me. Some turns it seems like there really isn't much thought that needs to go into your moves. The game plays like a fast game (simple), but seems to take forever. Opponents turns feel boring. You just sit there and watch them take you over. You can try to plan what little there is to plan while it is not your turn, but everyone is grabbing from the same areas so it is very possible your move will no longer be available.
i don't know. Maybe it was just the people i was playing with, but this is my least favorite conquering game. However, the people I played with seemed to have fun, which is why I didn't give it two stars.
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