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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 25, 2015
I purchased this grill in 2008 and now in 2015 it is still working as well as the first time I used it so that speaks for itself as far as quality.

I used to eat at a cuban restaurant and got hooked on cuban sandwiches, so this grill was bought specifically for making cuban sandwiches.. which are toasted on both sides and pressed fairly flat. I know I had other grills that I could have used.. but I wanted this particular one because of the great reviews on it.. and they were right. One year for Christmas instead of a big fancy meal...I laid out all the cheese, meats and thicksliced breads and everyone made their own grilled cuban sandwich.. it was quite a hit.

To be honest, I have not used it for anything else other than grilled sandwiches.. but it certainly does a great job on them.
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I had a breadman panini press for years but the nonstick is just starting to come off so I got this De'Longhi. What a cheaply made terrible product! The top lock kept getting stuck shut so you couldn't get the lid open, it is very flimsy compared to my old one. I hate the very tall grates that are very widely spaced almost no food contact. My old one had very small, short, closley spaced grates so it was more like a flat grill with much more food contact yet the small grates let grease escape, it was amazing for even bacon but this De'Longhi would make bacon look like a big zig zag. I found an new old stock breadman on ebay, wish they would make it again. If I get another new one, I would get a flat press, all the new ones with grates seem to be like this, too tall and too widely spaced.
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on November 17, 2009
I love this product. We bought this about 2 months ago, and I've taken it out more often than I'd thought I would. My husband doesn't cook much, but it was pretty easy for him to use. When initially shopping for it, I didn't want to spend too much on a panini grill. As vegetarians, my husband and I didn't require a very expensive unit, since we don't cook meats and such. So based on the reviews and the price (The price was less than what it is right now), I decided to give this one a try. I love the way the paninis with the grilled veggies and/or veggie burgers turn out. My sister-in-law loved it as well, and so we might buy her one for Christmas.
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on March 28, 2017
I had purchased another panini press that had multiple functions. I returned it because a part was broken when it arrived. What I wanted was simply a panini press of good quality. This is it. It heats quickly and evenly. It is easy to wipe clean. You can't go wrong with is model.
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on March 4, 2012
One of those "appliances" you think you will use. We use it alot more than we imagined. The quality of an appliance once you look closely can often disappoint. This one is made well and is pretty easy to clean. Although the grids are not detachable, cleanup is still pretty easy. The sandwiches are great and we even use it for just plain old grilled cheese. Highly recommended.
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on April 9, 2013
UPDATE: This product is now at Value Village where some other poor soul will end up buying it, using it and spending their precious time cleaning it over and over and over again. I should have just thrown it in the trash and spared someone else the hassle of dealing with this greasy, hard to clean abomination. Was also fortunate enough to burn myself on the side of the handle press while trying to unplug it since it has no ON/OFF switch!

UPDATE: Cleaning tools from Pampered Chef are too small for this grill...clean up time is becoming more and more of an issue since it is now summer and I am grilling more meat. I ended up buying two small, hinged splatter guards to surround the unit while cooking meat...I'm thinking I should have just bought a small outdoor grill!

LOVE: This little grill cooks wonderfully. I have cooked both sandwiches (gluten-free bread and Daiya "cheese") and raw meats with it and have been happy with the results. I will say that the cooking guide that comes with the grill is useless when it comes to cooking raw meats...the timing and temperatures are way off...unless you like eating hockey pucks. You will have to experiment, because everyone likes their meat done differently, but I am happy to say it took me only two tries to dial in the right cooking temp and time for the way I like my meat. Nice built-in cord storage under the grill. The design is very Euro-looking and is pleasing to the eye. HATE: Ugh, this grill makes a huge mess when cooking meats. The plates are not removable. The top plate is on a center hinge so it moves like a see saw which is nice, but the design also leaves a large gap all the way around the grill. The large gap allows grease to shoot out in all directions which makes a nasty mess. The grill itself is hard to clean after cooking meat on it...super easy cleanup when making sandwiches. It has a little drainage notch and catch cup for grease, but since the grill sits perfectly flat nothing ever drains into the catch cup or even comes close to the drainage notch. The catch cup is looks like it was designed for a completely different grill. The last time I cooked meat on it I timed how long it took to clean and it was around 13 minutes...not counting the grease clean-up on my toaster, wall and knife set. I am on the hunt for a large splatter guard. Amazon does not carry one that is large enough to surround this grill. I ordered some grill cleaning tools from Pampered Chef...hopefully they will make cleaning the grill itself easier.
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on February 3, 2017
love this thing use it every time i get home
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on March 10, 2006
I own two panini makers- this one and a Breadman. They are both very good machines and both do a great job with panini. The marks left on panini by the Breadman are a little deeper (which I like) and the controls/lights are nowhere near the problem some people think. Likewise cleaning the Breadman has not been a problem - but this is only for panini. In short, if all you are doing is panini save the $20 and buy the Breadman. For the price the build quality is amazing.

However, if you are using it for anything else in addition to panini like burgers, chicken. etc then the DeLonghi is your machine. With variable temperature, grease drain spout etc the DeLonghi is more versatile and is a wonderful, high quality machine. It is also easy to clean. I do not like the marks left on the bread as well on the DeLonghi but that is personal taste and not a reason not to buy the machine. The build quality is also very good but it is a bigger machine than the Breadman if that is an issue.
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2006
I used to be a restaurant owner and chef, making superior toasted sandwiches on several commercial sandwich presses with flat plates and I really missed them after I left the business. After much consideration and reading reviews, I hesitatingly bought this unit due to mostly 5 star reviews. The Delonghi has a nice feature in the temperature control and overall build quality, however after making one sandwich I realized its serious shortcomings which I suspect is common to all grooved griddles. So this review is intended to point out the potential disappointments that others might have in expectations for grooved griddles versus flat presses.

First of all, I do not understand griddle manufacturers assumptions that there is a predominant consumer need or desire (through their hype for grill marks on sandwiches) to achieve a supposed Italian "Panini" look. As pointed out from 2 consumers who left comments subsequent to this review, and who lived in Italy for some time, the word Panini, in Italy, simply means "sandwich", as a derivative of the Italian word for bread. So all sandwiches in Italy are called Panini, (without grill marks as part of the definition). They further assert that grill marks are an Americanized version of Panini and not native to Italy. In my opinion, grill marks may look cute but they are a functional waste for a toasted sandwich. The problem is that the deep impressions made in the bread causes an uneven heating of the bread surface and ingredients between the slices of bread. My desire from the start, was to recreate my earlier restaurant's craving for a classic Rueben with rye, big eye swiss, corned beef, kraut and thousand island dressing. The flat ridges on the griddle pushed deeply enough into the bread to cause the cheese to melt through the bread where the untoasted surface was between the grooves. So the flat ridges were toasting but not the depressions between them, where the cheese soaked through. Also consider that with rye being more dense than typical sandwich bread, it did not withstand gravity exerted by this process. The sandwich ended up a soggy mess within about 3-4 minutes and would not come out of the press without falling apart, due to the deep grooves where the bread got saturated from pressure, and "gave up", falling apart. So with hopes for good results and disappointment in its ability to toast sandwiches without using Ciabatta bread, I returned the unit, unsatisfied with the results. Considering that the reason I got the De'Longhi to begin with, was that I really wanted and looked for a flat griddle press to do toasted sandwiches, but in my rather extensive search on Amazon of multiple brands of this genre of toaster, yielded no results but the grooved "Panini" presses. Out of frustration, I went with the De'Longhi, in hopes that it would give a toasted sandwich, in spite of the fact that there might be "grill marks". I was OK with that, if it did what I was hoping for.

After doing a Google search outside of Amazon, using different keywords, I discovered that Breville made what I was looking for, so I went back to Amazon and promptly found it among its offerings. I have no clue as to why Amazon did not return a "hit" before, using some of the same keywords. It kept giving me only grooved griddles. So I promptly bought the Breville unit because it is about the only one on the market that has flat griddle plates top and bottom for a truly even toasting over the entire surface of the sandwich. The heat level is constant and perfect and the surface area is larger than the Delonghi and it will actually accommodate 4 sandwiches at one time. The bottom plate features a raised lip around the perimeter to contain ingredients that may run out or for cooking meat. You can leave the sandwich in longer than the Delonghi to allow a more crusty surface if desired or more heat to the interior ingredients without burning anything. It toasts at a preset, unchangeable heat setting and is very forgiving on cook time so it would be hard to ruin anything cooked in it. I have also found it wonderful for cooking hamburger patties. And it does it very quickly. A third to half pound pattie will cook in 3-5 minutes, cooking both sides at one time. Not to mention that my Rueben now comes out perfect. I have also cooked Tyson marinated chicken breasts in it, with great results. And will next try sirloin steak cuts, which I am sure will yield excellent results, even though I believe there is only one way to truly cook a steak....on a gas or charcoal grill.

The Breville also has a stair step slider lid support on the side handle to allow you to set variable thicknesses for ingredients to avoid smashing your toasted sandwiches to cardboard thin slices of bread. Also allows for great pizza reheating to crisp the crust on the bottom plate and setting the lid to the open "radiant heat" melt position, hovering to warm the topside ingredients while the crust does its thing. All in all, a much superior choice unless you like "tire rut" sandwiches. I am very impressed with this unit which performs as well as the $600 commercial units we used in my restaurant.
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on June 25, 2014
We bought this unit and tried it and it never got hot enough to grill a cheese sandwich. Coming from Italy, it may be made for 220 volts. 110 does not cut it. Half an hour and it never got hot enough. We returned ours.
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