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on December 7, 2016
We have been using two of these to heat our master and kid's bedroom during cold Chicago nights. We recently moved to a house, which is of course more difficult to keep warm compared to our previous 2 bedroom condo. That's where these heaters come in. We drop the furnace thermostat to low setting so it only kicks in at most once during the night. One of these heaters is powerful enough to keep a large bedroom pretty cozy at only Min power setting (700W; max is 1500W) and the thermostat fixed at 3 (goes all the way up to 6). In the morning raise the furnace thermostat up and turn the Delonghi heaters off and we are ready to start the day.

* Allows me to control the temperature of the bedrooms pretty accurately. Learning the correct settings for my house took only a few tries.
* Cheap to use compared to heating an entire house, while occupying only two rooms during cold nights. Even if it runs at 1500W non-stop one of these would only use about $4 of electricity a day and that amount of heat would turn your bedroom into a Turkish bath.
* really lightweight. If I need to carry the heaters downstairs, say. I can carry two of them at once.

* Impossible to see the thermostat in dim light.
* the wheels are somewhat flimsy in my opinion.

* Heating a space from a really cold state would take a long time with these. These devices are best if they are used to maintain the temperature.
* Bring the space you want to heat to the temperature you like. Lower the thermostat on the heater until it clicks (turns off) and leave it there. That is probably the setting you want. Adjust as you like. To conserve energy set it to the Min setting. Power at min, thermostat at 3 is what I use for our large bedroom.
* I didn't "temper" the heater before using. I didn't have the smell issue in first use that others claim.
* I don't understand why forced air is a thing for heating houses. Radiators should definitely be the way to go. Think of the heat retention properties of cast iron vs. aluminum pans. same logic. heating air vs. heating solid mass.
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on March 19, 2016
I bought two of these to heat an insulated 250 square foot sunroom. When temps are cold, say in the 20 to 30 degree range, it'll take a good 3-4 hours to heat up using 2. They're nice because they're completely silent, but they are slow to heat. It is what it is, and I knew this before buying. The last thing I wanted was a loud heater fan blowing while I'm relaxing in the room. They will do a great job of maintaining the heat once you get the room to temp.

At 1500 watts apiece, be careful if you're using 2 at once. I've popped the breaker a couple times. One nice feature is you can switch it to 800 watts, 700 watts or 1500 watts. I can run 2 on the lower wattage and heat different parts of the room and not pop the breaker.

Overall, they're well constructed, nicely designed, and nicely sized.
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on December 31, 2016
I have only central AC for heating in my apartment, which is very noisy and kinda expensive for the winter. Not sure about the electric consumption with this item yet, but I really love its quietness, silent to be accurate. As for the smell, I was a little worried at the beginning, since it did off gas during the first 3-5 hours. But after that, it became odor free. So I guess it's coating or something. I live in the east coast, and it kept my studio apartment at 70-75 for all day long. Love it!
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on December 10, 2015
I've been using this for a month, and so far I love it. So much more efficient and cost effective than the electric heaters that were in my apartment.
As other reviews have said, you do have to use it properly though. Firstly, temper it for at least 4 hours by putting it outside and turning up the heat all the way to burn off the coating and get rid of the smell. Then when it's in your apartment, use the ComfortTemp setting and LEAVE IT ON, DO NOT TURN THE RADIATOR OFF EVEN WHEN YOU"RE NOT HOME. If you turn it off, it will have to use more power to get the room back up to 68 degrees, whereas if you leave it on, it will just put out a little bit of heat to keep the room at that temp.
I live in a studio apartment so I'm not heating a huge room, my electricity bill totaled $100 after having this on permanently for a month, and if I'd have used the electric baseboard heaters my landlord provided, the bill would have been at least $150-200.
Highly recommend this radiator.
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on December 10, 2015
We have a forced air propane furnace and the cost of propane over the years has been very high, so we decided to do an experiment. We already had one but bought 3 more of these and put them all over the house (1750 sq ft) Two in the living room/dining area, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. Last year instead of spending $350 a month in propane heat, our entire electric bill was $136 including the heat and lights. We are doing it again this year for obvious reasons. The best thing about this heat however is that it's warming and consistent. No more first your hot, then you're cold as the furnace kicks on and off. In fact we're able to keep the house warmer within our budget. The poor propane company couldn't figure out what was going on. Bad for them, good for us. We still need propane for hot water and cooking, but the bill for that is small. We figure we save about $150 a month overall with a better result.
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on March 4, 2016
I live in a 60 year old home with drafty windows. As much as I would love to install all new windows and siding, we just couldn't afford it. Our winter heat bills were getting astronomical. I decided to look at purchasing a heater for my daughter's room so that we could keep our heat cooler without it affect her or her health. When purchasing a heater, I was looking for a SAFE, effective and efficient machine. I landed on this because it is the safest form of a space heater, in my opinion.
When I received this product, it was packed in foam to prevent damage in shipping, and it arrived just as described. We have now used this for one complete winter and are thrilled with it. It kept my daughter's room nice and toasty, and enabled us to turn our heat down to save significantly on our heating bill.
In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to purchase another one for our room. I highly recommend this! It really keeps a closed room very warm!
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on March 9, 2015
I purchased 3 of these and ran them all, plus a couple other space heaters, this past month. Here in NY it has been record colds and the windchill this month has been as low as -40. I am up on the top of a hill and own a large farm house built in the 1800's. The winds are always stronger here. With a propane furnace as the house's main heating source and propane at record highs, heating the whole house with the furnace is not feasible. We run a wood stove and are now using these oil heaters in other main rooms. I waited to review this until after my first actual utility bill. The bill is for electric only and this month's actual cost was $350. It is usually around $250. With the temps as low as they were and the fact that I was running two other space heaters, I don't think the $100 increase was bad at all.
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on April 1, 2017
The heater does what it's supposed to do. But when the description says "Best for medium to large rooms that need constant heat in the colder seasons", I figured that my 12' x 26' room would qualify as a "large room". Apparently DeLonghi thinks that 144 square feet is large.

I thought the heater was not getting warm enough, so I I just spoke with a DeLonghi rep using the number on the enclosed card in the product box. She was extremely nice and helpful, but mentioned that this heater is only meant for rooms up to 144 square feet. I called asking how hot should the outside of the heater get, because while it was definitely getting hot, I could still hold my hand directly on the top ribs of the heater for about 1 full second. So, it's hot, no doubt. But I figured it needed to get hotter to heat a room, and I was concerned that mine was broken. But I think it is working as designed. This heater is really meant to be left on for long periods of time to help regulate the temp in the room. It is NOT good at quickly changing room temp. To quickly warm a room, get a fan heater like the Lasko 755320 ceramic tower fan ( I have that in another room to quickly warm it up and it's really quite excellent!

I did burn off the DeLonghi heater for 3 hours outside to get rid of the smell. Now when it's on there is no smell and it is completely silent. I give this 4 stars because the product description of "medium to large rooms" is subjective and not specific enough. I would not have purchased this if it said "good for rooms up to 144 square feet". But the product works as designed.
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on March 13, 2017
Works great, bought it to replace my 10 year old one that died. Was shipped in its own box, no extra packaging, had a couple dents on the front but doesn't affect the heater. The rollers are very hard to roll on carpet and there is no handle on the back side to help move it. My old one had a handle area on the front and back, and I would move it between two different areas frequently. Now I can barely move this one a few inches because the back is too hot to touch.
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on January 17, 2014
I've owned the Honeywell 7-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator for several years now and intended to get another of the same, since I love it, I'm used to its controls, and it's never given me any problem. This one was being sold for a better price, so I got it instead.


As others have mentioned, the Honeywell radiator does tink and creak from time to time (a sound which I find quiet, cozy and wintry, not irritating). This DeLonghi is 100% silent.

The Honeywell has a digital temperature setting, which I've always liked. I know that 67 will keep the room warm and the default 70 will make me feel claustrophobically sweaty if I leave it on that way and fall asleep. This DeLonghi radiator has a * - 6 dial, which is a more abstract gauge. BUT it also this giant button on the bottom which overrides the dial and runs it for "optimal recommended temperature (68-70)." Then it has the * setting, which makes it turn on only when temperatures approach freezing. Honestly, those two options have me pretty much covered, so that makes the DeLonghi faster to turn on. So, if you're really particular, or you're using it in a small room, maybe a digital dial is better, but if you're using it in a large room or a drafty room and you just want an average temperature - this model simplifies things.

Both Honeywell and DeLonghi allow you to choose between low-medium-high operation level. The Honeywell is a little putzy because you have to crouch there waiting 7-10 seconds for the digital display to flash through its default settings before you can use the buttons to adjust them. And of course you just keep mashing the buttons up and down anyway, because you're too impatient to wait 7 seconds. The DeLonghi has two switches, which can be oriented in 3 different ways (left one up, right one up, both up). Which is faster to set, but I do find the logic a little weird (press low and medium to get high!).

Other than that, they both seem the same, and I'm happy with both! Oil-Filled Radiators are so awesome. They are so quiet, their lifespan is longer, and they seem to do the job better (at least to me). Unless you're the kind of person who really craves the feeling of hot air being blown on them, this is the way to go, whatever brand.
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