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on October 16, 2011
Seems all these $1000 espresso machines are fantastically tiny and well designed (and what exactly do they do for $1000? Heat water to 1000 kelvin? Blast steam through coffee grounds at warp 9.9? Must be an engineering marvel for all that money). Then I try to buy a normal coffee maker and it seems my only option was going to Target and spending $29.95 on a surprisingly gigantic monstrosity. Unfortunately my counter space is measured on the nanoscale, no way was I going to give up half of it to a coffee maker. That's why I was so excited to find this one at Bloomingdales - and then find it way cheaper here on Amazon. It looks great, and all the colors are fantastic in person (I saw all the choices at Bloomies).

-Incredibly sturdy and well made. A pleasure to use every day. I anticipate having this a long time.
-Smallest footprint I've found.
-The 5-cup size is perfect for two adults to have a big, satisfying cup of coffee.
-You can use the included gold filter or use paper filters.
-Makes excellent coffee that is hot but still drinkable right away.

-See the silver top part? The whole silver top opens the long way (hinge at the back) to add water and the coffee. This means when you open it, it will not fit under your cabinets, so you have to pull it out to fill it, or put it somewhere that isn't under a cabinet. So while it is only 12" closed, it is 20.5" open, and you have to open it pretty much all the way to add water and coffee.
-It makes coffee pretty fast so the cup warmer thing doesn't really have time to warm your cups. This isn't really a con for me as it's not that big a deal, but if you care, then there you go.
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on December 2, 2015
Okay, so this review is really for Delonghi customer service, which I'm now certain doesn't really exist. I purchased this maker about 10 mos. ago and it worked fine until one day it stopped pumping water or heating up. The light still came on and you could hear it click on but nothing happened. I tried call DeLonghi customer service for 3 days and after emailing got a response telling me to call customer service...finally left phone on speaker for 1 hour 20 minutes before giving up. Luckily, Amazon has great customer service and was able to help out. As much as I like the look and functionality of Delonghi products but I don't think I could ever buy one again know that they don't support their products in good faith.
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on December 28, 2015
Shockingly poor design.

Small problem: Carafe has a horizontal edge that prevents emptying unless the carafe is completely upside-down.
Medium problem: Brewing a pot results in coffee splatter in a bunch of nooks and crannies on the top of the pot which cannot be cleaned unless you use a toothpick. So after the first use and cleaning - the inside looks gross.
Huge, ridiculous problem: The filter and its holder can appear to be positioned perfectly, but in reality require to be "clicked" into place. The attached photos show what happens when you don't press down to click. Its extra ridiculous because if the instructions just gave a heads up it wouldn't be a big deal.

The only reason I'm keeping the unit is because the thought of schlepping this huge thing back to some post office for return is too daunting. I guess $219 for a really bad coffee maker is the price you pay for living in the city.
review image review image review image
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on July 16, 2013
Our coffee maker had issues which the company deemed covered under their warranty on April 15th. It's now July 16th and I still don't have a replacement machine. Calls to the company get parked on hold for 20-30 minutes--and one of the operators told me that's actually fast--they used to take HOURS to answer calls.

They sent a replacement finally and it was the wrong machine. I was supposed to get the correct one within 10-12 days. Still waiting!

I've written many, many emails. Only ONCE have I gotten a response from the company from a customer service representative who said she was there to help me.

They've taken my money and not given me a working product in return. I feel robbed at this point.
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on January 27, 2014
I ordered this March 2011, it worked just fine until today January 25 th.
So, it did not last even two years!
Water is leaking from the bottom of machine. As I googled, this is a common problem for this product.
Warranty is obviously out,basically it was a money thrown out.
I loved the looks of this coffee maker but I never had coffee maker leak this bad. And this was very expensive!
I can not believe this is already broken!
I am very disappointed an as I googled I also found out this company is very hard to get hold of even if you still have warranty, so I am definitely staying away from them in the future.

UPDATE: Feb,5th ,2014
I took the coffee machine a part. There is a clear tube going from water tank to heating unit which had a small tear.
That was causing water to leak from bottom of the machine..
I purchased 3/8" (inside)1/2" (outside)high temperature tubing from beer making supply place. So I was able to find same tubing for around $5.00 including shipping . It was very frustrating to have expensive coffeemaker break down but if you really like the looks of this machine, or just don't want to spend any more$, you can fix and save this machine.
It is such a shame, this company does not sell this tubing as fix option since company is very much aware of this problem!
Took md for a while to figure out what kind tubing this was, but it is the same exact material as what was on the machine!!
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on January 13, 2014
If you want an eye catching and space saving coffee maker for 14 months, then I would recommend this product. If you want your machine to last longer than 14 months and it is important for you to receive effective and efficient customer service, then I would look at another product entirely.
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on April 19, 2013
This is the cutest little coffee maker in the world. It is tiny and absolutely perfect for one person (and sometimes two!). Yes, you have to pull it out if you have low cabinets, but the amount of energy that takes does not bother me.

I previously owned the 10-cup version of this when I lived with my mother, and the problems some reviews comment on do not exist in the 5-cup version.

The 5-cup vs. 10-cup:
- the 10 really had a drip problem when you pulled the pot out, it would just keep dripping out even if you turned it off; the 5-cup one has not had this problem at all since I've had it (a few months). It is clean!
- in the 10-cup version the design of the pot itself was problematic, you could never get all of the liquid out! It was incredibly annoying. Something about the ridge (on the grey part) made it hard to pour all the liquid out. In the 5-cup however, this problem is nonexistent! It pours everything out with ease, and satisfaction.
- Lastly is how hot the coffee is made. In the 5-cup, it is instantly blazing hot as it comes out, while the 10-cup was just warm and you had to let it sit for a while before pouring out if you wanted a hot cup.

I absolutely love this coffee maker, it looks great, brightens my kitchen, and makes me happy every time I see it as it cheerfully brews me some hot, hot coffee. Love!
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on July 13, 2015
Very nice solid state machine. The design not only really attractive but well thought-out. I like that there aren't a zillion buttons and lights, just a simple on/off switch. The coffee brews amazingly quickly and since you can pull the carafe out before the pot is completely brewed, getting that first urgently-needed cup of coffee could hardly be faster! My only complaint is the lack of clear fill levels inside the water reservoir. The raised numbers are impossible to read without a strong raking light. We just fill the carafe to the appropriate amount and then pour the water into the reservoir from the carafe, but some sleepy mornings it would be nice to have one less step.
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on July 15, 2013
It's a really pretty coffee maker. I was so excited to order it. It didn't work at all when it arrived--wouldn't even turn on. I called the manufacturer, ended up with a call center (ALORICA) in Oklahoma. They had me cut off the cord and mail the cord in with my receipt (which is weird, right?). That was almost one month ago. It is very difficult to reach them, and after getting several different answers (a replacement has shipped, will arrive next week; a replacement is going to ship in two weeks; etc.) I told them to forget it. Amazon has been great--even though I can't return the (now useless) coffeemaker, they are refunding my money. Yay, Amazon! Boo, DeLonghi/Alorica! If you got one of these and it works, fantastic. But if you are at all leery of shady and uninterested customer service, probably best to move on to another pretty product.
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on November 5, 2016
I ordered and received the 5-cup DeLonghi kMix drip coffee maker in Dec 2014. My wife and I have now used it for 23 months. During those 23 months it made very good tasting coffee. (As you probably know, a lot also has to do with what coffee you are brewing in it. We use highly-rated Dunkin Donuts ground coffee.) One thing that several other reviewers mentioned that we also discovered as true is that when you open the top lid to remove the coffee grounds after brewing some water flows out towards the back of the lid/cover where it is hinged. I'd say that about two teaspoons of water would leak/drip out the back side of the coffee maker and on to the counter top. My wife found that very annoying at first until she figured out a way to stop that from happening, at least mostly. She'd open the lid part way and use a paper towel to dab up the water that collected on the underside of the lid. forward 23 months to yesterday, Nov 4, 2016, when my wife noticed that a great deal of water was leaking out of the bottom of this coffee maker as soon as she put the water in the reservoir. Since the 1-year warranty had expired I decided to take it apart to see if I could find what the problem was. I tracked the problem down to where the up hose or up tube that carries or pushes the hot water to the top of coffee maker developed a leak where that rubber hose connects to the up tube of the metal water heater element. The way I figure it is that after heating water over a period of many, many months the rubber tube begins to deteriorate/split open where it gets the most heat from the boiling water moving through it. Unfortunately, you can't buy a replacement rubber hose to fix it and I'm quite certain to send it to a DeLonghi repair facility would not be worth the costs (shipping costs to ship it plus repair costs). I only paid $119 for it in Dec 2014. Oh well. It was a great coffee maker while it lasted for 23 months and because of that I had a struggle deciding how many stars to rate it but settled on three.
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