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on August 3, 2010
We purchased this through Amazon after researching other models. DeLonghi has a good reputation for quality products and Amazon for being a reputable dealer.

When our box arrived, the box was damaged. No straps on the package as it should have per the writing on the box.
Upon opening the box, we did find that one side of the unit was not closed completely as though someone had been trying to open the panel on the unit. One of the castor wheels was broken and we were missing the window locking pins. All the other accessories were there. As instructed, we allowed the unit to sit upright for 24 hours before starting it, as we were sure the unit had been on its side during its transport to us.

We followed the instructions in the manual as well as the easy setup card attached to the unit and hooked up the exhaust venting and plugged the unit in to the appropriate outlet. One thing is the unit rolls on castor wheels which was a plus for us but given that one of our wheels was broken it made it a bit difficult rolling it. Very easy set-up. Once the unit started up and we had the A/C mode running you could feel the airflow from 10 feet away. I'm not sure why a previous poster said he/she couldn't feel the cool air as ours was more than adequate using the low speed setting. The remote control that comes with the unit is very convenient. One issue we found was that once you put the batteries in the remote, you need to set the time on it right away. There is no function to reset the time unless you take the batteries out and put them back in again. Just a quirk and not a big deal.

Within 30 minutes we could already feel the coolness in our house. We checked the exhaust to see if it was working properly and it was. Noise level is not intrusive and in fact quieter than most non portable air conditioners that are placed in windows.

One feature we like about this unit is that you do not have to empty any water from the unit until end of season. Filter is washable a big plus. Storage bags for both the unit and the accessories.

We contacted DeLonghi about the missing and broken parts and they are sending them to us. Castor wheel is on backorder so that will take several weeks to get.

Overall, so far we give this a 5 star rating.

UPDATE: July 6, 2012
We are still very happy with our unit. This year has been hotter than most in our area therefore we are running the unit at least 3 times or more per week when we have the hot and humid days. Typically we set it on late morning and run it through till late evening. It keeps our first floor of our home cool and very comfortable. We are now looking for a smaller unit for another room in the house.

UPDATE: June 26, 2013
This unit is still working great so far. We've had some very hot and humid days recently and the unit cools down our first floor adequately during the day.
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on March 12, 2013
The product arrived at my home with a broken plastic case. The cracks in the plastic case vibrated or caused the product to vibrate, making a very unpleasant sound. Since I wanted to use the product in my bedroom, the unpleasant sound emanating from the cracks in the product's plastic case or caused by the cracks, was completely unacceptable. The retailer of the product seems to be doing its darndest to avoid responsibility for making the situation right, rather than helping me get the product in new, perfect condition. I'll never buy anything again sold by the retailer.
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on August 29, 2010
First of all, when product arrived part of the accesories necessary to vent the unit were missing. Problem was handled easily with call to DeLonghi, except when they shipped the replacement parts they were to the wrong unit. The hole that the exhaust fits into was too small. Since the main part I needed was the extension, I inserted it into existing exhaust part only to find that made the part too wide for my window. Also if you have the new tip-out windows like I have, the parts are too wide to fit between window & tip-out guard. After some jury-rigging with a sawzall, we finally made the parts work. As for the unit itself, it does not rotate the air, just blows upwards. Even I know that heat rises, so unit does not do a very good job of keeping even a smaller room cool. I would definitely look around before purchasing this particular product. It is NOT worth the money or the trouble with installation.
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on December 4, 2013
This transaction was a rip off! I initially had the item returned by my building and contacted the vendor to make them aware I was still interested. I re-established contacted, provided another address (my parents') and finally opened the package during Thanksgiving weekend at their winter retreat, only to find a totally unusable, broken, and completely distorted piece of machinery, the original box was a shambles, the casters of the item were missing or broken, the front, sides and rear of the machine were scratched, broken or lose. and it was missing connection parts to the window for the a/c. I have pictures to show the condition of the item and the boxes it was in.
I will never deal with this vendor again. They stole my money!
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on September 7, 2010
Unit arrived via FEDEX and the carton was broken.
Unit did not have any external/visible damage so I accepted delivery.
I allowed it to sit upright for 36 hrs before starting the unit.
It did not function and emitted loud rumbling noises.
I contacted Delonghi and they could not help. Delonghi advised me to return the unit to Amazon.
I will purchase another brand at a local retailer
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on May 25, 2013
This air conditioner is very powerful. It may be more powerful than I need. As soon as I turn it on the air coming out of it is cold (unlike other air conditioners that need to run for a bit before the air really gets cold). I love that it is so much easier to install and uninstall since there is nothing hanging out of the window that needs to be secured and I dont have to lift it into place. I just pop the exhaust hose into the window in the summer and pop it out in the winter and roll it into the closet. It came with a handy dust cover that I can use when it is stored over the winter.

And I LOVE that it doesn't drip water out onto the balcony like my other A/C. It doesn't drip at all and there is no tray that you have to empty periodically. Yay!

The remote control is easy to use and the digital display menu on the top of the unit is easy to navigate.
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on June 20, 2014
I bought this unit 3 years ago and I can't tell what an incredible work horse it has been and continues to be. I have it operating in an exceptionally tough environment and it's never missed a beat - summer or winter. This is clearly one of the best investments I've ever made and I'd recoomend it to anyone including friends and family. If I could give it 10 stars instead of 5 I would do so. And of by the way, I'm a pretty tough person to please - typically highly critical. .
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on August 28, 2011
Cools my room over the garage easily (over 400 square feet). 90 degree days... and this thing pumps it out with no water dripping! Great!!
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on June 29, 2012
i got this when my central air failed and while waiting for a replacement. i did not have the option to put in a window air conditioner (which would have been MUCH better and cheaper).

1. first of all, once you get it out of the box there are warnings galore that the unit must sit upright from 6 to 24 hours if it had been lying on it's side during transport or storage. what this meant for me was that i had to wait out another 100 degree day before i could use it. gee, you don't suppose it might have been a good idea to put this info on the OUTSIDE of the box?

when i plugged it in, i expected to become embalmed in cooling soothing chilliness. this did not happen.

2. the best you will able to get in south texas 100 degree heat is a reduction of about 10 degrees. while that is fine when its 80 or even 90 outside, it is of little use when it's a 100 degrees and with the heat index makes it 110 degrees. simply put, when it was 100 degrees outside with a heat index making it 110 degrees it was 90 degrees inside and felt 100. not exactly being embalmed in coolness. for $500 i expected a LOT more. do not buy this unit if you live a humid hot area such as south texas. you will at most get only a 10-12 degree drop. even the directions said not to set it's controls for less than 10 degrees outside!

3. the information says the unit is good for 500 square feet. my aunt! the room is no more than 220 square feet and it remained a sweatbox. i put a very powerful blower in front of it and altho it was an improvement it basically just blew a lot of warm to hot air away from it. the unit performs much rather like a 5,000 btu unit than the 13,000 btu it says, so if you are getting a portable unit always get the largest you can or afford and a unit twice as big as "recommended" as far as btu/square feet listed on the product/box.

4. the exhaust hose does get warm to hot but i felt that wrapping it as some do was beneath my dignity. just kidding. you shouldn't HAVE to wrap the exhaust but it may bring the temps down a whole degree.

with all that being said, this is a killer unit. it's got super looks and a blue digital screen, it heats (altho i obviously have not tried that yet) and if the temperature is below 90 it works quite well. all i'm saying that if gets close to 100 degrees with a heat index, don't expect this thing to help you. i will say that 90 degrees inside with this unit on feels better than 90 degrees inside without this unit on... you don't sweat as much.

i would recommend this unit only if it never gets over 90 degrees outside.
get a window unit if you able. it will work twice as good and cost half as much.
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on September 20, 2014
I can describe this product in 3 sentences.

piece of crap
lousy service
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