Customer Reviews: DeLonghi PAC-WE130 13,000 BTU Water to Air Air Conditioner with R410A Refrigerant Gas
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on August 6, 2010
I bought this unit in 2008. I have an older DeLonghi Model which is 17 years old, works tirelessly (no repair) and just like this unit, uses water to cool. This unit has a built in tank and filling the tank is not a great issue, it needs a refill every 6-7 hours. The only flaw is the noise, if it's in the water mode, you can hear some light gurgling but you get used to it after a while, it's quiet when in the fan mode. This unit cools 48-50 sq.m room, it has a remote control which is convenient to adjust room temperature and other features. If this unit is installed correctly, it gives a real cooling effect in the room, I have my double glazed glass widow fitted for the exhaust hose and it is permanently placed in one corner of the room. It would not be a miss to mention, after years of use, the exhaust hose gets brittle, but you can order the spare parts from shops selling DeLonghi products. I give this product a 4 star instead of 5 because of the noise and space it needs (this unit is huge and heavy, needs space for it).
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on September 9, 2010
I've had two now, and neither one had a "water mode" that worked for more than a few days. Returned the first one, ordered another from Sylvane. Still have the 2nd one. Delonghi customer service person had no record of reports that the water mode was malfunctioning. Seems like a nice unit otherwise, but when a unit has a mode which is supposed to be more efficient, you really need that mode to work right all the time. Neither one came with the "Biosilver" or "ion" supplemental filter which is supposed to come with it. It took 2 calls to the "parts" line at Delonghi to get it. First one that was sent out was some sort of pleated filter, with attachment points that didn't match at all. On the first unit, the decorative silver strip on the front of the unit rattled when unit was in full-blast mode. On both units, the joint where the hose plugs in leaks hot air.
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on August 11, 2014
Pinguino "WE" series have been around for quite a while. But the old short flat-topped ones, with a removable water jug filling system, were the most compact and serviceable. That's because you could take it apart like a kids' toy and clean it up by hand, scooping out dust and crud from the drain trays and the water lifter-elevator, and the cooling coils. Those babies lasted about ten years until the hard water deposits ate through the copper cooling coils and the unit would finally fail to hold coolant. The new ones like WE-130 have superior filters placed strategically to lessen dust collection, but eventually the insides will get clogged. Another improvement over the shorties is the "descaling filter" which helps suck out harsh, harmful lime deposits out of your hard water. When you start using your WE-130, you have to run a litmus test on the tap water and then assign a hardness level to the control panel info storage system. This enables the unit to gauge filter efficacy over time. Kind of kludgy really. The filter looks like a catalytic converter about the size of a large gloved hand, and it contains those little brownish beads that you see sold as high-tech aquarium filter media. Culligan also uses it in their raindrop shower head system. It's a great idea except that the filter is bolted in on the bottom surface of the air conditioner. Yeah, it's absolutely NO FUN to have to tip this baby over safely and swap out that filter module, without damaging your floor, furniture, porch, or your own well-being. The GOOD thing is it only THINKS it needs a new filter because the 750-hour timer tells you that it thinks it is clogged. It may be or may not actually be, so you can cheat by resetting the timer without changing the filter. And did I mention that it's nearly impossible to find anyone selling this filter module. If you know what to search for, you may find it on Amazon for around sixty bucks, but I've seen some parts houses asking up to $120 for the same item. Ouch.

The water series Pinguino coolers have fantastic cooling performance. That's because new models use an atomizing process that coats the coils with clean, de-scaled condensate water as well as your added water (tank on bottom pull-out filler drawer holds 2.2 gallons) and the water is thus turned into heat-energy-sucking steam and is blown out your ... exhaust hose. This makes the cooler way efficient and even reduces somewhat the temperature of the exhaust in that rear 5" diameter plastic hose. (BTW, be sure to wrap that hose in some sort of styro or air bubble type insulation material, to discourage the heat in the hose from re-entering your living environment, which would reduce your overall cooling effectiveness -- do this with ANY brand of portable air conditioner!)

My first BIG GRIPE with Pinguino is the apparent lack of knowledgable SERVICE after the sale. Seems a few HVAC stores claim to service Pinguino, but the main factory/distributor back east seems to have no clue what to do about repairs. Or ERROR CODES for that matter; you're better off scrounging the Internet for hints if your Pinguino goes down. My WE-130 arrived with no printed manual; it seems they were so anxious to get 'em out the door in 2010 that they didn't bother to print literature. I phoned the company, I think it was in New Jersey at the time, about error codes, but there was no one there who knew the meanings of the codes. They told me to just call around till I found any HVAC store who could order a repair document.

Second SERIOUS failing with this model, and perhaps all the new water models (?): After about 3.5 years of use, my WE-130 went into a limp-along fan-only mode after throwing an uncorrectable "PF" error. Pinguino's latest online manual says this means "call a service center for help". It really means "send this machine to the dump and buy anything else". After doing hours of research, I believe this error was caused by the failure of a six-dollar part, a sensor, that clips to the coil assembly to detect freezing of the coils. The part is simple, cheap, and not made to last very long. If you have skills, you can probably take the WE-130 apart and replace this part by yourself, assuming you find a parts joint that stocks it (some do). Another bonus issue with Pinguino is that parts houses may show a listing for many Pinguino parts, but the listings are followed with "discontinued - not available" next to most of the parts. But at least you can still get hold of the pricey main board and some small plug-in capacitors and weird sensors. This means that YOU are a better tech than the guys employed by DeLonghi.

I've just ordered YET another WE series to replace my blown WE-130. Yes, I'm now spoiled by the excellent cooling performance, and I'm willing to get slapped around AGAIN by frakkin' DeLonghi. But this time I'll opt for the WE-125, which is identical except it's rated for slightly less performance (about 500 BTU lower in all modes) in the hope that the internal components are detuned so they don't burn out so fast. The WE-125 also has higher-pressure variants that run on 220 volts and use R-290 natural gas coolants, but are sold in Europe -- so maybe (pretty please!) the internal components are more robust that the stuff found in the WE-130. Good luck to you. Fingers crossed.
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on April 11, 2011
Please note that we have no remote control.
And the following points:
Side Panel is detached from the unit.
Bottom drawer plastic is cracked.
The a/c had water in it, like it had been used.
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on July 15, 2014
It is a great air conditioner. Cools over 500 sq ft very quickly, However, it is a little noisy so if you are a light sleeper this might be a problem. But if not this is a great unit.
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on May 21, 2015
Box came almost completely destroyed. There were a few rubs on the unit that I was able to get out but one is still faintly visible. It is much larger than I was expecting too. Overall, it works great! The unit cools the room off really fast. It isn't too loud and blows extremely cold (not cool) air. I only wish the vents were movable but I'm glad the unit blows to the right for sake of my work space. The exhaust hose is a 5" diameter for those not wanting or able to use a window for the exhaust. I also got at a steal.
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on June 18, 2015
Mine came with a chip out of the side pane and no hardness strip to test the water, and the rear drain plug broken did not realize this until summer rolled in, it worked but the first time I put water in the reservoir it coded F1 and delonghi customer service is a joke, I've wasted $310 dollars and not happy it leaks so I can't put it in my bedroom, if I had a boat it would make a good anchor. Buy something else.Now delonghi wants me to PAY SHIPPING to get it fixed under warranty DO NOT BUY AND SHAME ON AMAZON FOR SELLING THIS JUNK. DO NOT BUY JUNK DO NOT BUY JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK
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